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Stop in and pick up your parts at these businesses, and meet the individuals across the counter. If a dealer is a CAR member, they live up to the highest standards set in Colorado for salvage yards, and comply with all of the environmental standards set by our great state to ensure a cleaner Colorado!
We all know that before choosing a car that is right for you, the best thing is to check its specifications, see if all of them satisfy your requirements and whether the pros outweigh the cons.
First of all, you should know that AMC is a well-known automaker, one of the largest and most prestigious makers in the world, which manufactures not only cars, but also trucks, vans, coaches, tractors etc. AMC Concord is a good example of craftsmanship and beauty on the outside, as well as on the inside. This AMC Concord Hatchback is equally easy to maneuver on highways, city and cross-country roads. It is not a secret that the exterior color of your automobile accentuates your own personal style. The interior of this beautiful model comes in black, which corresponds to the outside of AMC Concord.
AMC Concord AMX has a unique character; it is distinguished from other cars and compliments the character and the lifestyle of the owner.
The reliable and efficient 6-Cylinder, 6 cylinder 258 engine of this model will not only help you to enjoy driving this car, but will also give you feelings of power and freedom.
The car owner will have to fill the tank of this efficient car with Gasoline, which is not only cheap, but also enhances the characteristics of the automobile`s power and performance. The Vehicle Identification Number also contains the very important set of information concerning the country of the car, its parental company, its drive train, type, gross weight, trim package, body style, engine power, year of construction, place of assembly, and, at last, the manufacturing number.
If you want to be able to drive smoothly in any weather conditions, reach your destinations on time and conquer any city or country road, this dream car is definitely for you. With a diverse range of models, the ever-evolving Kia is sure to please any driver, especially if you’re in the market for a fun, fuel-efficient, and feisty drive.
Launched in 2008, the Kia Soul, manufactured in Korea is a compact car modeled after a boar wearing a backpack. That first generation footprint, produced from 2010-2013, quickly evolved to include a range of concept, special, and limited edition models.
Available in a variety of exterior colors, including Molten, Java, Shadow, Dune, and Alien, the interior cloth interior comes in either Sand or Black, but houndstooth and glow-in-the-dark upholsteries are also available. This is a fun car, initially designed to appeal to a younger generation and spice up the Korean automotive landscape, which, until 2010, had been dominated by white, black, or silver sedans. If concept cars are the “supermodels” of the automotive industry, the Kia Soul Burner, Diva, and Searcher, all introduced in 2008, are the European hotties. Perhaps the most soulful of this threesome, the Kia Soul Searcher is a sanctuary on wheels, defined by Eastern cultural values of inner peace and serenity. A nod to Kia’s marketing team and spokes…animals, the 2011 Kia Hamstar is a flashy red and black homage to the hamsters, or “hamstars,” rocking out in the Kia commercials.

The Kia Soul’ster, introduced in 2009, is a two-door, four seater with dual chrome exhaust, polished aluminum exhaust tips with carbon-fiber interior sleeves, 19-inch 5-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. Released in 2012, the Kia Track’ster was designed with ultimate performance in mind and features three doors, custom 19-inch wheels, 247 hp, all-wheel drive, six-speed short throw manual transmission, upgraded brakes, recessed LED-accented lenses, in thrilling Whiteout and Inferno Orange paint scheme. The 2010 special and limited edition Souls are based on the Soul+ model and feature similar packages and perks, but with tons of personalization.
Limited to 1,200 units, the Soul Denim comes equipped with 5-speed manual (optional automatic) transmission,18-inch alloy wheels, upgraded audio and moonroof packages, fog lights, floor mats, iPod cable, denim paint scheme with white striping and accents, and interior black fabric featuring the Soul logo, at the base price of $17,000. More refined than its special edition counterparts, the 5-speed manual (optional 4-speed automatic) Shadow Dragon was limited to 1,900 units, featuring Shadow Black paint, matte-black dragon graphics across hood and tailgate, 18-inch black alloy wheels, black leather-trimmed seats, Audio Upgrade Package, iPod connection, steering wheel controls, moonroof, fog lights, all for about $18,000. Chrome accents, new fender vent and rear spoiler, 18-inch wheels and leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, heated, leather-trimmed seats, Audio Upgrade Package, prices the fully-loaded Ghost at approximately $19,000. Evocative of car racing, the sporty 5-speed manual Ignition Soul comes in “ignition orange,” complete with a black racing stripe, and features 18” wheels, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, moon roof, privacy glass.
Korea’s first flex-fuel vehicle, the Kia Flex Soul is capable of running on 100% ethanol or 100% gasoline or some combination of both. An updated version of the 2014 Soul Red Zone, the 2015 Red Zone 2.0 is sportier than ever, high-tech, innovative and modern.
Inspired by tidal waters and reflective ocean colors, the 2015 Caribbean blue, like its spicier Red Zone 2.0 sibling, features the same modern package and state of the art technology with stylish interior and exterior accents. Kia Soul EV, Kia’s completely electric car can charge in four to five hours on a 240-volt system, and runs off a lithium-ion battery, features a 09-hp motor, regenerative braking, giving it a 93-mile range per the EPA. With so much personalization and so many purchasing options, your Kia dealer is sure to have something to satisfy your driving needs and desires. We spend a good amount of time discussing Kia's current crop of vehicles, and for good reason. For Kia dealerships in Miami, there may be a new Soul sitting on their lot — an electric soul. Kia's certainly made some strides when it's come to advertising in the past five or so years. Kia is one of the most well-known brands in the world, not just in the automotive industry. You’ll be surprised by the professionalism and skill level of your local used parts dealer! Undoubtedly, AMC Concord will draw your attention by its fine characteristics and beautiful shape. The vehicles of this company are very popular and usually break sale records in many countries. It has received a number of special awards for the safety it provides, for the best engine and for its good appearance. The color of this AMC Concord is black and gold, which is exactly what you need and which will make everybody envy your perfect choice.

All the little details and a well thought out design will make your car an indispensable companion in all your journeys and a pleasant thing to look at.
The makers of this car tried to meet the needs of their customers and chose the best possible engine for this particular vehicle.
The AMC Concord features a 4 speed transmission, which is quite easy to operate and provides additional flexibility and a higher level of fuel economy.
You should always keep in mind that using the suitable kind of fuel is your first consideration no matter what.
Nevertheless, we can promise you that this car is in good condition considering the number of miles it has travelled. This AMC Concord will produce a great impression on all your friends and will raise your self-esteem. Launched in 2006, the Kia Soul Concept was based on the Kia Mesa, and featured a 2.0L I4 engine, 5-speed automatic transmission, manual shift capability, and adaptive cruise control. Stretched across the top is a full-length glass panoramic roof, the paint scheme sparkles in white, gold, and black, and features shiny black imitation leather, quilted sofa-style stitching, and long-pile “Pony-hide” carpet.
Equipped with a solid roof panel, no roof rails, 4 bucket seats, 245-40R19 tires, L-shaped day-light LED driving lamps and two vertical exhaust pipes on the bumper.
The bonnet, powered folding roof, tailgate panel, dashboard, door panels, and steering wheel rim comes in an old leather finish, while the floor and seats are covered in rich grey-beige felt.
The glossy exterior and leather interior feature large cut out stars, with “Hamstar” printed across the hood and tailgate. Featuring 18’ alloy wheels with split 5-spoke design, the stunning Shadow Black, Inferno Red-accented exterior, and panoramic sunroof, this Soul comes equipped with everything a driver would expect from the Soul+, but also includes intuitive technologies, navigation system, and 8” screen.
The 18-inch alloy wheels surround a 10-spoke starfish design, and the limited edition cerulean blue blazes the road, guided by with projector-style headlights.
For now, this model is only available for purchase in California and Georgia, but will be sold in other states soon.
If you like this car, you can also find here information about auto dealer(if available) and contacts them using provided contact information.
AMC Concord gives you control over tight corners and an opportunity to drive in comfort and style.
The lovers of speed should take it on a test drive to check its capabilities and enjoy the speed it can make. With this 4 speed transmission you can get an excellent travelling experience no matter what. In addition to it, we offer you a very reasonable price, which is sure to make you absolutely positive about purchasing this vehicle.

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