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You should check your local laws, regulations, ordinances, or anything else that may prohibit you from modifying the lighting system of your vehicle.  TechwareLabs LLC accepts no liability for any damage or legal liabilities you may incur. Internet forums and user manuals are a great place to get information about how to replace lighting specific to your vehicle. Simple bulb changes to the license plate light and trunk lights can make a world of difference to the appearance of your car. Better known to Huff Winkler as "Alcy," this '66 Chevy C10 holds special memories and character.
When Huff started the project, he decided to not only restore it but to add some custom touches to it.
One of the things Huff wanted to do but wasn't sure if his mother would approve of was to alter the suspension with the use of airbags. On the bed, Huff wanted the Chevrolet logo to be removed from the tailgate and placed on the front of the bed.
Special Thanks:His mother and father, his brothers, Jerry, Bobby, and Denny, his son, Callahan, and everyone who worked on the truck. This 2002 Mercedes Benz G500 has been seriously modified with a stretched chassis, 4-door pick-up cab, and 38-inch Mickey Thompson tires.
Some digging reveals that photos of the truck had been posted on a few obscure websites back in June after being shown at a European display earlier this year. Mike Norcia has owned this 1967 Camaro Rally Sport since he was a teenager terrorizing the streets of Canton, Ohio in the late 1970s. Under the Camaro’s cowl induction hood is a Chevrolet Performance ZZ572 big block that puts out 620 horsepower and 650 foot-pounds of torque. A Tremec TKO 600 five-speed transmission sends the 572’s power to a Ford 9-inch rear axle with 4.10 gears and a Strange spool. Oh, let’s not forget the power adder—a Speedtech plate-style nitrous system that adds an extra 150 horsepower. The Camaro’s suspension is standard-issue Pro Street—a four-link with coil-overs in the back (fabricated by Stroupe Race Cars) and A-arms up front featuring Summit Racing spindles and tubular A-arms. Once the bodywork was complete, the Camaro was painted House of Kolor Euro Red with House of Kolor Sunrise Pearl hood and deck stripes.
Editor, author, PR man—Alan Rebescher has done it all in a 25 year career in the high performance industry.
Simply replacing factory halogen bulbs with LEDS is not only easy, but can be cost effective and improve visibility. All of the interior LEDs (10 in total) in the Camry can be replaced in about 10 minutes if you know how to do it, 15 minutes if you learn on the fly.
The funny name was derived from a combination of Huff's father, Albert, and mother, Lucy, and Huff came up with the name as a way to dedicate the truck to them.
At first, he began stripping down all of the sheetmetal and quickly found out that there was more damage than he initially thought. She associated it with gang members and was highly against it when Huff's son put an adjustable air system on an '82 Chevy. Next, the tailgate would get filled in with clear Lexan so that the logo would still be visible through it. Huff chose a vibrant gold because the truck was originally gold, and he wanted the folks in his town to recognize it as his parent's truck. The profile shot below comes from here on CarScoop, and gives a better feel for the length of this truck. Now drivers can monitor continuously their radio’s RF output, SWR setting, and battery voltage.
It’s a nasty grasshopper-type bug that explodes out of the ground by the zillions every 17 years to consume all the plants on Earth and cover the ground with their short-lived carcasses.

With his job eating up a lot of his time (he was assisting several Top Sportsman teams with clutches and nitrous systems) the car sat until 1993 when Mike got the idea to turn the Camaro into a Pro Streeter.
The four-speed car got two engines in the span of a few years (a rebuilt 350 that blew out its valve seals after a night of hard racing, then an LT-1 out of a ’70 Corvette). Naturally, that transmission has a RAM clutch—a Force 10.5 dual disc with a hydraulic throwout bearing. And a pair of OE replacement bucket seats from Year One, RJS harnesses, a set of Auto Meter Elite Series gauges in a custom dash insert, a Tremec shifter with a Lokar handle, Lokar pedals, door handles, and window cranks, Grant steering wheel, and Auto Custom Carpet black pile carpet. He has written and photographed many feature stories and tech articles for Summit Racing and various magazines including Hot Rod, Car Craft, and Popular Hot Rodding, and edited Summit Racing’s Street & Strip magazine in the 1990s. Whether it comes to computers, electronics, or even our cars, we have to make them our own. As with any electronic, you should know what you are doing or you may cause damage, serious injury, or death.
When it was in full operation, Albert used and abused the C10 on his farm to haul hay and feed cows. This meant that the common areas like the lower parts of the front fenders and rocker panels had to be replaced.
Though he was in question about his mother's consent, he made the arrangement for the crew of Rods by Rod to get it to a low yet respectable height.
The paint was sprayed on the outside, and even the interior sheetmetal was coated, as well. This one is offered including shipping to Baltimore, Maryland, and is said to have been registered in the USA prior to the build.
His 1967 Camaro RS spent all those years in a garage before Mike and his son Michael brought it back to consume as much asphalt as it could lay its Mickey Thompsons on.
He had Stroupe Race Cars in Kings Mountain, North Carolina backhalf the car and build a 12-point roll cage. Mike updated the ignition system with an MSD distributor, 6AL ignition box, and Blaster coil. The only part replaced was the front header panel, and the fiberglass hood was swapped for a steel one. For those of us that don’t have the finances to do this, there are other more cost effective options. I have never had a bulb or ballast fail, where I have seen more reputable brands need warranty work. Unlike other types of bulbs, HID’s are low wattage, so you don’t have to worry about your electrical system being over loaded. After he passed away, the truck remained stationary and almost abandoned until his family decided to let Huff take it over and cherish it.
Huff ordered replacements from Classic Parts of America and installed them with the help of his son, Callahan.
It was a big hit when it was done decades before, so Huff knew it would be something that would still get people's attention. Then, a set of bucket seats from a '95 Chevy truck and a brand-new aftermarket stereo completed the rest of the interior.
Mike had the car back halved by Stroupe Race Cars in the 1990s, only to let it sit unloved in the garage until his son Michael got Mike to redo the car in 2010. The exhaust system consists of Dynatech headers dumping into custom-bent dual pipes with Summit Racing stainless steel mufflers.
There are several things you can do to your car that not only make it unique, but make it look nicer and perform better. Let’s talk about lighting. Replacing factory halogen bulbs that have a yellow tint with xenon bulbs that have a white discharge can be had for about $20 off of eBay.

One of first operations to be done was the implant of a Chevy 350 small-block with a 700-R4 transmission. Terry made sure that it was done, along with widening the rear fenders for clearance of the new billet wheels. Here, the Camaro is going into Color by Weasel’s shop for bodywork and paint.One RS Camaro, stripped to bare metal and ready for bodywork. Weasel (aka Mike Johnson) also installed the aluminum rear wing and fitted a smooth firewall insert where the heater box used to live.
Make sure you get the proper wattage bulbs as not doing so can result in electrical damage. The PnP MTEC kit is simple to install and can be completed by someone that isn’t mechanically inclined in about an hour. Then, to keep more room in the interior, Terry deleted the floor shifter and made a linkage system to transform a manual column shifter to work with the new automatic transmission.
Even though his mother didn't like airbags, she could not argue about it setting the truck off nicely.
And yes, Mike drove it like a loon on four-wheel drum brakes.For being from the Rust Belt, the Camaro didn’t need much in the way of sheetmetal repair.
Higher wattage bulbs will produce more light, but can put a strain on wiring that was intended to handle half the load. Because of this, some cars, usually higher end, that are equipped with “headlight out” lights have a tendency to confuse the system. Now that Alcy has been completed, we're sure that Huff's father, Albert, would have been proud to see the truck in its new form.
Patches behind the rear wheels (a common rust-out area) were needed on both sides.With the sheetmetal repairs complete, the car was put in epoxy primer. A few of the AMG chrome bits could go, and we’d love to see some interior and bed shots, but overall it seems like a creative build that could easily have a more vintage look with a couple of easy tweaks. That’s Weasel himself (aka Mike Johnson) wet-sanding the paint.The rear suspension was also slathered in Euro Red paint. The car retains the factory front sway bar and steering box.The Chevrolet Performance ZZ572 big block is lowered into its new home. There is still plenty of work to do—stuff like plumbing the engine, wiring, interior, and exterior trim.The American Powertrain TKO 600 five-speed transmission is suspended with a crossmember from the Hurst Driveline Conversion Kit.
The 12-point roll cage is part of the back-half job done by Stroupe Race Cars in 1994.Mike took the rebuild as an opportunity to replace the wiring harness with an American Autowire Classic Update Series wiring harness. The 18-circuit harness has upgraded eight-gauge wire for the alternator, fusible link, gauge cluster, and battery disconnect, a pre-wired fuse panel with modern ATO fuses, and ignition, headlight, and dimmer switches.The Auto Meter Elite Series gauges put on quite the light show. A tach, speedometer, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, and voltmeter gauges are housed in a custom-made panel.The ZZ572 all buttoned up. It’s hooked to a TKO 600 with a RAM Force 10.5 dual-disc clutch and hydraulic throwout bearing.
A Summit Racing aluminum radiator helps keep the big block running nice and cool.Sharing space with the rear wheeltubs is an XS Power AGM battery, a Harwood 12-gallon fuel cell, and the bottle for the Speedtech 150 horsepower nitrous oxide system. So much for carrying a set of golf clubs.This is the view that scares Mustangs and small children.

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