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Improve customer satisfaction and generate additional work with your custom printed multi-point inspection form.
When you bring your car in we will check the tread depth, air pressure and wear of the tyre. Situated on the stunning Atlantic coast of western Ireland, the Burren's unique landscape is one of the ecological treasures of the world. Situated on the stunning Atlantic coast of western Ireland, the Burren’s unique landscape is one of the ecological treasures of the world. The local Burrenbeo interpretative centre will help you get a real insight into this fascinating area. MyDiscoverIreland is a place where you can explore Ireland through our articles, images & videos. Tread depth is essential to prevent your vehicle from hydroplaning in dangerous driving conditions such as when it rains or sleets.

This unspoilt rocky landscape is home to some extremely rare flora and fauna that live amid the limestone rock. The Burren is littered with historical treasures dating back as far as 7,000 years, tracking the history of Ireland from its Celtic past to its Christian present. The 45km (28 mile) Burren trail attracts hordes of walkers and offers amazing views of the Burren, the Atlantic Ocean, Galway Bay and the Aran Islands. It is just a short drive from Limerick and Galway cities, while the area is also accessible by bus.
Correct air pressure in tyres results in a safe, comfortable vehicle with better fuel economy. However, closer inspection reveals a thriving habitat living between the seams of limestone. Prehistoric burial grounds, Celtic dolmens, ancient villages, old churches and monastic settlements all dot the landscape.

Meanwhile, the Burren College of Art offers all kinds of programmes for established and budding artists in this inspiring setting. Many visitors take in the Burren as a part of a driving tour of the stunning west coast of Ireland and Shannon Ferries provides a quick and handy way to cross the Shannon Estuary to Kerry with a ferry from Killimer to Tarbert, saving hours in driving time. The plants and animals that live here are a source of fascination for naturalists and wildlife lovers from all over the world who flock here in their thousands each year.

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