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This page has all the information you will ever need to know about the prepper Bug Out Bag. I think all preppers have come to the consinse that a Bug Out Bag is a 72 hour everything you need bag for yourself. Sadly I have seen this bag mostly in the Survivalist Niche and really makes me cringe more that the Cheapskate. This gear list I am putting together is what long distance hikers use that make their bag so light.
This bag weights in at only a pound and has everything you need in a back pack for long hikes. Survival kits and bug out bags are pre-prepared packs with tools and supplies to aid in a survival situation. Survival kits are meant to be mobile and provide you the tools to acquire resources you will need later that you are unable to bring with you now. 550 Parachute Cord and Tarps – Cordage is another very useful tool for setting up tarps and animal snares.
Hatchet or Saw – Depending where you are you will probably need a larger cutting tool. Fire Making Tools – This includes lighters, water proof matches, fire steel and any other way you can create fire.
Sleeping Bag and Blankets – Night time can bring cool temperatures even in places that are generally warm during the day.
Signaling Tools – A whistle and signaling mirror are all great tools when you need to get someones attention.
Map and Compass – Knowing exactly where you are and what direction you are headed can make the difference between life and death. Lighting – Candles and a LED flashlight or headlamp will be very helpful during night time activities and as a backup if your fire goes out. Hunting and Fishing Tools – A small firearm for hunting game and fishing gear for fishing are fairly important if you plan on being in survival mode for any extended period of time. First Aid Kit – Being in survival mode probably means more injuries and chances to hurt yourself.
Metal Containers –  You will need containers to carry and boil water as well as eat and cook food. Food and Water – Your survival kit should always include some water and some light high calorie food. The Echo-Sigma Emergency Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) is a full size disaster preparedness kit that is designed to be kept in the home or office in case of emergency.

The Bug-Out-Bag is designed to provide provisions, tools, communications and first-aid to help you get through any emergency situation that should arise.
1 Echo-Sigma Provision Pack (3-10 days) ; The Echo-Sigma Provision Pack that comes standard is designed to feed one adult 2400 calories per day for three to ten days (depending on activity level).
If an extended state of emergency is anticipated and resupply unlikely, these supplies could be rationed for up to 10 days per person if water and energy discipline is high.
We use both AquaBlox and Mainstay brand drinking water products depending upon availability.
1 Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit;A compact storehouse of many of the smaller items that can be easily lost if not given extra consideration.
There are veriations that some want to carry extra to help others like their kids but for all intensive purposes.
I think its one of the best options or needs to be integrated more when considering building a BOB. But when I see kits put together on YouTube that have a duffle bag, several flashlights, and a can of beans man do I cringe.
Now, the bags and tents and gear might not look like they will last you a long time but these bags and tents usually last the entire trip walking from Mexico to Canada( PCT ). They allow you to provide for yourself by including tools to build a shelter, catch food, make fire and disinfect water. There is just so many uses for a knife and multitool, like hunting, building shelter, making tools and traps.
Parachute cord can also be broken down into smaller strands that can be used as thread or fishing line. You should have a good sleeping bag appropriate for your region as well as an extra blanket. If you are in need of assistance you may only get one chance to get someone to notice you so the more tools the better.
For smaller packs, just having some fishing line with some hooks and weights would be very helpful.
This is not an item to skimp on!  Make sure you have  a complete first aid kit that will cover you for anything from small injuries to major trauma. The unique vertical storage configuration with custom pull string dust cover enables you to easily store your BOB in any unobtrusive location you wish while maintaining access to 95% of the kit’s contents at a moments notice.
Also included is 5 year storage emergency water packaged in durable cartons that pack tightly and efficiently for no wasted space. The Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit packs quite a punch when it comes to utility and efficiently using pack space.

Well, I have been an avid over night hiker (usually lasting 3-5 days) out in the mountains in Colorado. The difference between a 30 pound pack and a 50 pound pack will drasticly change the distance you are able to travel in a day. Survival is all about limiting calories burned when food is scarce and these tools will help you do that. You should also have some quick tinder to use in case you are in wet conditions and if you have the room you could also include a small camp stove and propane for cooking and boiling water. Wool blankets offer excellent insulation in a small package and emergency mylar blankets weigh almost nothing. Freeze dried food is excellent because it can contain a lot of calories while being vary light to carry. If your not a big person, say at least 180 pounds, I wouldn’t go any bigger than 40 liters if you plan to be on foot for any serious amount of time. The efficient Mummy form factor reduces weight and bulk, allowing you to pack more food, water and gear. On top of that, just like you, I have been consuming tons of books, forums, videos, list of gear for every BOB. These bags usually have 3 or 4 of everything and if were ever forced to do a 4 day hike would be littering the trails after the first day. It should also contain enough supplies to keep you alive until you are rescued or able to procure those things for yourself.  Here are some things that should definitely be included in your survival kit. A fixed blade knife is best for your main knife, as it will be stronger than a foldable knife and less prone to failing. A two piece compression sack is included for easy management and stowage on your packs when it’s time to roll out. There are other bags out there but weight should always be an issue when putting together a bug out bag.
But this page is only based on the 3 types of bug out bags I have seen and how I would best fill these bags and Styles. This will include clothing, sleeping bag, and protection from the elements for your Bug Out Bag. These are the extremes of each type of type and the best products I have seen, not to say that this is the only option if you think your one of these types.

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