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There are a lot of good articles with lists and other information out there to help you figure out what you should put in your bugout bag or in your other gear. BTW, I had a different image for this page before to drive home the importance of having the right gear but it was apparently a bit too uncomfortable for some, even though it made me laugh when I saw it. Market Commentary: Averages Remain Down Fractional Trend Upwards Gold Prices Today Rise 0.7% as Fears Reignite in Russia-Ukraine Region By Tara Clarke Muni Bond Ruling Sets Stage For Economic Collapse!
Often times called cables ties, zip ties come in various colors and sizes but keep in mind the colored ones weaken faster when exposed to sunlight. 1.) If you find yourself out on an icy trail, take the time to attach two or three cables ties around each of the bottoms of your boots to grip the ice.
4.) Lost your belt, or are you using it for something else, well no need to use up valuable cordage use a zip tie.
7.) Use to lash splints to a limb that has a broken bone or to any limb that must be immobilized. Caution: Some people have used zip ties to secure walking sticks to their hands thinking this will prevent them from losing the stick.
8.) Use to secure your pant legs to your legs or ankles to keep pest from crawling up your pant leg. Reminder: Once drawn tight zip ties have to be cut off so make sure you have the tools such as a knife or wire cutters available to remove.
10.) Lash items to your pack, you can even connect a series of ties to together to secure a sleeping bag, tarp, tent or sleeping mat to the outside of your pack.
Slip a small tie through a zipper loop to make the hard to grab zipper pulls easier to grab and pull. Let your imagination take over from here, because there are literally thousands of uses for zip ties. The post 10 Reasons You NEED Zip Ties In Your Bug Out Bag appeared first on Preparing for shtf.
Build Your Own Ultimate 27-Pound Bug-Out Bag With Nothing But Inexpensive Items: Download Your Free Guide Here! If you watch the news, then you can’t help but see the images of thousands of people on the move from war-torn countries to Europe and other safe havens. When you listen to the stories from refugees living in camps, there is one recurring theme. The refugees on their way through Europe are passing countries like Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia – countries that they may have never heard of. This is the first refugee crisis the world has seen in the era of the internet and social media – and it has made a major impact on how they travel. Smart refugees are using technology like Google maps, GPS, social media, free messaging tools, and even special refugee apps. You’ve just gotten out of a cram-packed train with over 1,000 other refugees, and now have to walk 10+ miles to a border crossing. You (and 1,000 other drenched refugees) arrive at the border only to learn you will have to wait there at least 24 hours before you can get registered and cross over. After seeing the photos of refugees covered in mud, I added a few things to my Bug Out Bag. No matter what the survival situation is, you can count on one thing: you will have to do a lot of walking. If there is one thing we can learn from the refugee disaster unfolding right now, it is this: you can’t rely on anyone but yourself. This doesn’t mean you won’t come across good people who are willing to help, or that you are doomed to survive the disaster alone.
10 Survival Tricks Learned from Homeless PeopleDo you remember that movie from 2004 called The Day After Tomorrow? With this idea in mind, there are a few levels of bug out vehicles you can have, ranging from your daily commuter car to a fully customized, nearly indestructible armored car. Knowing this is where most people will start with their BOV prepping, wea€™ve compiled some tips to help you get your car or truck bug out ready. By keeping your tank full you make sure you have as much range as possible without the need for extra fuel tanks or the need to stop and fuel up. The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) isna€™t the time to find out you have a flat and your spare is useless. Even if you have to make a second BOB, do so and keep it in your trunk or behind your seat all the time. The post 5 Essential Tips For Your First Bug Out Vehicle appeared first on Patriot Net Daily. Using vacuum sealing to store some preps and foodA isn’tA a bad ideas at all, in fact, its a pretty good idea. Now, if the power goes out you can also bu y a hand pump for some bags so you can continue to prep and keep preps dry and air tight for years to come, providing you have enough bags. 9 Good Reasons to Invest in Archery Equipment If flood water touched my food, can I still use it? You have heard the stories, hikers, snowmobilers or hunters lost and rescue personnel are conducting a search. You have been over the same trail several times thus; you assume it is impossible to become lost, so in your mind there is no point in taking a compass or map, or to carry any more supplies than what is needed for a few hours.
Hunters, hikers and others have been found just a few miles from civilization, a distance you could walk in less than an hour if you knew in which direction to walk.
Food is not your biggest concern initially; shelter, water and fire are your priorities in the short-term. If you know or suspect no one back home will ever report, you missing you will have to self-rescue. Make your shelter so it adequate for at least three to five days, keep a fire going for signaling, and start collecting and purifying a water source whether you have a supply of water or not. If you are in a heavily wooded area, find the highest point and safely build and maintain a signal fire.
Practice shelter building and fire starting in a controlled environment so you can learn from your mistakes. David Kobler AKA SouthernPrepper1 joins me today to talk about some potential threats and what we can do to be better prepared. Cati ArmorA offers affordable body armor including level III trauma plates made of AR-500 steel which can endure multiple rounds from pistols and rifles up to 7.62 NATO. The post Podcast-Bug Out Bags and Food Storage-SouthernPrepper1-David Kobler appeared first on Prepper Recon. When emergency situations occur, it’s vital to have a first aid kit on hand and easily accessible. Our fantastic survival kit also makes it possible for you to take disaster preparation supplies with you wherever you go.
In emergency situations, it can be hard to think clearly and find all the supplies you need. When you do the thinking in advance and purchase survival kits that are packed with useful items, you won’t have to deal with the stress of last-minute preparation.
It seems like every winter there are news stories of people getting stranded for weeks in bad weather while driving through the many remote areas of our country.
Your Car Emergency Kit should be designed to accommodate a wide variety of potential Emergency Situations that may occur while you are in or near your vehicle. Ita€™s OK to admit that we have all felt out the neighbors to see how preparedness-minded they were. A copy of your personal information should always be included as part of a bug-out bag or evacuation kit.

OK, zombiologists, conspiracy theorists, slaves to sci-fi, and keepers of the Boy Scout motto, it's time to put your $24,000 where your mouth is.
Unless youa€™ve been hibernating in your underground bunker for the last few weeks, youa€™re well aware that the zombie apocalypse is upon us (just like the Mayans predicted). These cups wouldn’t be my first choice for hiking, camping, survival or for my bug-out-bag, but I will be making some for backup. Providing you use a good quality duct tape, these cups are water tight and they don’t give off any taste or taint. Survival Fishing: How To Make A Trotline From Paracord Land Navigation (Map And Compass) 101 A Mashup of Calamity Solutions Vertical Spine Shelves for Small Spaces Are Gun Control Advocates Trying to Ban Rifle Ammunition?
I didna€™t change it from any kind of censoring thing a€“ I just want to make sure that people will share this with others if they think they could use it, and not have to feel weird about it. Black appears to hold up the best, but you might want a variety of colors that can be used as markers. Use heavy-duty ties for this because they will need to be drawn extremely tight to hold the knife in place.
Slip a tie through a belt loop and then secure to another loop a few loops away and draw tight to keep your pants up. This practice however is dangerous, because if you fall and the stick is lashed tight around your wrist this can break your wrist or at the very least cut into the skin.
Many times people simply attach 550 Paracord for the looks and do not know why a lanyard is needed. Secure above the boot or otherwise as you walk the pant leg will want to pull up and this get annoying quickly. Blue is water (purification tablets, filters) and red is fire (magnesium sticks, matches, lighters) and yellow is signaling devices and so on.
Unless someone is clever enough to replace your zip tie with the exact one you used, you can tell if someone has been into your locked box or even bag of supplies because the only way to remove a zip tie is to cut it. No one wants to believe that their home – or entire country – is going to get razed to the ground by war. Ruthless smugglers and con men are exploiting the refugees’ lack of geographical knowledge. The technology allows them to share information about border crossings, “safe” smugglers, accommodation, travel conditions, and much more.
Many volunteers have set up mobile docking stations at refugee camps in Europe, but you won’t find a place to plug in your phone while crouched in a cornfield while waiting to cross a border.
To make matters worse, the rain has turned refugee camps into giant mud pits (after 600,000 people trample through an area, there isn’t any grass left so it all turns to mud).
The child had gotten separated from his parents during the chaos at the border.   This story of refugee children getting separated from their family members is quite common, especially as police hoard people onto buses and into camps. While the armored car idea sounds pretty amazing, ita€™s outside of most of our reaches, for sure. If a disaster hits, the first things most people will do is flock to the gas stations to fill up. Hopefully youa€™ve never had to use your spare, but if thata€™s the case therea€™s a pretty good chance that it desperately needs some air. Something tells me the market for tire shops wona€™t be too big when ita€™s all about simply surviving. If you have to getA out in a hurry you can use the water to drink, so make sure ita€™s sealed and rotated out semi frequently. Rotate out any food stuffs frequently, and always be prepared to get out of townA when things get bad.
Every pack should have the basics for survival, which are shelter, water, fire and nutrition. Practically speaking you cannot carry anymore than three days’ worth of water and food so you must have the means to collect and purify a water source wherever you might be.
You are lost which means you do not know which way to go, so thrashing about will only get you hurt, burn energy and cause you to drink more water. You want the smoke to be seen by rescue personnel or others that are in a watercraft, aircraft or searching on foot along the shoreline. They run from tree to bush thinking the trail or camp is just ahead and soon find themselves exhausted, possibly hurt and even more confused. Know how water purification tablets work and make sure you follow the directions carefully. We cover the essentuials to a good bug out bag and low-cost solutions to long-term food and water storage.
They have everything you need to address traumatic wounds such as you might experience in a gun fight or car accident. Add it to your supply of survival gear at home, put it in the trunk of your car, or store one at work.
First aid kits come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s what’s inside that will make the difference between disaster and true preparation. All of the emergency supplies in this kit come in a durable backpack that can easily be stored in a car trunk, a work cabinet, or under the bed at home. The local school system closed schools without telling DOT first, and so the roads were full of parents before the salt trucks could get out on the roads.
In fact, this past winter, our nation held its breath waiting for news of James Kim and his family who got lost traveling the snowy roads of Josephine County in Oregon, not far from where this magazine is published. A bug-out bag[1][2] is a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for seventy-two hours[3][4] when evacuating from a disaster. There are several categories that you should carefully consider when you are assembling your kit. We drop a simple statement about being prepared and hold our breath hoping they too are preparedness-minded. I have often been asked why we need this information and have had people say that they have this information secured in a safe in their home. Wea€™re no suckers, we know there are a few steps wea€™ve got to take before any Walkers coming strolling into our neck of the woods. A These awesome little cups fold down flat and if you make some in different sizes, you can stack them inside each other. This post is really just to get you to think outside the box on what gear you might carry or store. Have a variety of colors and sizes stored in your bug-out-bag, camping supplies and make sure you have plenty around the home. Cleats for walking on ice are widely available and you should consider a set, for your bug-out-bag, one set for your vehicle and one set for around the home.
Blazing trees is a common practice for marking trails, but not everyone is familiar with this practice but a red zip tie dangling from a bush is recognizable. Select three poles relatively the same length and lash two together loosely with a large tie while they lay on the ground. The ties would be too restrictive, and would cut into the muscle and flesh, and once tightened they would need to be cut off with a knife or wire cutters and this would be difficult if not impossible to do so without creating damage to the limb. If done properly lanyards prevent the hand from slipping up the handle to the cutting edge.
Plastic crates that are available practically anywhere make ideal carrying baskets that can be easily secured to an ATV, bicycle or even motorcycle in some cases using zip ties. Rather, it is about the survival lessons that preppers can learn from watching this crisis unfold.

Nor do they want to believe that they will be victim of disasters like hurricane, earthquake, EMP…  Because of this denial, many Syrians waited too long to flee. As a result, you see Syrian refugees without basic survival supplies like decent shoes, jackets, and personal documents needed for evacuation. There are countless stories of refugees being charged over $100 for 2-mile taxi rides which should have cost just $3.   But, if someone doesn’t know how many miles it is to the border, how can they gauge what is a fair price for a taxi?
The refugees using this technology are at an advantage to those who don’t have smartphones. That is why I’ve got am emergency charger in my Bug Out Bag (solar and hand-crank are good options).
Even a small blister can quickly turn into a large wound, which means you will be walking a lot slower. Before heading into any chaotic situation with your family, establish a meeting point and protocols to take in case anyone is separated. The ones who speak another language, especially English or German, are able to get information, find accommodation and resources, are less likely to get scammed, and are better able to negotiate for their family’s security. When thinking about your first bug out vehicle (BOV) you want to use whata€™s already at your disposal and make your current car or truck ready to get you out in a hurry.
Worse yet, if ita€™s been hiding out in your trunk for years without being used, it could very well be dry rotted and totally useless. Sure, you can use your newly equipped BOV to get out of the area, but that means you wona€™t have all those goodies saved up in your BOB. Hikers many times set out thinking they are only going to be gone for a few hours and thus had only prepared for a few hours. People literally walk in circles when they become lost and can wander for miles in a circle using up valuable energy and becoming even more dehydrated.
Shelter in place and make sure you have a shelter up and a fire going before dark, regardless of the weather. Always take advantage of all water sources whether you need the water or not at the moment.
If the fire is high enough the flames may be spotted at night but typically rescue operations cease at dark and start again at daylight, but others in the area may spot the flames at night.
To learn more about securing your retreat and training your team, check out our book, Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics. Leta€™s face it, even in the best of times, it takes a while for the ambulance to get there. Packed in a heavy-duty canvas bag for portability and disaster preparation on the go, and containing 165 pieces of crucial first aid supplies, you can rest assured your family will be safe in a variety of situations. Our well-stocked disaster survival pack comes with 175 pieces of extremely helpful first aid supplies. Also, with clear inside pockets, the backpack is easy to search through to find what you need in a hurry.
As a result, you had cars slip sliding away, and no one knew how to drive in the ICE that occurred, as the melted snow immediately refroze on the roads that were well below freezing. My personal wake up call was in 1999 when our city got hit with an October heavy wet snow that basically rendered the entire city without power, sub freezing temps, and obviously no grocery stores open. While his wife and daughters, who stayed with their vehicle, were eventually found alive, he succumbed to the cold as he hiked through snow looking for help for his family. The focus is on evacuation, rather than long-term survival, distinguishing the bug-out bag from a survival kit, a boating or aviation emergency kit, or a fixed-site disaster supplies kit. The most important thing to remember is to not forget about it a€“ an Emergency Kit is never something you just throw in the back and never think about again. They take this as an opportunity to invite themselves to your house for the next big disaster by saying, a€?Well I know where wea€™re coming if therea€™s a disaster.a€? Sadly, most of our neighbors are like a majority of our society a€“ under prepared for an emergency and simply do not see the need in storing a bunch of useless supplies for a a€?just in casea€? scenario.
They will break down and possible taint the water if you use them for hot drinks, so this is a no, no… These duct tape cups are easy to make, light weight, functional and they cost next to nothing. It is always prudent to plan for such things so everyone in your group knows what to do if separated, and knows what to expect.
Spread the poles slightly, raise them up, and while doing so slip the third pole into the loose tie and stand the poles all the way up. Nothing can replace a well-planned bug out bag for mobility and effectiveness, but having a vehicle thata€™s prepared for the worst can put you quite a few steps ahead of anyone else trying to survive and can give you the advantage you need to survive. Worse yet, if the disaster youa€™re dealing with is fast-acting like an earthquake, you may not have time to stop for a fuel up. Sadly, when the s*!t hits the fan (SHTF) the NAPAs and Auto Zones of the world will probably be closed permanently, which means the only parts you can rely on having are the ones you have with you. If you have anything that breaks frequently on your vehicle now, ita€™s a good idea to keep 2 or 3 spares so your ride keeps running for as long as possible. A good hammer, spanner wrench, and pliers are all generally useful tools to have with you, too. Without water, your vehicle wona€™t be able to drive more than a mile without major, permanent damage. A few hours can turn into days stranded because of an unexpected weather event, injury or you simply became lost. You cannot hike out of your predicament in the dark, so you must plan to stay at least one night in the wild. The safest thing to do at this point is to stay in one place and let rescue personnel track you.
From bandages and gauze pads to an emergency blanket, ice pack, and scissors, you’ll be equipped with the emergency items you need to take care of your family members in a disaster. After I gave up on the main roads, I ended up doing a U-turn and went back roads - but it could have been worse.
Everything was liveable after about 72 hours when power was somewhat restored to areas, but our house was without heat for a week. And there are also many cases of people trapped for days in their vehicles after skidding over a bridge embankment, even though they were only a few hundred feet from a busy highway. Be ready to respond to any situation by assembling and maintaining a Disaster Supplies Kit. Many living among us have a normalcy bias and believe they are untouchable in terms of disasters occurring in their lives.
Ia€™ve had decades of collecting army, camping, and police gear that Ia€™m in the middle of inventorying and just needed a pic.
Those that have survived days or even longer being lost in a wilderness environment survived because they prepared to become lost. It is equipped with an Israeli Battle Dressing, Quikclot, Asherman Chest Seal, Nasopharngeal Airway, TK4 tourniquet and lots of extras.A Click here for more info! If we had not have had a wood stove and a source of fire, we likely would have been in very bad shape. The best frame of mind to try to put yourself in while planning your kit is to imagine yourself stuck in your car for a 24 a€“ 48 hour period. Because of the illusions they choose to believe, if a serious disaster were to occur, then they would be completely caught off guard. A nuclear emergency, such as the one in Japan, might mandate an evacuation where you are not allowed to return.

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