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The 1920s were known as "the Roaring Twenties" or "the Jazz Age" in North America, and Western Europe. Gray-Dort motors starts out as a carriage works company, and from 1915 to 1925 is one of the most successful automakers in Canada.
It's not certain where it got its nickname but some suggests it's because it was popular among Doctor's who found it convenient for carrying their equipment and for travelling to their various appointments. Made in Canada, the Brooks Steam Automobile is introduced in 1923 at the Toronto Exhibition. In 1925, Chrysler of Canada is founded in Windsor, Ontario and the Plymouth Q-Four is the first Plymouth automobile manufactured in Canada. A total of 60,000 Model Q Plymouths were sold in North America in 1928, their first year of production.
Durant Motors of Canada introduces the Model 40 as its four-cylinder market entry for 1929. The Model 40 featured a 36 horsepower engine and was available in five body styles in both standard and deluxe trim. By the end of the 1920s, the mass production of cars meant they were more affordable for more families. Across the country, Canadians joined in the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of Confederation. In 1928, Canadian automakers produce 240,000 vehicles – just under half of these are for export. The New York Stock Exchange crashes, losing $14 billion in value in one day alone – Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929. The stock market crash, a process which began in October of 1929 following a six-year period of inflated stock prices, was the worst in American history.
Ice hockey is introduced for the first time at the Summer Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. Since the introduction of hockey as an Olympic sport, Canada's men's teams have won 20 medals including eight gold – more than any other country. British Columbia motorists join Quebec and Ontario in driving on the right side of the road. In some provinces, cars were driven on the left side of the road, as was common in other parts of the Commonwealth. Archaeologist Howard Carter discovers the tomb of Tutankhamun, causing a revival of interest in the history and culture of ancient Egypt. People in the western world have been fascinated with ancient Egypt ever since Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign, which extended from 1798 to 1801. While Baird's "televisor" presented only faint images and silhouettes, his new invention whetted the public's appetite for this new technology. Early versions of the motorcycle were introduced by numerous inventors in the 19th century.Steam-Powered BicyclesAmerican Sylvester Howard Roper (1823-1896) invented a two-cylinder, steam-powered velocipede in 1867. Leading scientists have issued a statement as part of Earth Day 2015, highlighting the importance of action on climate change ahead of a UN conference later this year. Today is Earth Day – an event coordinated globally as a way of honouring the Earth and demonstrating support for environmental protection.
Bold action by decision-makers is required now, they claim, to pave the way for a successful agreement on carbon emissions at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), being held in Paris later this year.
The Earth Statement warns of tipping points – thresholds in the Earth system that are difficult to reverse once crossed. Governments must put into practice their commitment to limit global warming below 2° Celsius in order to limit unprecedented climate impact risks.
In the agreement, countries must commit to deep decarbonisation, starting immediately and leading to a zero-carbon society by 2050 or shortly thereafter. Targeted research, development, demonstration and diffusion (RDD&D) of low-carbon energy systems and sustainable land use are prerequisites to unleash a wave of climate innovation. The agreement should provide the starting point for a global strategy to reduce vulnerability, build resilience and deal with loss and damage of communities from climate impacts, including collective action and scaled-up support. Countries must agree to safeguard carbon sinks and vital ecosystems, such as forests, which is as important for climate protection as the reduction of emissions.

Governments must urgently realise new scales and sources of climate finance for developing countries to enable our rapid transition to zero-carbon, climate-resilient societies.
Rockström and John Schellnhuber, fellow Earth League member and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, will present the Earth Statement at the 4th Nobel Laureates Symposium on Global Sustainability in Hong Kong on Thursday 23 April.
Chevrolet has taken the wraps off of the 2016 Camaro, its brand new sports car for the everyman. It’s based on GM’s Alpha architecture, shedding more than 200 pounds over its predecessor but with almost three-quarters of the components unique to the Camaro.
The new car earned its chops in the wind tunnel, Chevrolet sometimes putting engineering models in for more than 24 hours at a time as it balanced design with slipperiness and downforce.
A belly-pan that stretches underneath the car for half its length, meanwhile, works in partnership with new spats ahead of the front wheels. No Camaro would be complete without a V8 option, and Chevrolet went dipping into the Corvette Stingray for tis 6.2-liter LT1.
As for the V6, there’s a 3.6-liter engine with direct injection, continuously variable valve timing, and active fuel management which can shut down certain cylinders to improve economy when full power isn’t required.
Meanwhile, there’s also the return of the four-cylinder engine to the Camaro, this time around with a turbo to keep things interesting. Inside, the dashboard can be equipped with up to 8-inch displays, and other options include wireless phone charging and MyLink infotainment. Suspension uses a new, multi-link MacPherson strut front suspension while at the back there's a new five-link independent setup.
Drivers might be excited by what Chevrolet are calling more intuitive controls, including a flat-bottom wheel for the variable-ratio electric power steering and more readily-twiddled climate control adjustment built into the vent surrounds themselves. Exact launch details haven’t been shared, but Chevrolet expects the new 2016 Camaro to be on forecourts before the end of the year. Stay tuned, we’ll have much more on the new 2016 Camaro - and what makes it special - coming up soon.
The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS features an aerodynamically optimized design, with hood vents that channel air that passes through the grille and radiator out and over the top of the car, reducing front-end lift.
The all-new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro offers an all-new, fourth-generation 3.6L V-6 rated at an estimated 330 hp.
The end of the First World War in 1918 caused instability and labour unrest as Canada, and the world, transitioned from war to peace time economies. Others suggest it was because of Ford's advertising of the coupe; one of these ads was titled "Dependable as the doctor himself".
The Meritas brand cloth helped to make the car lighter in order to improve the power to weight ratio. In 1907, Sam McLaughlin partnered with American William Durant, head of Buick, to form the McLaughlin-Buick Company. A special, all-day, cross-Canada broadcast treated listeners to speeches by dignitaries and a mass performance of "O Canada," sung by choirs across the country and including the newly installed Peace Tower Carillon. Its effects were felt around the world, and were part of a chain of events that led to the Great Depression. British Columbia switched to driving on the right side of the road in 1922, followed soon after by New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. For example, the United States has the world's largest highway network with 6,430,366 kilometres of road. This can be considered the first motorcycle, if you allow your description of a motorcycle to include a coal-fired steam engine.
Daimler and Roper, for example, both went on to develop automobiles.However, inventors such as William Harley and the Davidsons brothers continued to develop motorcycles and their business competitors were other new start-up companies such as Excelsior, Indian, Pierce, Merkel, Schickel and Thor.
The first essential point is a commitment to limit global warming to below 2° Celsius, requiring a transition to zero-carbon societies by mid-century. We are on a trajectory that will leave our world irrevocably changed, far exceeding the 2°C mark. It highlights recent research suggesting dramatic ice melt in parts of Antarctica may be irreversible, which provides evidence that societies need to take a precautionary approach to significantly altering the global climate.
Instantly recognizable as a Camaro, the sixth-generation car is tauter and more aerodynamic than the outgoing model, while numerous changes to the suspension, chassis, and more should make it a more rewarding drive, too.

There’s optional Magnetic Ride Control suspension, a first for Camaro, on the Camaro SS, while all of the cars will get a Driver Mode Control that tweaks things like how aggressive throttle response is and whether the dual-mode exhaust is growling or bellowing.
It led to some surprisingly significant changes, too: tweaking the angle of the front grille from 20-degrees as in the original design to 13-degrees on the production car boosted engine cooling airflow by 1-percent.
Together, they cut lift by 30-percent on the Camaro SS, without requiring any active aero aids.
Power figures aren’t final, but we’re expecting something in the region of 455 HP and 455 lb-ft of torque.
The 2.0-liter Turbo is expected to muster 275 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque, and be the entry-level car. Chevrolet will also offer what it’s calling “Interior Spectrum Lighting” with 24 different LED lighting themes.
The four-cylinder a V6 will have a choice of a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic, while the V8 will get a 6-speed manual with Active Rev Match, or an 8-speed up-spec'd auto. Brembo brakes are optional on all cars and standard on the Camaro SS, and the SS also adds integrated brake cooling ducts and a unique hood with functional air vents.
Pricing will be released closer to that point, but we’re told to expect something in the same ballpark as the existing car, which kicks off at around $23,000. It’s the most powerful Camaro SS in the car’s history, with a new 6.2L LT1 V-8 engine producing an estimated 440 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque.
It incorporates fuel-saving cylinder deactivation technology, along with direct injection, to balance performance with efficiency.
Cultural and artistic accomplishments nonetheless flourished, fed by the new medium of radio broadcasting. Car sales never took off however, and the company closed production during the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Nine years after it opened its first plant in Leaside, Ontario, Durant Motors of Canada gave control of the company to Canadian general manager Roy Kerby.
It marked the first ever nationwide broadcast, and could be heard as far away as South America and Britain. The longest international highway is the Pan-American Highway, which connects countries in the Americas through 25,000 kilometres of roadways.
You will see the percentage of votes cast for each car on a graph once you have completed your vote. In 1903, William Harley and his friends Arthur and Walter Davidson launched the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. This gamble risks disaster for humanity with unmanageable sea-level rise, heat waves, droughts and floods. For the sake of fairness, rich countries and progressive industries can and should take the lead and decarbonise well before mid-century. It is offered with an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as a six-speed manual. That marked the moment in history when the dual development of a viable gas-powered engine and the modern bicycle collided.Gottlieb Daimler used a new engine invented by engineer, Nicolaus Otto.
The bike had a quality engine, so it could prove itself in races, however, the company planned to manufacture it as a transport vehicle. We would never consider this level of risk in any other walk of life – yet we seem prepared to take this risk with our planet. By 1929, there were over one million cars in Canada, which stimulated other car-related industries, such as highway construction, gas stations, motels, and service stations. The stock market crash of 1929 brought development to a halt, as world economies were thrown into a Great Depression.

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