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This service transmits temporary tag information to the Florida DHSMV and prints a temporary tag instantly, from the dealer's own laser printer. Time-saving Fee Calculation tool to assist Florida automobile dealers in estimating title and registration fees. When you title and register a vehicle, you will receive two license plates – one for the front and one for the rear of the car. All five-model year or newer vehicles that are purchased out-of-state must have their vehicle identification number verified.
This Gofer Racing model decals sheet contains two license plates from each of the 50 states in the USA and the providences in Canada.

EFS allows dealers to apply to become authorized agents of the tax collector, scanning the required title and registration documents, which are then electronically submitted to the tax collector for grading and finalization. Replacement plates can also be issued to customers who still have active plate numbers available in the system.
Even though the rear plate is reflectorized, it must be illuminated to make it visible from 50 feet away at night. If your license plate holders obscure or conceal any lettering on the license plate, you are subject to a fine. This Gofer Racing model car decal is a waterslide decal and is silkscreened and made in the USA for quality.

New EFS transactions also include a state title and registration fee calculation tool, which based on the information provided returns accurate fees every time.

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