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The amount each age group has to pay is calculated on the statistical risk, the value of the new car, experience level of the driver, past history and where they live, among other factors. Try not to make small claims –anything below ?500 – as they might drive up your premium for the following year’s insurance. Almost half of all providers won’t insure a significantly tuned or customised car, and those that do charge extra. People who live on the countryside might be paying less in premiums than drivers in cities. Interestingly, adding another driver or a parent in case you still live at home will reduce the total premium. Driving NewsDriving News is an online magazine containing motoring and driving news and car reviews. Millions of young drivers are being forced to beg, borrow and sell personal items to keep their car on the road because of the huge cost of motor insurance. He says: a€?I inherited the car after my uncle died, but it looked like I wasna€™t going to be able to afford to get it on the road. Matt, who is about to start his third year of studying medicine at the University of Oxford, opted for pay-as-you-drive car insurance with Co-operative Insurance, which has signed up 30,000 customers to this type of policy. It means the sum Matt pays for insurance is a direct reflection of how he drives a€“ and the time of day he uses his car.
Record your journey: Aviva drive appThe Co-op has a a€?try before you buya€™ app to test whether you might be able to save money before installing its a€?Smartboxa€™.
Other pay-as-you-drive schemes are available from insurethebox, Coverbox, Autosaint, Bell and AA Drivesafe.
Research by The Co-op among drivers aged between 18 and 30 shows that six in ten regularly borrow from friends or family or sell personal possessions to keep their cars on the road.
Johan van der Merwe, of telematics provider Coverbox, says: a€?Some traditional insurers have fixed views on the driving of younger people in that they believe they drive too fast and take too many risks.
Experienced older drivers who seldom use their cars could also shrink running costs by choosing pay-as-you-drive motor insurance.

Mainly targeted at young customers struggling to afford expensive premiums, the technology is now helping some older motorists to save money a€“ particularly those who are retired and can avoid long journeys at peak hours. Kenneth Harris, 66, a retired engineer and grandfather of two from Leeds, was quoted A?900 a year to renew his motor insurance. But because he only occasionally uses his Kia Carens and has a low annual mileage, he switched to a policy with Coverbox, only paying for the miles he travels and earning discounts for safe driving. Scott Kelly, of comparison website GoCompare, warns that in most cases, older drivers will pay less for traditional insurance a€“ the cost of which typically moves in the opposite direction to age. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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This is not new, but in 2012 we face some of the highest premiums ever, especially for younger drivers.
Although they might have slower reactions due to their age, pensioners pose statistically a lower risk because they travel shorter distances and usually own less-powered vehicles. In the worst-case scenario, an insurer might not cover you at all if you made several small claims within the same year.
The average premium for young drivers aged between 17 and 22 is more than A?1,200 according to the AA, but some quotes are far higher than this. It works by having a small black box fitted to a vehicle, or even by simply downloading a mobile phone app a€“ as provided by rival insurer Aviva.
They gather information about driving habits a€“ such as braking and acceleration, the number of miles that are driven and the time of day a car is used a€“ and send this information back to the insurer.
Nearly a fifth have resorted to using an overdraft, 12 per cent use credit cards and one in ten has taken out a bank loan. Meanwhile, the insurer says that its Young Driver scheme cuts the average annual premium for this age group by about A?400.
But most insurers offer big discounts to new customers, sometimes they charge half the price of what they bill existing customers for exactly the same cover.

It’s better to pay for small damage yourself as it might be cheaper than paying a higher premium. Insurers try hard to get around paying claims and if they find out that you lied on your forms, they will declare your insurance completely invalid. Matt Church, 20, from Sale, Greater Manchester, was quoted as much as A?11,000 a year to insure his 11-year-old Toyota Corolla when he searched for cover on a price comparison website after passing his driving test two years ago.
Matt initially had to pay A?1,000 for his cover a€“ but premiums can be lowered or raised after just a few months because insurers offering these policies will reward customers for good driving or penalise them if they have bad technique. You might even want to apply as a new costumer to your existing insurer to see the difference in costs. This way you will end up paying more than you would have for the premium in the first place. Because he had a good driving record, Matt received a rebate, halving the annual cost to A?500. But he has still been forced to dip into his student loan and, together with raising a few hundred pounds from selling clothes and gadgets on eBay, he has covered the cost of MOT tests, servicing and petrol, on which he spends between A?80 and A?100 a month.
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