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Check your vehicle registration status, demerit points, driver s licence online now or sign-up for Licence Alert to receive sms or email notifications.
Requests for motor vehicle details including details of companies and organisations who are or.
We will guide you through the process and help you to import a car from Japan to New Zealand. Once you decide you would like to start bidding on cars from the Japanese Auctions we will ask you to place a deposit or complete a pre-approval bidding agreement.
On the day your selected vehicle come up for auction and after you have inspected the individual auction sheet for your selected car we will have our experienced Japanese auction agents inspect the car on your behalf before the auction to ensure that there are no nasty surprises. Upon confirmation of your successful bid from the auction house we will invoice you for approximately 70% of the fully landed and complied cost of the vehicle as per our vehicle cost calculator. Your vehicle will be fully processed in Japan and will be booked on the next available shipping departure. Upon arrival of your vehicle to New Zealand we will arrange transport to the vehicle compliance center. The information contained on this site has been made available for information purposes only.

Vehicle Hub (To check your recent transactions or print your vehicle registration details). Free check: Registration expiry date, Compulsory Third Party insurer, when the policy expires. You can then search for any vehicles coming up in auctions that week and take a look at the full details of the car including start price, mileage, year etc. Once this has been completed and approved by us we will be able to place your bids on as many vehicles as you wish to bid on.  Your deposit is fully refundable at anytime should you no longer continue to bid for a vehicle.
If your bid is successful and is for less than your maximum price then that is the final price you pay!
Your vehicle will be paid for in Japan and we will arrange Japanese inland transport and approved speedometer certification checks. It can usually take approximately 3-4 weeks from the time of purchase and for the ship to travel from Japan to New Zealand. Your vehicle will then be processed through VTNZ compliance testing for New Zealand on road compliance. Some vehicles already have VINs assigned and attached overseas before they get to New Zealand.

When you intend on purchasing a vehicle it is always best to give us your absolute maximum price you will pay for a car  for the best possible chance in being the successful bidder.
We will then fully photograph your vehicle and have our agents confirm the complete condition of the vehicle before it leaves Japan. We will inform you of the shipping line and the estimated time of departure and a arrival date in New Zealand. It will then be issued with a brand new warrant of fitness and will be ready for New Zealand road registration.
When calculating what you would like to pay for a car our convenient online calculator will help you decide your maximum bid price in Japanese Yen to be placed. Your car will be fully insured while on the boat, in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. You can easily calculate your maximum landed and NZ complied vehicle cost via our calculator on the right hand side of the page.

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