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What happens when Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and Ryan Lochte pack into a car with their Olympic teammates? First of two parts After years on the drawing boards and in testing labs, a new fighter plane is entering the U.S. On the corner of H and 12 streets, across from the auto parts store sits a decently sized Italian restaurant and bar called Vendetta. Vendetta recently hosted the DC Bocce League, a group of young men and women, usually in their mid-20s to late 30s. DeLucas and friends John Groth, Rachael Preston and Gautam Chowdhry created DC Bocce League in 2004. Inside, there's a wooden bar and brick walls salvaged from churches in upstate New York and Maryland, and authentic Italian advertisements line the walls. Since its original 80 members, the league has spread to five other cities across the country and grown to 9,000 members.
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is supposed to help the Air Force, the Navy and the Marines replace their fleet of aging aircraft. The bar joins a growing trend across the nation of integrating a sport characterized by older Italian men with a young crowd of socializing bar-hoppers. While critics continue to carp about the cost, the plane is now in the skies, and the military says it's the lynchpin for future defense strategies. Bocce is the perfect way to bring people together." Andrew Benzer, a seven-year bocce league player, grew up playing bocce on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

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NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. Kloos loves the technology a€” from the advanced helmet that lets him see in the dark, to the stealth technology that lets him hide from radar. No children or women were allowed to play, says Benji Tosi, who's played bocce since 2002 and has won eight U.S.
The military says stealth is key to dealing with future threats, and to staying ahead of the Chinese and the Russians.
Where they could drink and smoke and cuss and gamble, maybe," says Tosi, who is based in San Francisco.
And that's something Bill Higgins, CEO of Real Restaurants, which provides services to restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area, thinks makes bocce such a great game for young people.
So the F-35 is supposed to pick up its mission: enforcing no-fly zones, or supporting special ops teams. Even things like darts and pool, traditional bar games, a lot of women don't feel comfortable playing those games against men because they think they're not going to be good at it.
The military is eager to show off this plane, to show that it's not just a flying money pit. But even though the F-35 is in the air, it still faces years of testing before it can go into battle.

Well, we're doing that here." Thanks to a strategy known as "concurrency," the F-35 is being flown and tested at the same time.
Lockheed has been locked in arguments with the Pentagon over who should pay for the fixes that are needed as test pilots work out the kinks. They've all relied on a roster of up to 10 aircraft to land on carriers, do aerial combat, and conduct surveillance.
The Marine version sports a noticeable bump behind the cockpit; that's the home of a powerful fan.
And trying to hide a tailhook for carrier landings inside the Navy version has also been a problem. At Eglin, they are building everything from new training facilities to maintenance hangars to prepare for their share of the more than 2,000 F-35s the U.S. The Pentagon is wedded to this plane, despite cries from many that the Joint Strike Fighter will break the bank, and steal money from the rest of the defense budget.

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