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There was an important and significant announcement for vintage and classic car enthusiasts and collectors here in the UAE this morning – the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has teamed up with the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) to offer unique classic car registration and plates from this month. From now on, if you own a classic car that is older than 30 years – so up to 1981 at present – you can get it uniquely registered as a classic car in Dubai. The cars will only be registered after an initial inspection of the car and documentation to confirm its eligibility and then a more detailed hour-long inspection to check the status and condition of the car.
The ATCUAE is affiliated with the International Federation of Classic Vehicles (FIVA) – which provides global classification of vintage and classic cars. Category A – cars built between 1950-1981 will be registered to travel anywhere, but annual mileage will be limited to 10,000km.
Category C – cars in this category will not be allowed to travel on high-speed motorways or highways as they may be unable to attain or maintain higher speeds, or lack sufficient safety to do so.
Category D – cars can only be driven during daylight hours – primarily because they may not have sufficient lighting. Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the RTA Licensing Agency, explained: ‘Classifying vehicles into categories is based on global standards and assessment mechanism that comprises different aspects namely – safety belts, type of fuel, and type of brakes.
The registration fee is the same as it is for modern cars – AED430 but the inspection fee is higher due to more detailed nature of the test at AED420. The plates themselves will come in two shapes to fit in with the style and design of the classic car, and could also done as a sticker to go on the nose of the car as you might want to with cars such as the Jaguar E-Type or AC Cobra. The inspections and registration will be carried out at a new dedicated facility run by ATCUAE in Al Qusais Industrial Area 3.
Don’t all come at once though – the RTA estimates that there are around 3000 cars of 30 years or older in the UAE, and possibly many more that sit unregistered and undriven in owner’s private collections. Mohammed bin Sulayem, President of the ATCUAE, hopes that providing this new registration process for classic cars, will encourage owners to bring their cars back out onto the roads and for people to see at exhibitions.

There will also be an opportunity to choose your plate number with an inaugural auction for classic car plates to be held on 7th June by the RTA. This new registration process is available for original specification vintage or classic cars and motorbikes.
This of course could be a huge development for the car customisation and modification scene which is currently in a state of uncertainty and being pushed underground with crackdowns on modified cars having recently taken place in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Emaar in association with ATC UAE is organising the Emirates Classic Car Festival and is inviting all classic cars owners to be part of its 5th edition in Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Dubai. I have a 1977 Valiant Charger in Aus which has been stripped and needs a bit of body work and assembly. I plan to bring it to Dubai and get the bodywork and assembly done at a friend’s shop.
Motoring Middle East is the region's most interactive motoring news and reviews website with readers and visitors across the GCC. History of radio – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The early history of radio is the history of technology that produced radio instruments that use radio waves. Television frequencies plus catv, radio, and satellite, Television frequencies, cable tv frequencies, catv, satellite frequencies, radio frequencies.
Radio-locator, A search engine of all of the radio stations in the world with websites, searchable by location and call sign.. Radioinfo – the music radio trade publication, The music radio trade publication jeremy sinon named corporate digital director for hubbard broadcasting. All testing is done at a new facility run by the ATCUAE, staffed by technicians trained in Germany.
As part of the registration process owners will get certification from FIVA which in itself is likely to enhance the value of the vehicle.

This is in order to limit emissions and pollution, as most older cars will not be as clean as modern automobiles, as well as encouraging safe driving. Owners will be required to transport the cars to the inspection centre, although for an additional fee a collection service will also be offered through the Arabian Automobile Association (AAA).
It’s taken four years to bring this programme to fruition: ‘The RTA and ATCUAE have invested a lot of time and resources in this project, and we are now looking forward to seeing some of these classic vehicles plying our roads today,’ he said.
Over 60 plates will be offered, with the potential for more depending on demand – so if you really want to have 1959, you’d better get down there.
However plans are already in place to initiate custom registration for other categories of cars including Competition cars, Modified cars, what they’ve termed ‘Kit Cars’ which would included vehicles such as resto-mods (older cars fitted with updated mechanicals or bodywork) including Hot Rods. They car will still have to undergo the initial and then more detailed inspection, but if you go to the ATCUAE first to discuss the car you’re planning to bring in, you could have added reassurance, knowing whether it is or isn’t likely to get passed. We get a lot of enquiries about the next installment Emaar show, can you please send us more details? But I believe I am only allowed to get one car every 12 months, this does not make sense to me on how I could manage to bring all my cars here.
If an owner expects to exceed that mileage, they can register it through the normal process at RTA – although it will then be subject to the normal inspection and registration process for modern cars. There’s also a mobile inspection unit which can go and carry out inspections for classic car collectors wishing to register five or more cars.
They will also be able to register right-hand drive cars, as long as they meet the ‘classic and collectible’ car requirements.

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