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Christmas should be a time of joy and happiness, so don’t throw a lump of coal in somebody’s stocking with one of these low-quality outdoor gifts. With a few very expensive exceptions, 12-volt coolers are a complete waste of money, because they use a lot of power, don’t cool very well and the motors burnout quickly. Sometimes these come in canisters and sometimes in heavy-weight sealable bags, but the contents are usually the same; some fishing hooks and line, some flimsy matches, a really flimsy space blanket, a really bad compass and a whistle that may, or may not, actually work. There are some good multifunction weather radios out there, from companies like Midland, Oregon Scientific and Eton, but this is not one of those. Every year, I receive at least a few cheapo little flashlights and a pocket knife or two for Christmas, and they all break in no time with little use.
You are right on all those products, i have had first hand experience with the cheap tent and powered coolers. Hi, I'm Roy Scribner and I have been camping with my wife Lisa and our three children, all over the Pacific Coast of the United States.
DesertUSA Newsletter -- We send articles on hiking, camping and places to explore, as well as animals, wildflower reports, plant information and much more. There is a lot of great outdoor gear out there that doesn’t cost a fortune (see 5 Stocking Stuffers for your Camper), so be careful with your money and make sure that you understand exactly what your favorite outdoors person wishes they had.

There was no explanation on the product’s website as to why someone would need a fan on top of their lantern and, try as I might, I can’t think of one, either. A really good, 64-quart, 12-volt cooler, like an Engle,  goes for around $1,000 – so if you’re looking at one for $100 you just know something’s not right. Heaven forbid you or your loved one should ever need to use a survival kit but if you did, wouldn’t you want to have quality gear?
The problem with the plethora of cheap multifunction devices out there is that they don’t do anything very well. I’d gladly exchange them all for even just one pair of good hiking socks or a new pair of glove liners. I have a pair of Gore-Tex Merrells and, as good as they breathe, if I wear cotton socks my feet will still get damp. If someone ignores the advice on cheap tents, then I’d suggest they take along a couple of tarps to throw over it when it starts to rain. We have good luck with our 5-day ice chest, but one of these days I’m going to try one of those high-end marine coolers.
CampingBlogger is where I share some of our adventures and yes, a few mis-adventures, in hopes of encouraging other parents to explore the great outdoors with their kids.

A tent is one thing that can ruin your entire trip, from frustrating assembly, flimsy poles that break after a few trips, to barely slowing down the rains drops from that gentle spring shower.
They’re made cheap, so they usually don’t come with chargers – the only way to charge them is with the hand crank. Like the review you cited points out, they leak like crazy, and you don’t want to be remembered as the person who gave the tent that made them hate camping! That’s not much more than the tiny backpack lanterns that run on AA-size batteries and fit in the palm of your hand.
They’re also cheap because they don’t have a lot of buttons, dials and displays – so you’re left to rely on guessing, as to which channel you’re tuned into. Most of them are good for not much more than camping in the backyard on a dry, windless, summer night. After one night, all of my stuff was ruined, there was a tear in one of my seams, and a pole broke.

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