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Did you know that at first this company does not manufacture any kind of car; it only offers development work and consulting of motor vehicle. And in 1948, the first production car model Porsche 356 coupe was introduced by Ferry Porsche, the son of Ferdinand Porsche.
Cars under this company were painted Peru Red, Silver, Irish Green, Magenta and Light Yellow but most cars used the popular color Red, Black and White. When Peter Brock opened the doors of his special vehicles operation in 1980 it’s unlikely he realised the impact it would have on the local car business 25 years later. Brock’s car wasn’t to be a stripped back road going racer, those days were long gone by 1980.
Because he had to maintain the ADR compliance he was restricted in what he could do under the bonnet so modifications to the engine were limited. The car came already fitted with Holden’s 308 cubic inch (5.05-litre) V8, but Brock and his tiny team then blueprinted it and fitted large valves which gave it a little better performance than the standard V8. They also fitted a heavy-duty air cleaner taken from an American Chev and added a fresh air intake to improve its breathing. Brock offered the choice of Holden’s four-speed manual gearbox or the three-speed auto, and a limited-slip diff was standard. But it was underneath that Brock really worked his magic, fitting uprated and lowered springs and Bilstein gas shock absorbers, which gave it a lower stance and much improved handling.
German Irmscher 15-inch alloy wheels and Uniroyal 60-series tyres completed the grip and go picture.
A sporting car has to have a sporting image and Brock was able to give his car a major cosmetic makeover in the form of a fibreglass body kit that consisted of wheel arch flares, front bib spoiler and a rear wing. Colours were limited to white, back and red, and the package was finished off with some wild red, black and white race stripes down the side.

Special limited edition models like the Brock cars and others are generally sold outside the regular trade market.
In general the trade values for these types of cars are inaccurate because trade values are based on high volume sales through the trade and these cars are sold in very small numbers and more often than not privately. If you believed the published values for a VC HDT you would expect to pay around $10,000 for one in good original condition, but just try and find an owner who will part with one at that price. Values of the VC HDT Commodore have been rising in recent times, and good original cars are now going for around $20,000. When considering a VC HDT Commodore it’s important to remember that the foundations are strictly Holden so the main mechanical components are relatively easy to find if you need to replace them and they’re easy to repair or service.
The key things to check are that the special Brock components are there, the signed steering wheel, the Irmscher alloys, the high flow air cleaner etc., because they are the hard parts to find. It’s a good idea to check the various body kit components, particularly the wheel arch flares, for cracking around the attachment points and distortion between the mounting points. Good looking, good driving classic Australian sports sedan with Brock branding that has the potential to increase in value. Formula 1 2010 GROSSER PREIS SANTANDER VON DEUTSCHLAND 2010 will be held sunday in Hockenheim on the famous Hockenheimring. The Hockenheimring Baden-Wurttemberg is an automobile racing track situated near the town of Hockenheim in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, located on Bertha Benz Memorial Route.
There first assignment that they received from the government of Germany was to design Volkswagen which is a car for the people. Brock admitted he used the Shelby Mustang operation in the US and AMG in Germany as models for his HDT Special Vehicles, which in turn provided the model for Holden Special Vehicles and Ford Performance Vehicles that have followed and flourished.
He was the most successful driver in the country at the time and his successes were driving showroom traffic, and a couple of smart dealers got the idea to build some cars that had Brock’s magic touch.

They’d supply Brock with cars and he would modify them before being delivered to their owners. He would take a rock stock VC Commodore and modify it in a way that would enhance its performance and road holding without compromising its ADR compliance. He left it stock on the exhaust side where it was fitted with the Holden factory dual exhaust system. If truth be known he probably didn’t believe it would last, but his HDT Special Vehicles proved a sensation that continued until 1987 and its spectacular demise.
Unlike today’s body kits that are made of quite durable material that can withstand a knock and fit well, those old kits were made of fibreglass that didn’t stand up well when hit, and they generally didn’t fit well. Don’t look for ABS either because that wasn’t an option, but it did have four-wheel discs, which was advanced for the time and rack-and-pinion steering, and the road holding of the Brock tuned suspension.
The outcome of this was the Volkswagen Beetle which become as one of the successful designs of car of all time. Newer generations of this car feature fresh upgrade and the most notable upgrade was in 1998 the switch.
The dealers would benefit from being able to sell a Brock ‘special’ that would have great appeal and Brock would get the funds he needed.
Situated in the Rhine valley, the circuit is almost completely flat, with very little change in elevation. It is an automobile manufacturer from Germany that specialize in high performance sports cars, hypercars, supercars and recently sedans and SUVs.

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