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I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates. 2016 Small Luxury SUV Comparison: Lexus NX, Lincoln MKC, Infiniti QX50 or Mercedes-Benz GLC? While the familiar BMW X3 has been with us since 2004, the compact luxury SUV segment has only really taken shape in the past few years. We recently grabbed a cross-section of these increasingly popular vehicles and set out on a 500-mile road trip to evaluate everything from cruising comfort to infotainment intuitiveness. As an increasingly prominent wine region situated halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Paso Robles proved an ideal destination for our two-day test of these four bold and complex varietals. As a true comparison test and not a competition, our end goal was not to rank these entries from best to worst but to illuminate the key differences between each so that shoppers like you can more easily find the small luxury SUV that best meets your wants and needs. A striking new face and upgraded drivetrains highlight the remake of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL, which made its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. In addition to the new look, the SL lineup has upgraded drivetrains to include more power and a new 9-speed automatic transmission on the SL450 and SL550 versions. In addition to the styling enhancements and powertrain tweaks, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL retains its retractable hardtop, which is capable of being raised or lowered at speeds up to 25 mph.
Buyers of the SL450 and SL550 can opt for the standard steel spring suspension with variable rate dampers or the ABC (Active Body Control) active suspension. There is a bespoke, handcrafted quality to the interior of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL thanks to extensive use of high quality Nappa leather on the seats, doors panels and dash. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL is expected next spring, with pricing announced closer to the on-sale date. New for 2016 in the Explorer is the 2.3-liter inline-four cylinder EcoBoost engine which is available in the base XLT and Limited trim. We'll wait for the rest of the rest of the Explorer's EPA-certified fuel numbers to come out but after initial contact we found the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine to be the one to get.
Ford claims that one out of every five Explorer customers comes from luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
However, while the Explorer Platinum delivers a refined touch, 43 percent of all Explorer sales leave the dealer lot dressed in Sport or Limited trim. Halfway through its fifth-generation life cycle, the 2016 Ford Explorer appears that it'll be able to carry the sales torch without an issue.
Mixing noir-themed charm with a solid value, the 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera and Porsche Boxster Black Editions are set to arrive in U.S.
The 2016 Porsche 911 Black Edition will be available on the standard Carrera and Carrera Cabriolet as well as the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4 and Carrera 4 Cabriolet models, which sticker at $89,975, $99,495, $95,795 and $105,595, respectively. A more affordable alternative is the 2016 Porsche Boxster Black Edition, which opens at $60,095.

Our route included two twisty sections, but our most important learnings were made at highway cruising speed, in the stop-and-go of the city, and in several parking lots, where we crawled through each and compared notes all the while.
The reimagined roadster features a much more aggressive front end thanks to a new grille that sports diamond shaped elements, LED lighting and more prominent power domes on the hood. Replacing the SL400 in the lineup, the new SL450 badge reflects a 33 horsepower bump in output. A new feature is the trunk separator, which automatically deploys when the top is raised or lowered. The former is equipped with five drive modes, ECO, which includes a low drag sailing function while coasting, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and an individual setting that allows the driver to customize suspension, steering and throttle inputs. In addition to providing comfort, sport, race and individual modes, the suspension is tuned for tauter and more responsive handling than the standard SL models. A new saddle brown color has been added to the choices and in keeping with the sporty nature of the SL, the three-spoke steering wheel has a race car inspired flat bottom. In fact, Ford has managed to sell over seven million units since it was introduced back as a 1991 model. The 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine has gone away and is replaced by this new form of motivation.
It provided adequate power during our drive route through the hilly terrain near Escondido, California. Enter the all-new Platinum trim level which takes aim squarely at those coming from luxury brands. The addition of the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine and the carry-over of the V6 EcoBoost variant give the Explorer a reason to stick out in a segment filled with the likes of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Highlander, Nissan Murano, and Honda Pilot. After two days of driving, poking and prodding, we came away with an even stronger sense of these four SUVs and the segment as a whole. Also, the folded roof can be tipped up 25 degrees in the trunk to facilitate loading and unloading cargo beneath the stowed top. The optional ABC setup includes a new curve function that allows the body to lean up to 2.65 degrees into corners, reducing the effects of lateral g-forces and improving ride comfort. The electro-mechanical steering system is specifically tuned to match the sports suspension. Half-way through its fifth generation, the Explorer has gone under the knife for the 2016 model year and gained a new trim level in the process. While it's also found in the Mustang and Lincoln MKC, Ford claims the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine has been calibrated differently for use in the Explorer. The 6-speed automatic transmission went about its job without much fanfare and getting up to highway speed was done so in adequate fashion.
The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum starts at $53,495, which includes an $895 destination and handling fee, and boasts features like brushed-aluminum and satin-finished ash wood on the door and instrument panels.

However, it will still be a battle for the Explorer as Murano and Pilot sales are expected to spike as both have been completely redesigned for 2015 and 2016, respectively.
As their names imply, both feature black exterior and interior treatments which are complemented by a selection of premium equipment upgrades.
Those models also have five drive modes, Curve, which activates the leaning function, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual. Everything from the Explorer's A-pillar forward has been redesigned while other things like the tail lights and interior have been tweaked.
In this configuration,  it's good for 280 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque, up 40 in both categories over the displacement of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost it replaces. With the 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine found in the Explorer Sport, power comes on quickly and feels familiar to anyone who has driven an F-150 that's similarly equipped. Underneath the hood, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine serves as motivation and is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Jeep and Toyota sales, on the other hand, have been a runaway freight train lately with no signs of slowing down in the near future. And pricing on all Black Edition variants reflect savings of roughly $7,000 versus comparably equipped models. In addition to stepping up to Jet Black Metallic paint, buyers also can further personalize their cars with items from the extensive roster of existing 911 options. The cabin enhancements include Porsche's Communication Management system with navigation, premium Sound Package Plus audio, dual-zone climate control and heated seats.
Ford estimates this new EcoBoost engine will be good for 28 mpg on the highway with front-wheel drive, be able to tow up to 3,500 pounds, and it will be available with all-wheel drive. Navigating the elevation changes on our drive route was handled with ease as power came and went as soon as you stepped into or off of the throttle. The Explorer Platinum will also be the first Ford vehicle to feature a 10-inch digital display with analogs backups.
No Jet Black Metallic paint here, but the available extras list does include Sport Suspension, Porsche Active Suspension Management and the Sport Exhaust System. Overall the Explorer Sport was easy to handle due in part to the steering which Ford slowed down for better feedback.

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