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Don't forget to pick up a variety of recommended pellets, which are listed in the AMMO link. All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. Born in the famous Weihrauch plant in Germany, the Carbine has returned to the Beeman line due to overwhelming popular demand.Even if you're not a field target enthusiast, you'll enjoy shooting this rifle! It's great for plinking, shooting spinners and paper targets, and accurate enough to do some serious bug busting.
It was also my introduction to the fabulous Rekord trigger, which set the standard for spring-piston triggers.

The Monte Carlo stock has a raised cheekpiece, and the beech stock has hand-cut checkering on the pistol grip.
The stock is capped with a soft rubber recoil pad to give you ultimate control.The Rekord trigger, which is praised by shooters and admired by competitors, adjusts to your needs.
The rifle has Weihrauch's scope stop system, which is currently one of the best for spring rifles. If you like the simplicity and ease of shooting a spring-piston gun, then give the HW77 MKII Carbine serious consideration.
Use the artillery hold, though the Beeman HW 77 is one of the most forgiving spring-piston guns you will encounter.

Select a scope whose overall length does not extend past the pellet-loading port when the sliding breech chamber is open. It all depends on how far to the rear you mount the scope, and 2-piece rings are more flexible in this case.

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