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Caught out in the mountains two nights ago and used my bivvy for four hours until daylight. Knowing that I could use this more than once, means that I am not contributing to the throwaway society.
The SOL Escape Bivvy is excellent for campers who don't use tents, but prefer to use a tarp or sleep under the stars. An emergency blacket that is small enough to fit in a large locket on your pants or jacket. Small, compact, lightweight emergency bivvy bag keeps you covered and warm for temporary shelter. Share your experience, help others find the best gear, and build your reputation as a trusted reviewer.
A quick look at some of the survival equipment options currently available to suit your needs.
Day walkers, hikers, backpackers, cycle tourers, paddlers and travelers all need to take survival gear should they have an accident of find someone else who has an injury, but which one? What you don't what to do, is carry too much weight or bulk, but still have confidence that 'should' you need it, it will keep you alive or at least enable you to extract yourself from whatever situation you find yourself in.
So here's a quick demonstration of what these survival items look like and how to use them. The early morning light has turned a nearby lake flamingo pink, and the cluster of golden and green trees are reflected in the water. After a long drive from London, we reach the campsite of Borrowdale’s Chapel House Farm at the ungodly hour of 2am.
Looking forward to spending the night in such a unique shelter (there are even mattresses inside, which makes it practically luxurious), Ben and I set off for a hike. Just as the sun is setting, we make it to Derwentwater, one of the biggest lakes in the district.

TNT Magazine Limited (registered in the UK and Ireland 9803572) - 25 Bank Plain, Norwich NR2 4SF. Terra Nova Bothy 8 Person ShelterTerra Nova Bothy Bags are a lightweight and compact emergency shelter with excellent features. I used this once to keep my butt dry while I sat on a riverbank while my son played in the water. It in conjunction with a sleeping bag can perform even in very low temperatures as a full shelter system. This bivy is great for its interned purpose which is an always packed rarely used emergency shelter for one person.
Bivvy bag, survival bag, bothy bag, space blanket all have a place and each are specifically useful in different situations. By continuing to use this site you consent to our use of cookies unless you have disabled them. A speckled duck is giving her little ones a gentle swimming lesson and the birds are just starting to sing.
We decided to try spending a few nights in the numerous bothies and barns scattered across the land, in spite of the fact the nights are still decidedly chilly.
Near the farm we discover a beautiful waterfall crashing over slate and into rivers that weave through the scenery. A National Trust four-wheel drive is doing the rounds here, and we get chatting to the ranger, who’s accompanied by a friendly Alsatian.
Every group, expedition and single outdoor user should have one, they create a 'microclimate' for escaping from the elements.Used by mountain leaders, rescue organisations, backcountry skiers and canoe guides all over the world, these indispensable lightweight emergency shelters allow the users to create a 'microclimate' that is warm and dry - perfect for map reading, group discussions or even as a morale-booster for wet lunch breaks. Much more durable and useable than the chintzy ones you so often see labeled as emergency blankets. It is not a very good thermal barrier, being so thin heat conducts to the ground right through it.

From the factory this shelter comes in a very small 3 inch by 1.5 inch tube, This size will never be reproduced by you unless you are are a packing master.
I keep my blanket wrapped snugly around me and take a seat by the water’s edge, thinking that as early morning starts go, this takes some beating.
Bothy bags come in a range of sizes and feature clear windows, mesh vents and roof 'sockets' which can house walking poles for additional support. I've got to test the Heatsheets out a couple of times and with a little work was able to refold them and reuse them. Instead of reflecting heat back to me, the Escape Bivvy seemed to conduct heat away from my body like a heat sink. The aluminum coating might reflect radiant heat and as a tarp it certainly will keep you dry and out of the breeze.
The smallest I have got the bivy is a 4 inches by 1 inch tube which took about 10 minutes of careful folding. I contacted customer service and their idea was that the bivy was compressing the insulation in my mummy bag.
That said when I went to use it a second time all of the aluminum reflective material had come off.
It does have its downsides though like the fact that you can’t move your arms very easily while inside, especially when using a sleeping bag inside of it.

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