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Take the guesswork out of making the bed with this perfectly coordinated and 'everything-you-need' bed-in-a-bag. Now if the kids ask you for a’ treepee’ this summer, please don’t get the wrong idea and start to question their toilet training….they’ll mean something else. Designed for imaginative play for kids (sorry grown-ups), the Treepee can be hung from a sturdy branch, where it serves as an “aerial tent,” a swing and something that appears to fall between bouncy castle and trampoline.
Available in green, khaki and pink, the suspended, versatile tent provides a portable adventure playground for kids that we can safely assume a lot of adults wouldn’t mind camping out in.
SylvanSport was shooting for versatility when they thought up the Go Pop Up Tent Camper Trailer.
Using BioLite’s patent-pending thermoelectric technology, BioLite Stoves convert heat to electricity that powers a fan to make the fire ultra-efficient. Extra electricity can be used to charge small electronics like mobile phones and LED lights.
Solar Light Cap is a light-weight, handy gadget that utilises sun rays to light up the world for you. No one likes a smelly camper, wash away those BUGS and peanuts, with this portable backyard shower.
For no apparent reason, for camping or simply summertime madness,  the idea of a backyard shower sounds cool and sublime.
To enhance the pressure of the water flow, you can kick-start the pump with the touch of a button; which is powered with a detachable rechargeable battery. This pack is simple and efficient with minimal compartments inspired by modern shapes and styles. So there you go, efergy’s top six green camping gasgets for this summer…have we missed any out? With his experience in media and marketing Gavin is constantly thinking of innovative new ways of getting our ideas out into the mass market. If it is a press release or a promotional campaign, Gav will help find the best way to convey the message of energy saving to the market. There are a number of different bug repellents on the market, but many of them have harmful chemicals that you really don’t want to absorb into your bloodstream (like DEET).

Tea tree seems to work best against ticks, chiggers, and deer flies, while citronella, lemon, and eucalyptus are the best for fending off mosquitos and black flies.
Try to only use one EO at a time, but if you’re really intent on mixing scents, aim to keep them within the same scent family—lemon can work with lemongrass, but smells downright rank when blended with eucalyptus. Peppermint, clove, lavender, or lemongrass essential oil for small children, and lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree for older kids and pets. For dogs and outdoor cats, spray a bit of this on their legs, tails, and around their collars. Create a 20:80 mix of water and witch hazel, add a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin, and 30 drops of essential oil. Mix the two together and slather on your kid’s arms, legs, and other body parts exposed to the wild. Smear this mixture all over your arms, legs, neck, and hairline if you’re going to go trudging through the woods, or will be gardening in bug-happy areas. If you can, avoid going outside during the times when insects are most active, such as early morning, and sunset. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This amazing piece of compact engineering functions as a trailer to pack up bikes, kayaks, motorcycles, or other toys on its aluminum frame, and it can sleep up to four people comfortably when its transformed into a camper.
So when you’re pretending to be a person of the wild you can still have access to all your cosy creature comoforts!
Wherever you may settle, Solar Light Cap ensures that you do not depend on batteries, electricity, or non-renewable sources of light for producing light. Charge it during the day under sunlight and place it on your head during the night to illuminate anything around. Tiny magnets in the sleeve help it cling to the cooking vessel, and you set the temperature via touchscreen. It holds 12 litres of water and features an electrical pump, and looks kind of cool (albeit heavy). His job is to devise and execute marketing strategies to increase online sales across the global network of online stores in UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australasia.

We often post articles on green gadgets for the great outdoors, there are always new and exciting stuff being developed.
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Depending on where you’re located, you may have the dubious honor of being gnawed upon by mosquitoes, deer flies, no-see-ums, or other flying bite-y things. DIY repellents can be quite effective alternatives, but you have to be diligent when applying them, as they tend not to last as long as their store-bought counterparts.
Spray on arms, legs, backs, and necks, and keep the wee ones away from heavily forested areas and stagnant water. Hose yourself down with this stuff if you’re in an insect-heavy area, and re-apply when the scent starts to fade. Midday seems to be a fairly safe time for outdoor shenanigans, but that’s also when the sun is at its most powerful and most likely to burn you.
The biggest advantage is that this 840-pound trailer can be towed by most any vehicle with a trailer hitch. Fashioned as a plastic molded box, the can of the Portable Shower has a capacity of 12 liters. Works event better than promised, and it is really a revolutionary concept for those who trek and cook in the wild. You can add a few oil daubs to outer clothing (like around the tops of your shoes), but only where they will not come into contact with skin. Lavender can work well with peppermint or rosemary, but use clove or tea tree oils on their own.
If possible, treat the area in which they’re going to be playing by smoking it out with cedar boughs, or by setting up bug traps to draw attention away from your loved ones. Not only does this work really well to fend off insects, but you’ll already be soaped up when you hit the shower.

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