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Ask your current insurance representative at Underwriters Penticton or Valemount if you qualify for any additional discounts – for example, if you’re over the age of  55 or are mortgage or claims-free.
Evaluate your coverage every year to ensure it reflects your home’s current value, including upgrades,  renovations or major purchases. Don’t over-insure your home by including the market price of the land in your home’s insured value. Avoid terminating your home insurance policy before its term – it may result in a cancellation charge. Contact one of our helpful representatives at Underwriters Insurance in Penticton and let us help you get the best home insurance at the best price for you! FACEBOOKSouth Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer CentreUnderwriters Insurance Brokers - Penticton Ltd has generously donated their Penticton Vees Hockey Luxury Suite for one evening during the 2016-17 Regular Season. Underwriters Insurance Penticton offers a product called myname™ Identity Theft Assistance Plus.  This insurance offers a total solution when is comes to the threat of identity theft.  The plus?
Car insurance fraud comes in many forms, ranging from fake car theft, fake car crashes, and fake car repairs.
The Insurance Commission recognizes the growing problem of fraud and has come up with a circular ordering all companies to formulate anti-fraud plans which is why Deputy Insurance Commissioner Vida T.
Aside from leaders of the 65 non-life companies comprising Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association (PIRA), others expected to attend the event are executives from the Association of Insurance Claimsmen (AIC), the Association of Philippine Adjustment Companies (APAC), the Philippine Institute of Loss Adjusters (PILA), the Society of Underwriters (SOUND), and the Association of Insurance Brokers of the Philippines (AIBP).
From the government, the agencies that have committed to attend the event are the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG), the Land Transportation Office (LTO), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

According to Arturo Reyes, chairman of PIRA’s Motor Car Committee, the ultimate objective of the event is to formulate an action plan for the insurance industry and other parties that could minimize or even eradicate car insurance fraud in the country. Michael McGrath, finance spokesman for Fianna Fáil, last week said that action was needed to rein in motor insurance costs.
He said whiplash claims, at an average €15,000 in Ireland, were running three times higher than in the UK, while fraud was also driving up costs. In the background, insurers are strengthening their capital base to meet solvency requirements, he added. A Central Bank report last month showed that private motor premiums had fallen sharply until recently, falling by 47% and 48% for comprehensive and third-party fire and theft between 2003-2013.
But Michael Kilcoyne, deputy chairman of the Consumers’ Association of Ireland, said he was baffled by the reasons for the premium hikes. Posted in Misc and tagged Motor Insurance, protest, rally at 1:22 pm on July 1, 2016 by Bodger.
The extreme Left hijack every cause going and actually turn people off protesting with them.
So here we have a much needed protest highlighting the motor insurance rip off culture and still the brain-dead comatose Late Late Show watching lemmings criticise them. I had a numpty crash into my parked car a few years ago and wrecked my wing mirror and whole front wing.
If you decide to change insurance companies, wait until your policy is up for renewal before deciding to do so.

This coming July 19, be knowledgeable about car insurance fraud at the First Motor Car Insurance Summit which will be held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). It is a growing problem not only in the Philippines but all over the world, with losses amounting to more than 50 billion US dollars every year. Arturo Carlos Astorga, managing partner of Astorga and Ropel Law Offices, who will will speak about ways for insurance companies to recover losses from fraud. They can charge you what they want for motor insurance and you have no choice to pay for it if you want it.
We need every car, every van, every person possible to show the government and the insurance corporations that they answer to us. The power is with the people, they know this, we need to recognise this too. We will drive through the city from midday and from 13.30 we will have on-stage entertainment followed by guest speakers in Merrion Square. Maybe you earn enough money not to have to worry about recurring costs such as insurance, mortgages, etc but most people do.
By next autumn prices will be up to 15% higher on average,” Mr McNelis told the Irish Examiner.

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