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If you want to be truly prepared for an emergency, the first step is to have a bug out bag packed and waiting near the door. If you don’t have time to go shopping for all of the individual bug out supplies you need, you have the option to purchase a bug out bag that is pre-packed and ready to go. The ReadyWise I is a nice, sturdy bag that includes more than 160 items to help you during your bug out journey.
The Guardian Deluxe Survival Kit comes in a multi-pocket hiker’s backpack and there is even extra space for you to add extra gear or personal items. If you are planning to bug out in the middle of a big city, this pre-packed bug out bag is perfect. The Ready America kit is packed according to the recommendations of the American Red Cross. The Life Gear Emergency pack is an attractive kit that is perfect to stash in your car or keep near the front door. The Zippmo kit is equipped to help two people survive for a few days in any disaster situation.
Any of these 9 pre-packed bug out bags would be a great choice for instant survival preparedness. If you live in an urban setting, you can still plan and prep for a SHTF or emergency scenario, but you may have to do some things a little differently than those who live in more remote areas. This is a great first aid kit if you travel from city to city with your job, or if you were to find yourself stranded in another place in a SHTF situation. If you are in an area that is hit with an airborne biological weapon, this is something you should definitely have on hand.
A weather radio is an excellent item to add to your emergency kit, no matter where you live. Good list but the radio should be a hand crank one that way if batteries run low or are old you still have a way to find out what’s happening. A Zombie bug out bag is a bag (or several) that is supposed to last you for at least 72 hours. A zombie bug out bag is to contain items for both leaving an emergency situation as well as going into an emergency situation. But, we’re just going to stick with making a zombie bug out bag for the zombie apocalypse, since that’s what we do best!
Our flagship product line, with well over 1 million units sold since its 1998 introduction.
Though major medical implements should be left to the professionals, basic first aid supplies will come in very handy for any college student. Nowadays, we can do almost anything on a smart phone: send emails, play games, and even watch movies.
TwitterFrom the classroom to the dining hall, we've got #healthy tips for all over campus! No Blue Falcon DealsIf you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days state side and 60 days in country and we’ll replace it or refunded your money, no questions asked.
Your bug out bag should include all the basic survival supplies you would need to manage on your way to the expected location where you would travel if you needed to suddenly leave home. You can find these emergency kits in all shapes and sizes and some companies even offered pre-packaged bug out bags to accommodate the whole family. Using only the supplies included with this bag, you should be able to stay hydrated, fed, and comfortable for a full three days. This pre-packed bug out bag is fully stocked with all the supplies you need including enough food for 72 hours and enough water purification tablets to safely treat 10 liters of water. It comes in a discreet black and gray bag and you can select from basic, deluxe, and premium options for either two or four people.
It is truly packed for wilderness emergencies with supplies like a compass, signaling mirror, emergency whistle, and thermal blanket.
The backpack has “wings” that unfold to reveal tons of supplies to help you on your bug out journey. The Stansport Deluxe Kit is a cargo bag that holds every imaginable survival supply pre-packed for when you need to bug out in a hurry. It’s a great value with a durable backpack and tons of supplies to sustain you for a few days on the road.
It is specifically designed for bugging out in the wilderness where food, water, and shelter will be hard to find.

Have you assembled your own bug out bag or will you go with one of these pre-packaged options? Having the right supplies will be one of the biggest differences between urban preppers that will survive and those who will die.
It gives you tips and tricks, like how to pack a bug out bag, how to stockpile food and water, and other helpful information.
It has all kinds of wound care supplies, medications, and even a language guide to help you communicate with the locals if you can’t speak their language. Infected air is not something you want to breathe in if you can help it, so having several boxes of these would be great! They are a good investment because they will run on batteries so you can get alerts even in a power outage.
A little different than a bug out bag, this road survival bag is an all in one emergency preparedness kit. In this case, we’re going to be building a zombie bug out bag for the zombie apocalypse. Which also means, for our zombie bug out bag we’re going to be recommending items that are meant to last for a long time, instead of just 72 hours. Cuts and bruises pop up from time to time and it’s important to be able to handle them quickly easily.
Most people shoot for 72 hours worth of supplies and it’s best to include food, water, first aid gear, and some form of aide to build a quick shelter. After browsing dozens of options, I’ve narrowed it down to 9 pre-packed bug out bags that are truly the best out there. This kit includes 3 MRE meals, a 3600 calorie survival bar, and 6 hard candies to keep your energy levels high. The basic kit includes 15 meals, 2 blankets, 2 ponchos, and a tube tent that will accommodate 2 people. Inside the sturdy red bag, you will find food, water, emergency blankets, light sticks, an emergency whistle, ponchos, and pocket tools. The pack itself is water resistant and it keeps all your gear organized and easily accessible in an emergency. There are more than 50 individual tools and supplies in this kit including a portable lantern, a radio, flashlight, whistles, and light sticks.
This kit comes equipped with waterproof sleeping bags, ponchos, lightsticks, paracord, a fire starter, and even a wire saw.
Food, water bottle, water purification tabs, first aid supplies, a radio, knife, and other supplies are included. It has a 72 hour personal survival kit that will help up to 4 people, a blizzard prep kit (which has blankets and body warmers), and a road hazard kit that has jumper cables, flares, flat tire repair items, and tow rope. There are many different types of bug out bags, which means you can have one bag designated for a specific circumstance, such as a fire, earthquake, flood, etc. These containers can be anything from, water bottles, little kettles, water proof tupperware, etc. If you have a bulky pack on your back and you’re having to walk A LOT, then having a good pair of shoes will be a life-saver. It’s at least a good idea to have a few alcohol swabs, bandages, pair of tweezers, tourniquet (or handkerchief), as well as other varied pieces of first aid that you think you may need. An extra pair of clothes perhaps (under armor is highly recommended), carabiners, Zombie Response Team patch (coming soon!), a little radio (for the first 72 hours (or until the batteries run out) to hear news about what’s going on), a mini solar panel (HIGHLY recommended), a hat (to protect your head from the sun and other elements), gloves, compass, really warm socks, a little sewing kit, deck of cards (never know, you may be bored), a picture of loved ones, etc.
Work with your roommate or other people on your floor to build a communal First Aid Kit for whatever affliction may arise!
You also get a tube tent, a wool blanket, a poncho to protect against rain, and even a heater for your MRE meals. You also get water purification tablets, flashlights, a radio, batteries, and personal hygiene supplies. This pre-packaged bug out bag also has the necessary first aid items and is well stocked to handle any emergency whether it’s a hurricane, blackout, or a flood. It includes enough food and water to sustain one person for three days and the food supplies were approved by the US Coast Guard. This kit even has a propane stove, emergency blankets, and a five-gallon collapsible water jug. Plus you get reflective blankets and ponchos and a tube tent so you can stay dry if it starts to rain.

For less than $300, the work is done for you, and you just keep the bags where you can pick them up and be on your way should you need to evacuate. Keep some in your bug out bag, your glove box, and your home emergency kit, and you’ll always have one at your fingertips! Because this backpack will basically be carrying in your zombie bug out bag, your basics for survival – so get a quality backpack! When choosing your containers, make sure that you can fit other stuff within the container, that way the container serves multiple purposes. One of our members has a bunch of dried foods in zip lock bags that were full of calories and carbohydrates.
With either the space blanket or poncho, you can throw those on around you, light up a little fire inside your poncho and you’d be toasty warm!
But instead, just make sure you have enough bullets to get you through for a while and MAKE SURE to use them sparingly. We also recommend carrying some duct tape – cause you never know when you’ll need duct tape! As a bonus, you get a wind up phone charger, which could come in extremely handy if you are traveling on foot for several days. Guardian also included a great survival sleeping bag that doubles as a poncho with a sturdy hood to protect you from rain or snow. While this pre-packed bug out bag doesn’t have quite as much as some of the other options, it is really budget-friendly so it’s a great choice to keep in the car or to stash in the closet at your office. The only downside is this kit doesn’t come stocked with food and water, but you can add in those supplies separately and it will be ready to go. The kit also includes a thermal blanket, a nice weather poncho, a multifunction tool, and a first aid kit. With tarps, a 50-foot rope, and a folding hand saw, you won’t have any trouble building a quick shelter if you have this bag on hand.
The food and water supplies were approved by the US Coast Guard and have a 5-year shelf life. This kit is lightweight to make traveling a little easier and it also comes with a really high quality survival knife that is probably nearly as valuable as the bag itself. I also like that you can program it to pick up alerts from several surrounding counties as well, so you are aware of severe weather that is heading your way. This is a must have for your car or RV, because you never know when you might get stranded.
Remember, zombies are attracted to light, so we recommend getting used to the dark and ONLY using fire and light when you’re cooking or need to read a map or compass. You never know when you’ll come across more ammo, so only shoot when your life depends on it. You will also be well equipped for medical emergencies with over 94 first aid items and an emergency first aid booklet with important instructions. There are also plenty of first aid and hygiene items, plus tools to help you get through a few days in the wilderness. If you upgrade to the deluxe or premium kits, you get more first aide gear, plus extras like duct tape, rope, and hand warmers. This kit also has a nice variety of first aide supplies along with rope, work gloves, and a multi-tool to help you with any unforeseen emergencies.
Also have a few melee weapons available, like knifes, axes, machete’s and such, if not for fighting, then definitely for small game hunting, skinning fish, etc. At just 9 pounds, this pack is light enough to be easily carried, but it has everything you need to successfully bug out.
Plus, there is a waterproof document bag where you can stash all those important essentials like your passport, birth certificate, and medical information. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s durable and will last for at least several weeks. A hammock might not be a bad idea, either, since they are generally lightweight and you can string them up practically anywhere.

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