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One of my favorite things right now is something that I found browsing the web on Pinterest: the She Shed.
Call it a trend or simply a fantasy that people are pinning like crazy, but I honestly feel like the tiny housing movement has taken over. What I think that I love most about the she shed idea is that it’s not actually part of the house at all.
If you’ve already compromised by getting your partner a decked-out man cave, I’m pretty sure that it’s safe to say that you deserve a space that you can be proud of and call your own. About Jon PetersJon Peters is a graduate of the University of South Florida, where he majored in marketing.
Raised in Tampa, Jon has spent most of his life in the bay area but considers North Carolina to be a second home.

Sign Up Now and Get a Free Copy of Michelle's Must-Have Paint Colors For A "Coastal Cool" Vibe! Tampa Magazine: In the Home with Kylie ItalianoAug 4, 2016 - Tampa, FL - Our Studio M Senior Designer, Kylie Italiano, strives to inspire people to let their home decor tell a story. Maybe we can all blame the husbands of housewives who are tired of devoting the basement or a spare bedroom solely to the collegiate memories of their marital counterparts, but I think that we can all agree that the she shed is a much cooler answer to the man cave. From tricked-out playhouses to offices made from pallet boards, there are a ton of ways to maximize unused space in the backyard in order to create a space that’s truly unique.
You literally can build one of these to be as extravagant or as understated as you want it to be. I believe that everyone deserves their own special place in their home that one could consider a sanctuary and for married couples or larger families, a space to call your own can be few and far between.

Some of my favorite iterations of the she shed are the rustic looking versions that almost look like a simple garden shed. In his spare time, he likes to throw Frisbee with his two Bull Terriers and explore the local shops and restaurants around town. I like the idea of something very normal looking on the outside but glam or modern on the inside as a sort of juxtaposition to a typical shed.

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