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We all have car issues, well those who actually have cars do, and repairs always seem to cost so much more than it actually should.
Each job starts with a clip board displaying the tasks that need to be completed, some comments left by the customer, and how much money you will receive upon completion of the job.
There are a couple things that I would suggest changing but they do not affect the overall game play of the game. Car Mechanic Simulator 2014Have you ever wondered what’s it like to own a mechanic workshop? PARTS:Battery - 350 USDAlternator - 500 USDYour client has replaced the battery four days earlier - unfortunately, problems with the ignition appeared again. PARTS:Vulcan Spectre Wheel - 1750 USDOuter Tie Rod - 100 USDInner Tie Rod - 150 USDShock Abs.

Car Mechanic Simulator gives you an unique chance to see what’s going on behind the scenes of a car workshop. 10 USDYour client orders replacement of the oil filter and pouring a new oil to the oil pan - that is very quick order. Apart from another replacement of the battery he asks you for checking condition of the alternator which could be reason of that problem.
C Front-Left - 150 USDRubber Bushing - 110 USDSuspension Arm Front-Left - 300 USDClient has driven through a huge hole in a road and he has damaged the left side of the suspension. 10 USDTiming Belt - 120 USDClient plans to do complex repair of the car he bought recently - in that order he wants you to do some basic repairing operations. Begin the realization of the order with performing the test on diagnostics path with the Path Test - check car option - then turn on the Show part conditions mode and go to the Engine - inspect view mode.

In that order go to the computer, use shop's offer and then put the new part in place of the old one and assemble Serpentine Belt again. Go to the Examine conditions mode and check conditions of particular parts of that element. A quick look to the inventory reveals another very expensive trifle - Vulcan Spectre Front Left Wheel should be changed as well.

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