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Since our adoption of the Rockefeller Habits in 2011, Victory has seen great success.  The Rockefeller Habits are based on the habits of the oil tycoon, John D. Workplace culture and environment shapes work enjoyment, work relationships and work processes. With this practice, you can help yourself and others do everything possible to both overcome difficult situations and achieve operational excellence.
Discipline includes having the personal initiative to get started and the stamina to persevere. Discipline is one of the cornerstones to living a successful and fulfilling life and something we should all strive to master. The first step in becoming a disciplined person is to make a commitment to yourself that from this day forward you are going to do the things you know you should do, when you should do them. Becoming a disciplined person will likely be the hardest thing you do, but it can also become the most rewarding. Discipline is one of the key differentiators separating those who live successful and fulfilling lives from those who don’t. Disciplined people are capable of facing and dealing with brutal facts, even about themselves. Disciplined people are able to commit to doing things the “Victory Way” even when they know there is a short cut. Through collaboration, patience and cooperation our team will have open and honest communication. Teamwork is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.
We expect our team to take ownership of their actions and commit to making responsible decisions.
When you assume full accountability for your thoughts, feelings and actions you can achieve your destiny. Being disciplined gives you the strength to withstand hardships and difficulties, whether physical, emotional or mental. As part of this commitment, you cannot allow yourself to make excuses or justify not doing what you should do.

It is promoting fun relationships with passion and commitment and proactively pursuing challenges. We will encourage our employees to develop new and original ways to reach our goals while maintaining and enhancing our reputation and financial well-being.
Regardless of our size, our scope and reach, we all share a vision of accountability and growth. Victory believes no matter how successful you are personally or professionally, there is always room for improvement. In a teamwork environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions are better when done cooperatively.
5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America three times and the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 twice.  Victory’s culture has also been recognized by the Houston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work twice and Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. It allows forgoing immediate satisfaction in order to gain something better, which requires effort and time. With constant awareness and sustained effort you can actually train yourself to become disciplined. At Victory, we have a very fast paced environment, and we expect our team to anticipate and respond swiftly to change.
There is nothing we won’t accomplish when we put our heads together and our fears aside. By being unselfish and leaving our egos at the door, we will be open to create a positive work environment that will let teams and individuals prosper and grow.
A passion for success in our professional, personal and spiritual lives guides our vision towards delivering excellence. Through training and feedback from our customers and employees, we are on a constant quest for excellence. Ask any employee our Core Values, and they can recite them and give examples of how we live them. Through our employees and drivers, we are all responsible for providing safe and reliable service.
With this partnership we can offer any type of truck from dry van to heavy haul (HAZMAT included).

Through Victory’s vision, our employees and drivers are responsible for influencing and strengthening our culture of excellence.
If our employees seek continual improvement, Victory will achieve its goal of being a leader in the transportation industry. We use them as our moral compass to guide us not only professionally but in every aspect of our lives. To create an overall sense of teamwork here at Victory, we know these powerful actions must occur. By holding ourselves and others to the highest of expectations, we can achieve loyalty from our customers, employees and drivers. Our leaders must clearly communicate expectations, and no one person owns an idea, process or work area. Through acquisitions and expansion of our current business model, Victory will look for opportunities that align with our vision responsibly. By investing in new equipment, constant safety training and strict hiring guidelines, Victory insures that we are responsibly and safely putting drivers on the road. Victory employees and drivers will maintain ethical conduct and will actively contribute to our customers and community. We believe in honesty and hold ourselves accountable for our actions to ensure our credibility at all times.
We remain a team even when things get rough, and the temptation is to do things as an individual.
If we take advantage of good opportunities, then our customers, employees, drivers and community will benefit. Compensation, bonuses and rewards depend on collaborative practices as much as individual contribution and achievement.

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