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Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Shorter days, cooler weather and pavement potholes may have taken their toll on you — and an even bigger toll on your car. As flowers bloom and trees grow, it's a good time to give your car a spring cleaning and thorough checkup before it endures the ravages of summer."Now is the time to go to an established ASC-certified service center or dealership to check everything over," advises car care expert Pam Oakes, owner of Pam's Motor City in Fort Meyers, Fla.

Having a professional set of eyes looking at your car will provide an idea of repairs you may or may not need going into spring and summer."Going to a professional for a spring checkup is wise, but with some helpful tips you can perform basic maintenance as well. Check the sticker in your door jam for the correct pressure and inflate your tires properly.
They're essential to reliable operation of the electrical, cooling and climate control systems. Treat the dashboard, leather seats and carpets.Pay special attention to the bottoms of doors, where moisture and dirt can cause corrosion.
Or have your car professionally detailed as part of your spring ritual.Save moneyThese are all good tips, but don't waste money on unnecessary maintenance. Make sure your oil has the correct viscosity for summer, inspect belts and hoses, and get fluid levels up where they should be.

Anybody planning a summer vacation should check and replace tires if they have excessive wear. Stuff happens when cars sit."They've been sitting all winter and (get) dusty, even with a cover," said Pam Oakes.
Perform regular maintenance and do a thorough inspection."Do not move your car before you inflate the tires properly and check for cracks. After the car starts, back out gently.Seals dry and leak, so look for fluids on the garage floor.

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