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You seem to have 2-3 days of food, no shelter, clothes, or sleep gear, and enough TP and ammo for a long SHTF situation. I like the idea of a BOB getting me from where I'm going to be back to my big stash on foot of course!
Originally Posted By rusteerooster: to make an accurate assessment we need to know a few details: 1) BO to a known location? If it's just 20 miles, keep the wipes, nothing beats being able to clean you're feet after a long day's hike. Originally Posted By robb01: Originally Posted By mcnielsen: Why is your pistol in your bag?
Finally, my advise to Rusty413: McCallan 18 year old would be a better option than the 12 year old.
1- Affordable Backpack from Wallyworld (I think it was $25) But it's got a lot of features and a good amount of capacity. 2- Tomahawk (SOG Fusion) - About $35 or something - light, compact, useful for multiple applications, ie - splitting wood, breaking windows, doors, digging, hacking zombies, etc.
All of this weighs around 35 pounds (not including rifle), so if I have to hoof it, i should be ok. Vietnam was the proving ground for the M-16—a lighter rifle shooting a much smaller cartridge than the standard. The charging handle still reciprocates, but can now be installed from either side to accommodate southpaws.
Other upgrades include an enhanced grip and a folding and telescoping adjustable buttstock. The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, "The Shooter's Log," is to provide information-not opinions-to our customers and the shooting community. So, in the interest of “Domestic” preparedness, do you know when the AK12 will be available for purchase, and the approximate cost?
Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. Get the latest articles and news delivered daily to your email inbox when you subscribe to our blog today. Throughout our EDC series we’ve talked about the important considerations you need to think about when choosing your Everyday Carry items. While a cellphone is one of the most important EDC items ever, it’s very important to remember that technology and electronics can be easily compromised.
Be sure to read over those common EDC mistakes one more time to ensure you are avoiding them with your EDC. There is an never-ending debate in the preparedness world about whether or not the ultimate survival gun exists and what it may be. Not only is the X-Caliber capable of firing a myriad of cartridges, it is designed to be used as a survival rifle by integrating the ability to fold down to only 18.5 inches and the weight has been reduced by replacing the normal stock material with  polypropylene foam. Fixed optical fiber front sight and a rear sight that is adjustable for both windage and elevation to compensate for the caliber being used. The lower pressure of the 30-30 and the smaller diameter of the 5.56 cartridge should should not present problems with that. I think you have a point but it seems like whatever a .22 Magnum might be capable of doing could be offset by the other calibers that can be fired from this rifle.
I really think that the M6 is a slick set-up but I agree that they demand a premium price that I would have a hard time paying.
Distance? 2) Urban, suburban or country? 3) number of people you will be traveling with or carring gear for? 4) Geographic location (will determine what weather type gear may be needed) This pack is mainly to get me from my immobilized vehicle from the farthest point from my BOL that I would normally travel in a months time. I think I'll order some paracord, and possibly a tarp for at most 2 nights of shelter (there is lots of wooded land I would have to pass through). Add spare wool socks and some diaper rash ointment or petroleum jelly to keep monkey butt away during said 20 mile hike. I may decide to take something else, my 12ga FN SLP would be my second choice - which is why I keep an extra sub-kit with multiple types of ammo for that gun as well - birdshot, buckshot and slugs).

Unlike a bolt gun or even a black rifle that is easy enough to stash in the back corner of one of our safes among the others of the same ilk, or a handgun that could have been stuffed into one of the many smaller safes we own, an AK would be something she would immediately recognize as new. The M-16 proved to be easier to carry and the recoil was more manageable in burst or full auto modes. The switch can be set from safe to single fire to three-round burst to nirvana (otherwise known as full auto). The Russian Defense ministry was not in the market for a new national weapon and has millions of AK-74s still in surplus. I would also be interested in where I might obtain some threaded 7.62 barrel caps, with .17 caiber holes in them? The Russians have been showing off AK-12 prototypes over the last few years and look like they have settled on designs for the military, law enforcement, and most importantly, export!
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At this stage of your EDC build, let’s take a moment to outline the biggest and most common mistakes made in Everyday Carry. It gets easier and easier to make the conscious decision to leave your gear at home the day you may need it most.
Sometimes it can be a little more expensive, but you are definitely getting what you pay for.
Of the many theories, there seems to be a bit of a lean towards the 12 Gauge Shotgun or .22 Caliber Rifle but I think I found the ultimate survival gun!
This makes it capable of easily being transported in a backpack as part of a Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag or other survival kit.
With the adapter being 8 inches in length, how accurate is a rifle cartridge going to be if it is shot out of a 12 gauge barrel? They don't have to fit in the bag cause you'll be wearing them, but throw a pair of well worn in boots next to the bag in your trunk. I've read on different boards what people have, and it seems to vary significantly from state to state depending on the terrain and weather. One, she never misses a chance to vex me just because she has the upper hand and takes pleasure in watching me squirm. The primary reason was that it was one platform that is noticeably absent in my safes; a hole that needs to be plugged. The inertia of the parts slapping together, muzzle climb, added bulk and recoil all contribute to the AK-47 being a tough gun to control and shoot accurately in rapid-fire modes. The cartridges were cheaper to manufacture and due to the smaller size and lighter weight, more rounds could be carried without adding weight to the soldier’s load. Particularly in cases when a muzzle brake is used, this makes recoil from the AK-74 is almost nil—similar to the .223 Remington from an AR-15. There is an obvious reason why you never see an AK-47 with a scope mounted on it, but a scope is manageable with the AK-74. The features are certainly similar to its predecessors, however the AK-12 is in actuality a completely new design. The result was the inclusion of the long-stroke piston from the past and several new control features.
The switch has also been moved back behind the receiver so it can be actuated with your thumb.
This was an accomplishment mainly for cost, but has the added benefit of reduced weight and was the reason for the change in nomenclature from AK which has the milled receiver to AKM which has the stamped receiver. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. The X-Caliber adapter set is available for purchase separately for use with a smooth bore 12 Gauge shotgun. It seems like because of the size of the adapters, larger size rifle cartridges could not be fired effectively from the X-Caliber. I think this would be a better deal, if you could choose the adapters that you want, as opposed to buying calibers you don’t care about.

Perhaps in the future they will offer their adapters for individual purchase instead of selling them only as a set. If anyone desires to find this info then look at the threads I've started and there is one about EMP proofing.
I live in So Cal - so i'd like to hear from folks here in our area (you Nor Cal guys can chime in as well, I live here now, but I'm from the Bay originally). The second is a matter of the size and value of the new piece of jewelry she is going to buy to pay me back… In the past, she has actually used the argument that the size of the rock should somehow equate to the caliber of the gun. This led to an extensive investigation of AK offerings and a choice between the AK-47 and AK-74. Logically, it also follows that the AK-74—shooting a round with lower recoil—would be easier to keep the sights aligned on the target for follow up shots and during rapid-fire scenarios.
The gas-operating system on the AK-74 is still based on the older design without any technological upgrades to endear modern shooters. Additional Picatinny rails are outfitted on the handguard for left, right and bottom attachments. I think that one reason that the AK-74 has never caught on in this country is that there is a scarcity of ammo that is available for hunting.
With a total availability of 12 different calibers, it very well could handle just about anything.
I do feel that the use of these adapters will likely impact accuracy, especially at farther distances. This is probably the thought process behind desinging it more like a pistol caliber carbine. My hope is that it would take me no more than 48 hours to get back to my BOL, so I would be able to wear what I had on at the time and use what is in the BOB to get me there. That does not mean it isn’t fun to shoot, a reliable bug out weapon or uber worthy of having a home in your gun safe. Izmash, was not willing to discuss the problems, but later released a statement that all were minor and fixable. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the X-Caliber rifle with complete insert set is $750 while the X-Caliber insert set alone is $450. That was about nine months ago, so I would expect to hear something over the next few months. There are cheaper firearms out there but not another one that I know of that can shoot such a variety of calibers.
The need for shelter along the way and other issues that do not matter much for a day hike. Encrypted thumb drive with account info, scanned copies of ID's insurance cards titles, etc. Pony up and put energizer lithium batteries in it (they never leak) and call it good for a very long time.
Contractor bag is overhead cover, survival blanket on ground on a big pile of leaves or grass, the string to tie the ends of the cover to carved tent pegs, just like a tent for around $5.00 and a half a pound of weight. Of course you can use the components for anything else you need and not be out anything which is nice. Sipping on a cup of warm water when you're wet and cold can make all the difference and you can pack stuff in it so it's almost like its not there. I'd keep three or four MRE's and replace two or three of them with melinnium bars or one of those life boat rations like main stay.

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