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Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. I know that this is very much like many of my other Walkers reviews, but please bear with me as i only have a couple of flavours to go.Now that the World Cup is in its final throws I thought that I would review the last couple of flavours that I've tasted in the range of crisps that Walkers launched in order to cash it on it, oh sorry, to celebrate it. Unless you have been living in a cave or have been in a coma, you will be aware not only that The World Cup is soon to start but also that Walkers have released a new range of flavours to accompany the contest. It seems like only five minutes ago Walkers did their last search for new flavour of crisp, with unusual new flavours such as Fish and Chips and Chilli Chocolate up for the title of Walkers new flavour. Following the success of their attempt to create a new flavour invented by Joe Bloggs the year before last, Walkers have this year decided to produce a number of different flavours relating to some of the countries in the World Cup.My wife bought a pack of 6 last week, and one of the flavours was this Spanish Chicken Paella. Fresh from their somewhat dubious triumph last year in bringing us the delights of Cajun Squirrel and Chilli & Chocolate flavour crisps, Walkers have really pushed the boat out this summer by launching no fewer than *fifteen* new flavours to tie in with the football World Cup. Next in line for the World Cup Crisps from Walkers - I'm trying to work my way through them - is the Spanish contingent. To celebrate the World Cup in South Africa later this year, Walkers have brought out a selection of fifteen different flavoured crisps, each representing a different nation. The Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnon I Never Promised Rose Garden Yellow Tote Handbag featuring chain details, zip pocket, shoulder strap, slip pocket, snap closure, gold-tone hardware, magnetic snap closure. They created 15 new flavours that are supposed to represent 15 of the nations that competed for the World Cup.
I enjoyed the other flavours in the bag, so maybe this is just a combination that didn't work.Generally the walkers crisp aren't too bad. So far, many of the flavours have been very mediocre but I think I have finally found one I actually quite like!
The bag has the colours of the Spanish Flag on the front, and is the representative flavour for Spain's entry into the World Cup.
With this in mind Walkers Crisps have decided to introduce some 'new flavours' !These flavours are based around different countries which are involved with the world cup (although there is at least one country which has not qualified, which still has a flavour).Altogether there are 15 new flavours, and each one is dedicated to a county in the competition - and based around that country's popular foods.
The tie-in isn't entirely perfect - for example, Ireland, who didn't qualify, are honoured with a flavour, while Greece, who did, aren't. Each flavour has been created to resemble different countries most popular food.*Product*Spain is famous for its paella. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. As a sideshow they are also running the World Flavour cup where anyone can vote for their favourite flavour online or via text, with the winner being announced at the end of the tournament.
The ingredients are clearly listed and not too much junk in there so as a general snack these are good. With their new 'Walkers Flavour Cup' campaign they have come up with a flavour of crisp based on a national dish for countries represented by World Cup teams.They are selling these in multipacks sold by the area of the world.
I'm a fan of paella, so I thought I'd quite like it.I couldn't have been more wrong, and as I opened the bag, a strange smell came out. For example Englands flavor is 'English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding' which I cannot wait to try!So for this review we have Spain, and their flavor is.
Having said that, they taste exactly how I'd expect paella to taste!On opening the bag, there isn't a particularly strong smell that immediately hits you, which I think is good as it can be off-putting.
I picked up the Southern Europe multipack, which contained the 'Spanish Chicken Paella' Flavour. There are hints of chicken in there, but only the sort of chicken you get in a packet of crisps.
The front of the bag has been designed to look like the Spain flag with two red strips and a big yellow strip in the middle. The first taste you'll get is quite a tomato-y one, although this will quickly disappear and a smokiness will replace it instead.

Now, whenever I've had paella in Spain it's always been seafood based, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this chicken flavour. The prices are much the same as a normal Walkers multipack, but you'll find these on various promotions everywhere at the moment.There's is not a lot I can say about the flavour of these crisps. It's a strange aroma, and here, it's mixed with some spiciness that's a bit curious as well. There is also a trophy to tell us these are for the World Cup, the product name and a small nutrition chart. Finally, the strong flavours of peppers and onions will develop (although I found this surprising as peppers are not listed in the ingredients). LOL!Spanish Chicken Paella is the latest flavour for me to try and is surprisingly quite yummy! The design, in bright red and yellow to match the Spanish flag, is very attractive indeed, perhaps one of the best of all the Flavour Cup packets. Over on the back of the bag, there is World Cup promotion information, nutrition, ingredients and how to contact Walkers.*The Crisps*The crisps all come in various sizes and shapes. I was surprised and disappointed that there didn't appear to be much of a chicken flavour coming through, especially as the flavour is 'Chicken Paella'.I also found it disappointing that after getting through the first half of the bag, the flavours all blend into one and the crisps lose some of their distinguishable 'Spanish Chicken Paella' flavour. A fair bit of the standard chicken aroma is there, but it's littered with quite a few other tangs that I couldn't quite identify.
With a heady taste of tomatoes, assorted spices and the merest hint of chicken, it is not exactly like a paella but comes pretty darn close! There's something to be said for the initial taste, for sure, and the spicy chicken element is certainly something I would recognise again. Spanish Chicken Paella!The usual Walkers foil lined bag is decorated in the colours of the Spanish flag, i.e.
They are quite thin yet crunchy and are a light golden colour with an evident powdery seasoning.*Ingredients*The crisps are made with potatoes and sunflower oil. By the end of the bag the aftertaste and overriding flavours seem to have more of a standard barbeque taste, which is a let down as I expected the 'Spanish Chicken Paella' flavour to last throughout.Nevertheless, the flavours are quite strong, and around an hour later they do start to fade in your mouth, so they do last for a decent length of time. The crisps are generously coated in the seasoning which seems to be the norm for this new range. I really love the suggestion of spiciness that you get with these crisps and the combination of artifical ingredients that go into making this such a tasty snack! However, it's the aftertaste that is really the most memorable part of the packet, and it has a strangely lingering element to it that just isn't pleasant. As usual for Walkers, the crisps come in a packet which is way too big for the amount of crisps they actually give you. Out of all the flavours I have tried, this is easily and above all my favourite!Some have said that the flavour is not overly strong. It's almost as if there are spices that have been around too long and the aftertaste is a bit stale. From a distance, at first glance it does look a little similar to the quavers packets.Upon opening the bag, the smell that meets the nose is very strong, and oozes with spices, and chicken scents. Well, it doesn't have much flavour itself does it (which is one reason I found paella an odd flavour choice as it is mostly rice and texture). Multi-packs of 6 (3 flavours) can be bought from ?1 in Poundland or around ?1.40 in supermarkets.
Each of the crisps is crunchy yet at the same time light, and packed with flavour.These crisps contain no MSG, no preservatives, and no artificial colours. Not impressed by this, I'm afraid.I wondered whether this was a flavour that would grow on me, but as the packet continued, the aftertaste was added to by the volume of crisps. Look out for special offers!*My Opinion*Still working my way through the Walkers World Cup crisps and this is packet number 4! Each pack has 131 calories (7% of your guideline daily amount) so they're not too naughty a treat either. In this environmentally friendly, cost cutting era we're living in, you would think that they might actually try and sort this issue!

For me, this is one of the few of this range where the flavour really burst through and I felt like I got something very similar to what I was expecting! The taste became more powerful, and this paella flavour, although somewhat noticeable as what it's supposed to be, really doesn't have many redeeming features. Unfortunately, I was not very impressed with this variety, and can't see a great public clamour for its retention after the summer.
Despite having visited Spain several times, I have never really took to paella as anywhere that I have seen it, it has been the Seafood kind and not meat and I am simply not a fish sort of girl.Now opening the foil bag (which as usual is only half full), I am greeted with a strong meaty smell and is very much like chicken. These crisps are also suitable for vegetarians, and although no specific information about nuts is given anywhere on the pack, it does say 'Packaged in a protective atmosphere'. And even worse is the fact that the packet is still not recyclable!After finally getting round to tasting the crisps, I could detect the familiar taste from the standard chicken flavour (which, if you don't already know, doesn't taste much like chicken at all)! I could easily eat another packet straight away and you might have to if you want a decent portion because by the time I share these with my daughter, they are nearly all gone! I can't say I'll try them again, as it became really hard to finish the packet as I really didn't like them.Nutritionally, they're pretty standard where Walkers are concerned.
Once I had finished the pack, I realized that my fingers smelt quite strongly of all the flavourings on the crisps, and so washed them immediately.
In truth it struck me as little more than a less interesting version of the existing Roast Chicken flavour, and even that one is not the best of Walkers' range by any means. I presume this means they're suitable for nut allergy sufferers, but this is only a guess and if you're at all unsure it's best to check with Walkers themselves.
There is definitely a hint of onion, which is a familiar ingredient from many of the other new flavours in the range. There was a hint of a taste that you could just about convince yourself was runner bean, and perhaps peas as well, but the actual chicken was considerably too weak. The crisps are lovely and fresh and have a nice crunch when you first bite in and then they melt nicely on your tongue.
But there are quite a few other vegetable type tastes as well, including tomato and possibly pepper if I'm not mistaken. The multipack I purchased had 2 bags of French Garlic Baguette flavour, 2 bags of Italian Spaghetti Bolognese flavour and 2 bags of Spanish Chicken Paella flavour. The crisps also had a strange aftertaste that reminded me of the dregs of a chicken Cup-a-Soup!It's not all bad here: the actual texture and crunch of these crisps is very good, as I would have expected from this brand, and in my packet at least the crisps hadn't been crushed into tiny crumbs as so often happens. The ingredients boast nothing much different to regular Walkers crisps, with the paella element coming from flavourings as opposed to anything 'real' being used.
The strongest taste coming through is vegetables but I am having difficulty deciding which vegetables. They don't taste awful, they are just strange.So, do they actually taste like real Spanish Paella? The flavour resembles Chicken Paella flavour to a certain degree, and it is always nice to try a new flavour. However, this flavour is not going to win any awards - from me, at any rate - and if you gave me the choice between this and something like cheese and onion, the latter would win every time. With them being sold in multipacks, it's quite easy to get them for relatively cheap, and you can expect to pay around the 25p mark in this instance, and up to around the 50p mark if you buy them individually.The crisps taste slightly of paella, and of chicken, albeit the chicken you normally get with crisps.
Paella is a rice based dish but personally I don't think that there has been any attempt to reproduce this. Any flavour of crisps that I find hard to finish can't be very good, and while it's okay for the first couple of crisps, the fact that I don't like them dominates my decision.
Maybe Walkers should have called it chicken casserole instead!As you will no doubt already know, a packet of Walkers crisps is not all that good for you nutritionally. They are suitable for vegetarians, so there is obviously no traces of real chicken in there.

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