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Let’s talk a little about some of the biggest mistakes you could make when planning your escape.
If you’ve never hiked with a fully loaded BOB on your back, I’m almost sure you’re overestimating how much you can run or walk with that thing. Eberlestock is known for versatile load bearing systems both for military and hunting activities. Jim Moore, a real estate agent here, sells mostly ranch houses in tidy neighborhoods or stretches of undeveloped land in a place where that is abundant. The 25-acre parcel, a 20-mile drive from the city’s downtown, has a worn trailer where the former owner lived and then that green door, which opens on a stairwell heading deep underground. HISTORY CHANNEL is searching for ONE family living off-the-grid to star in their own TV series!
Step 3: Changing clothesYou haven't truly lived until you have had your clothes literally rot off your body. Step 4: HygieneUnless you don't mind stench, packing products for your personal hygiene are not only polite but essential for your health both mental and physical. Step 5: Water and water purificationIn addition to the hydration bladders in our packs we each carry 2 GI 1qt canteens with canteen cups. Step 6: CookingAs I said in the Intro, not all items listed are carried in each bag and this is one of those cases. Step 7: Let there be lightLight is another one of those things that can give you a huge psychological boost in a SHTF scenario. Step 9: Fire and notesEach bag contains three means of starting a fire, flint and steel, storm (water-proof) matches, and Bic lighter (not shown) as well as tinder (not shown). Step 11: Sharp stuff and hand protectionEdged weapons are another one of those things you just don't want to be without if TSHTF. Emergency fishing kit – (If you are anywhere near a lake or stream) hooks, lures, and fishing line and a bobber. Instant coffee, and hot cocoa packets – a nice pick me up, and something that creates warmth and comfort. Mess kit – just like the ones boy scouts still use, they are metal and can be heated, as well as anti-rust, making it easier to clean.
Crank radio – this may seem like a luxury, but it is nice to have, just in case there is any information available and by running on a crank, no batteries or electricity needed.
Survival book – it will help keep your focus, and is helpful in reminding you of things you aren’t quite sure of. Toothbrush, and toothpaste – Some may not consider this important enough for a bugout bag, but to me, it is VERY important. Extra Ziploc bags, plastic shopping bags – lightweight, and are perfect to store things, act as trash bags.
Sunglasses – Not only for the obvious reason of keeping the sun out of your eyes, they can also help to conceal your true reactions. Pen, pencils, paper, spiral notebook – again, nice to have as a distraction, and also you can write things down to help keep your thoughts clear.
Map of the area you are planning on going too – this is a nice tool to have as it can give you some different ideas of where to go, and what is around you. Hand Sanitizer – you can get little bottles of this at drug stores, and even dollar stores. Female hygiene products (for the girls) – for obvious reasons, you never know when you will need these products. Water purification container with internal filter – this is helpful to have, and usually will purify the contents of the bottle at least 100 times, depending on the size.
Pepper spray – peace of mind in case you need it, and this is a lot easier to use than a gun.
Five days of prescription medications – I know it is a 72 hour bag, but better to be prepared, just in case. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email.
At a minimum your bug out bag should cover the 3 basic necessities you need to live; food, clothing and shelter.
For most people, I think a Bug Out Bag is more along the lines of a pre-packed suitcase so they can get out of dodge quickly without having to stop and pack. There are two main ways I can see how not thinking logically about your Bug Out Bag can end up hurting you. The second way I can see having a large pack could be dangerous is from the standpoint of a total collapse scenario where massive amounts of society are displaced, scared, hurting and desperate.
Pack Smarter – A bug out bag should be viewed as a life preserver in most situations, not a convenience store. There are ultra-light hiking fanatics that try to scrounge every single ounce of weight out of their packs in order to have a much lower weight pack and thus a happier hiking experience. Blend In – Packing lighter can certainly help with weight and with less weight should come less bulk. It’s obvious you have already given some thought to reuse and re-purposing some of your gear to keep it light. 1 other topic I wish he would cover that ties in with this is, your vehicle can also lead to you getting killed. I completely agree with your motivation to stay put and actually plan to Bug In myself for anything short of a flood or something you can’t fight off.
Thank you, what a good article reminding (or notifying, perhaps for the first time) us of what is really important.
Yes, we took our kids backpacking for a couple of days to try the same things out you mentioned. A BOB should have enough gear in it to get you to your BOL (Bug Out Location) which is where your other supplies are.
And what makes you so sure that it would be a nuclear strike or an asteroid that would be “the end”?
There are infinite possibilities of what could occur during our life time and preppers should take all things into consideration, be it a hurricane or home invasion. Also preppers are the least likely person to attempt to kill someone during a disaster due to the fact they are prepared and don’t need what others have!
It will be people like you who laugh at the idea and think its ridiculous that anything bad would happen to you, who will be going around killing people for scraps of food because your child is starving and you weren’t prepared so no, Shame on you. If I loose use of the vehicle, I simple put the knife, and machete on my belt, sling the shoulder pack, canteen kit, and bed role over my shoulders, pocket, the noodle packs, put on the boots, and change into needed approprate clothing, and I’m off toward my objective. The other shoulder pack, resides at home, along with the small back pack, unless I’m traveling more than tweny miles from home, in which case I takethem along. I find that distrubing the weight around my body is much less tiring than lugging a single huge back pack. Sounds like good advice, but understand that human preditors exibit the same behaviors as animal preditors, they seek out the weak to pray upon.
If you’re talking about a 72 hour event, the chance of organized bands of preditors is very small.
As a former Marine and retired professional firefighter, I would just like to make a few comments. BUG OUT VEST: para-cord, mini flashlight, pocket medic first aid kit, light space blanket, sewing kit, face mask and rubber gloves, monocular scope, mini-leatherman tool set, water purifier and neutralizer tablets, sun blocker, monocular, Neosporin, toothpaste and toothbrush, microbial soap, compass, fire starter kit, pocket knife, rubber bands, canteens, (6) 30 rds.
There are 2 ALICE Packs that are semi-packed and ready to be filled and loaded in about 5-10 minutes. Bottom line, you need a few lines of defense, you need redundancy (2 is 1, 1 is none) in supplies and gear, you also need to have the ability to cross-load or purpose-load your gear. YEa, I didnt do any photos either, but something I never see people talk about is updates and rotations.
Since I keep my preparedness plans discreet it is not often I get to see the BOB’s created by others. I don’t have photos, but my BOB package consists of a tactical vest with pistol belt to contain defensive items as well as a primary back pack for other gear.
Now, as to my excuse for not contributing photos of my own BOB and GOOD bag…I was too lazy.
I had a lot going on, the election was approaching quickly, and I just didn’t have time to dig out my gear and photograph it. MD, please call for BOB photos again after the new year, I promise I’ll send you more photos than you can handle. This is a point I constantly have to remind myself about lest I create a BOB that is too heavy to carry anywhere. My BOB is designed to be more than a single-use item which gets me from Point A to B, for I want it to also get me from Point B to C, C to D, and D to E (if necessary).
I pack heavy since the odds are I will be tossing my BOB in a vehicle, but I can also carry a heavy pack for a short distance of a few miles. We usually have three to four rescue dogs, plus a cat or two, and I know that when we lost one, it is painful.
I agree 100% that it is a wonderful idea for people to post pictures of their Bug Out Kits and discuss the contents of their Bug Out Bags because someone might have overlooked an important item when creating their Bug Out Bag and viewing what others have in their Bug Out Bag gives them an opportunity to discover something they might have missed. Why am I not surprised that the only BOB that I have ever seen with a gun cleaning kit is my own.

By the end of this article, hopefully, you will take a long hard look at your bug-out plan and make the necessary changes to ultimately increase your chances of survival.
However with the capabilities going beyond just that, I figure you can use this as an all in 1 EDC, & 72hrs Bug Out Bag, and a SHTF type of carry.
There, visitors who do not fear enclosed spaces will find a marvel of military architecture that has had Mr.
A great small game getterThis is another one of those times that not everyone carries the exact same thing in their bag. It would suck if you were stuck hear reading this and North Korea launched a nuclear bomb into your back yard right? I also keep several sugar packets, artificial sweetener, and creamer with stirring sticks in a Ziploc baggie. Depending on where you are it can get cold at night, and if you have several pair they can serve at potholders too.
This is an important addition to any bag because if your feet get wet, you get cold so having several pair to swap is a good idea. If people can’t see your eyes, they can’t see fear, anger, and countless other emotions that show in your eyes no matter how good your poker face is. I am a creature of lists, and having this at my disposal is helpful for my own piece of mind.
This may seem like a luxury but believe me you don’t want to becomes sick during your quest to survive. I would have copies of picture identification, insurance card, and photos of family members.
The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc.
They don’t have the three pockets on the back like the one displayed though, and I love the easy organisation afforded by the extra compartments. I read a lot of articles and watched a ton of YouTube videos about this subject and as you can imagine, there are as many bug out bag ideas as there are grains of sand at the beach. A 72-hour bag or kit is usually listed as the standard we as preppers should aspire to and is actually what FEMA recommends on their website.
Your bug out bag should be pre-packed with the appropriate supplies and ready at a moment’s notice.
These types of bug out bags are very useful for people who may live in wildfire, flooding or hurricane areas although I would hazard to guess that not many people in today’s society would be able to have a wildfire, flood or hurricane sneak up on them. Not only that, but it can wear you out much faster and make running, something you may have to do when the zombies are hungry, very difficult to do.
When I see lists out there that have as their contents miscellaneous hardware and tools, saws and fishing gear I have to wonder what these people are going to do.
With less bulk you should have a smaller footprint for your supplies and may be able to pack everything you need to stay alive in a smaller backpack. The only suggestion is for readers to consider putting together mini-paks to grab as they go out the door to compensate for whatever immediate issues that they may be confronted with (i.e.
Could your Get Home Bag, which should have considerably less than most advertised Bug Out Bags do the same job with a fraction of the weight?
The diesel 4×4 with a warn winch and knobby tires filled to the brim with MREs would be a great target too. If you plan to fortify in place and bunker in, then all it takes is one out of control fire to destroy your entire set up leaving you destitute and starving…if not dead. I carry water and my BOB in my truck all the time, as well as walking shoes and extra socks.
Although there are a few tools in the Bug Out Bags, they are mainly clothing and food for 3 days. They are planning to walk out into the great wide open and live off the contents of their packs. Especially if you have stored supplies somewhere, you should be open the possibility that someone else has found it before you get there. The shoulder bag contains enough home assembled MREs to sustain me for six or seven days, three meals and snacks each.
With the modular concept, If needed, I could stash parts of the system if needed for future recovery. You may feel that striking out across country, and avoiding as much contact with other’s as possible is safer. It helps you look at your vulnerability and help you prioritize according to the situation that is projected to be encountered.
You can’t prepare for every possible contingency, but you can prepare for some things that are either likely or really catastrophic. Although I submitted my photos of my dog’s BOB, I realized that I really needed to update the contents. Yall might want to think about that BEFORE you spend a week or so hunting for food and your gun jams as soon as someone decides they want what you have. If you have a vehicle or a boat, you quickly load it with as much stuff as possible and get the heck out of there.
And on a recent morning, he pulled off the highway onto a gravel path leading straight to his latest example. Moore’s phone ringing with inquiries from across the country: a missile silo, decommissioned decades ago.
I know it sounds tempting to think you will be able to provide meat for your family by fishing, but it depends on if you can get the fish to bite. If you are going to be stressed, and this is a creature comfort for you, make sure you pack it. Here are a few examples, tie things up,  secure a tarp for a shelter, a tourniquet, a leash, a clothes line, a trip wire, a snare, and the list goes on and on! You can purchase rain ponchos at any store, and it can be as simple as a large plastic bag, if you can’t find one in the store or on the internet. A dust mask, a neck cover, a washcloth, a pot holder, a sling, a basket to carry things, ear muffs, to clean glasses, a dish rag, and as a last resort, toilet paper- but I would pack a small travel pack of Kleenex for this, and save the bandana for its many other uses. After hearing sirens for long periods of time, you will continue to hear them even after they are gone. Also having general information such as health concerns, and any allergies listed in case you are unable to speak for yourself.
The bags all share a common goal in that they are supposed to keep you alive if you have to leave your house for some period of time.
Again, this means that your bug out bag should have enough supplies to get you through 72 hours.
Ideally you would have practice with your bug out bag and lugging it around through various terrain and experience actually living off the supplies that you have stored in there.
If you are completely unaware of what is going on around you then you most likely won’t have any bag packed and ready to go in the first place. Let’s assume that your bug out bag’s purpose of use is that you plan to walk out of town with it strapped to your back before the zombie hordes can breach the city.
Do you know how much 3 gallons of water, the recommended amount you need for each person – for 3 days, weighs?
Unless your bag is packed the right way, your center of balance will be off and you can just about forget doing any type of tactical movement with a heavy pack like this. If there are truly desperate people and they see you with a big pack full of supplies and goodies they may be more inclined to relieve you of that extra weight. You can start with these tips, but even if you take 30 pounds out somewhere, you can’t start throwing other items like your books on edible plants in your pack and still save weight. This will help you look like everyone else out there and not like you are hiking the Appalachian Trail. We can hold off a small army and can last 3 weeks in complete isolation and never have to leave the house. Even if you only going a short distance, packs that are too heavy can be a big detriment to your success. Any savage group who wants to take what you have and realizes that you aren’t giving up, may just decide to burn you out. Now, our kids have experience lugging some weight around so the concept isn’t new and we had a great time. Their primary mission would be to throw in the vehicle if we had to evacuate out home ahead of a storm, or chemical spill on the highway.
I also carry a fold up luggage size hand truck in the vehicle, which I can pull behind me to litten my load on the road. The back pack has a complete Hammock system, My Henry AR7 and 100 rounds of .22 ammo, a larger water purification system, crank flashlight, and radio, a sleeping bag, and a larger tarp. There may be a very few desprate guys as the day devlops who may try to steal your transport, or grab your water off your body, but viewing this as a military Special Operations Mission is off base in my opinion. They can also be carried independently or can become stand alone if one or the other is stashed temporarily, left or lost. Most everything I’ve tried to duplicate between the wifes and my packs plus extra in a box to go in the vehicle(s) if needed. Are you going to "bug in" and hope the government comes to your rescue before things get too bad?
Catching fish is a time consuming process, but if you have the tools, and you have the time, you may be able to provide a meal for your family.

I purchased mine at Wal-Mart for $ .99 each, and they are so small you can fold them into the size of a small wallet and put it in your pocket.
It isn’t a pleasant feeling, in fact you feel like you are losing your mind, not a good thing to have happen in a disaster situation. This information is important, but I would recommend creating a secret pocket in your pack to place this information. Not only could this seriously slow you down at the precise time you need to be light on your feet, but having a bag that is overloaded with a lot of stuff you could live without or which, more likely, couldn’t help you at all but could get you killed.
A bug out bag is different in  scope from a Get Home Bag, but you may have some of the same types of contents in both. The first type is the bag that you plan to strap on and head out into the woods or use to hike to a remote location.
For the rest of us, fires, hurricanes and floods are generally forecast and announced with more than ample time to prepare, pack and get out of the way. This will be your bedroom dresser, kitchen pantry, shelter, entertainment center and medicine cabinet all rolled into one tidy package.
If their children are freezing or starving and you are walking around with the WalMart camping section attached in a big bright orange pack, they may decide that you need that less than they do.
Just for the record, I am not recommending that all you need is one seriously packed survival Altoids can, but we can think about the bag that we are using to save our lives in a logical way. The only way we are leaving is if the house becomes unlivable; then pack the Suburban and run over anything or anyone in the way.
If you are holed up in a bunker and the burb is scavanged for fuel and parts when the house becomes compromised are you able to run? If I had small children I’d worry about them making noise and alerting potentially unfriendly passer-bys to our presence. Show, where Danel Boone sets out on a long journey with nothing but his rifle, and a nap sack, the real Boone would have been riding a horse, and leading a couple of pack horses loaded down with provisions.
Not likely, but VERY important in the event of a trauma event causing significant volume of blood loss, so I also have celox and plastic to cover a sucking chest wound. Plus my GPS is up to date and I know at least a dozen escape routs and even more places to stay if necessary. Or do you plan on "bugging out" and getting away from the city as quickly as possible?
An added bonus to fishing is that it is relaxing, and if you do have an opportunity to fish, you will get some well-deserved quiet time to think. It may not see like this is a necessary item, however, if you are in any position to potentially get wet, it does become a necessity.
Although it is meant to help, if it fell into the wrong hands this information could be used against you.
Because that is the one thing I have learned with planning, always expect the unexpected, and plan for it. If you have considered whether you will bug out or hunker down, preparing a bug out bag could be the next step in the process. This might be your retreat hidden away in the woods in a small town somewhere away from your home. The average weight guidelines for a fully loaded backpack are no more than 25% of your overall body weight.
We have jobs where we sit at a desk most days and aren’t training daily with 50 pound packs like the 10th Mountain division.
I only carry that much because I am often out and about with my kids, (I have 5) and I want to be able to get back home without having them go hungry. The Survival Backpacks contain mainly camping items that would be required for an extended stay outdoors.
Native Americans learned over the centuries the locations at various times of the year where food resouces could be found, and moved around from place to place to take advantage. I have thought much about theses issues and my bigger issues stem with issues that stem from having a family and a low income. I have found backpacks at thrift stores and yard sales for less than five dollars each, and that is for name brand sturdy bags! If your Bug Out Bag contents look more like what you would pack in a suitcase for a vacation, you may want to reconsider your options.
This could also be for those who figure they are just going to hike deep into a national forest and live off the land until whatever crisis they are avoiding has passed. Think smart about your bag and what needs to go in there.  If all hell breaks loose in your town, what will you really need to survive?
If you have a bug out bag and you are leaving your world behind, you won’t be staying at the Ritz. There is a reason that the Army was very strict about keeping us physically fit all the time. She was pretty emaciated when I first brought her home (on Father’s Day this past June).
Although I would go head to head with anyone in scrounging and resourcing and feel if push comes to shove we would be ok although not as prepped as I prefer. Always keep your eyes open for a good deal, with a little work on your part you can create a complete bug out bag for less than thirty dollars. Will a change of clothes, something to shelter you from the elements and a means to make a fire be most of what you need? There is a Fire Kit, is a Hygene Kit, a Money Kit, with enough cash, and a few silver coins to get me home.
A person simply can’t survive the rigors of a catastrophic situation without at least a basic level of health and fitness.
Your bug out bag will be whatever you need it to be, but hopefully this will give you a good idea of what can go in one.
Add in some food and a little water with a backup to get filtered water elsewhere, simple first aid and you have the basics covered. Aside from ammo, they contain a multi-tool, folding knife, space blanket, water storage, fire making essentials and SOS food bars. Looting, murder, rape, and other violent crimes soared in the vacuum that followed the storm.
Any miles you can put behind you and toward your goal without walking is a load and time off your back. There is a Military Compas, and a poncho There are a couple of survival blankets, several large trash bags, Chemical Hand Warmers, a hundred feet of para cord, tissue packs for toilet paper, and, some tuna, salmon, and Spam envelopes.
I keep a Military Canteen Kit in my vehicle, with a cup, and lid to cook in, and a stove attachment. Your neighbor Joe who you BBQ with on the weekend, have a beer with in the garage is going to come knocking at your door as soon as it is evident TSHTF and he isn't going to be that nice guy he was before then if his family is hungry and he knows you have food. There is a pair of leather work gloves, extra clothing, military boots, and a bed roll, with wool blanket, ground pad, tarp, and tent stakes.
Regardless of your ideas on firearms you may want to seriously consider getting one and learning how to use it. There are a couple of packs of flavored noodle dishes as well to use with the meat packets to make meals. Those of us who live in splendid isolation in the country do so because we have taken the time to gather the skills that will enable us to thrive under the worst conditions and most of us are willing to defend what we have. We make that trip 2-3 times a year as well under various conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc.) with our small children in tow. If you are traveling with children make the walk as fun as possible without drawing attention to yourself or your family. We try to keep the kids occupied by playing name that bird, or name that tree types of games along the way. Our pace is set by the slowest member of our family, our 3 year old daughter, and she decides when we stop to rest. After that my wife and I take turns carrying her, we carry her for 45 minutes, rest 15 minutes, and switch, until she insists on being put down. We always stop for the night about an hour before sunset and set up a camp and head out as soon as everyone has eaten breakfast and the camp is torn down and all traces of our passing have been eliminated, yet another game the kids can play. Leave at different times and get to know the traffic patterns in your area and what the best time to leave is. Avoid using a trailer if at all possible, if you must use a trailer use the smallest one possible to get the job done. If you plan on taking every prep supply you have, consider pre-positioning your preps at your bug out site to avoid using a trailer. There are as many different ideas on what you should have as there are on ways things are going to go bad. I have put together bags for the adult members of my family that are identical in most respects, that are based on the area in which we live, experience, and availability of things like shelter, food, and water. There are some items in the bag shown that are not in each bag and I will point those items out as they come up.

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