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Camping in the backwoods or traveling through Mexico means you’ll need clean drinking water all day, every day. The following devices offer all-in-one filtration, including large dirt particles, harmful chemicals, bacteria and bacterially-sized microorganisms (like cysts and giardia), and viruses.
The Lifesaver Bottle was designed for the developing world, featuring an all-in-one portable water purifier that could provide clean drinking water for the 3 billion people that need it at a total investment of $20 billion.
As its design goals were simplicity and cost-effectiveness, it happens to suit the needs of backpackers and hikers just as well, and is readily available for purchase by first-world consumers, who are encouraged to participate in a buy-one, donate-one program. The bottle has a filtration and pump system housed entirely within the bottle, so you pump a few times to press the water through the super-fine filter, and then you can drink.
The following numbers are estimates for the $150 Lifesaver Bottle 4000, with a limit of 4000 liters, and assume high-frequency replacement of carbon filters, available in $30 packs of 4 which treat 250 liters each.
Frequently referred to as the Holy Grail of water purifiers (doesn’t everyone love puns?) the Grayl was designed by someone who got tired of drinking from sporty bottles with gigantic logos and flashy colors. The numbers below are for the Purifier cartridge, which is what you’d want for outdoor backpacking or international travel. This is a recent upgrade to a previous Aquamira bottle; the new ones adds viral protection (in addition to chemical and bacterial and other microorganisms), making it seriously effective anywhere in the world. The numbers listed here are for the Red Line filter, to provide a direct cost comparison with the other top-of-the-line filters listed here, and the numbers are pretty great. Full disclosure: The manufacturer has provided me with a few test products (though not this particular item), but all these numbers are accurate. They also make an in-line filter for attaching to a hydration bladder hose, which offers the same virus-removing performance, and is (at the moment) the only one I know of that does that. The Water To Go Bottle uses both absorption and adsorption, which might come in handy at bar trivia someday. This is another one that might require overseas shipping, depending on where you live, but even with British pound conversion and international shipping costs, it’s still rather affordable.
There’s a smaller bottle available as well, but the numbers here are for the one in the photo.
The Katadyn MyBottle uses a combination of filtration and iodine purification, to remove particles, and kill whatever microorganisms are inside. So this probably sounds horrifying, but there are a couple systems worth mentioning that only provide partial filtration, specifically focusing on removing biological contamination, which is the type of thing that works perfectly fine for hikers, but is not necessarily ideal for travelers, who will run into metallic tap water and maybe a virus or two. Although I much prefer all-in-one systems contained within the bottle, this is a popular device for backpackers all over the world, so I thought I’d discuss it here.
It’s possible to combine this with extremely cheap carbon filter bottles, which only remove large particles and certain chemicals, and thus combining them together would provide a more complete system.
The SteriPEN claims battery life long enough to clean 100 liters with 4 AA lithium batteries (about $2 each), which could be even cheaper with rechargeables (seriously, why does no one use rechargeable batteries?). I have pointed out on many occasions that if you are only hiking in North America (and other places where viruses aren’t a problem), this is probably the best option out there. There’s an in-line filter as well, for attaching to a hydration bladder, which offers the same performance.
Eytan is a pretentious English major whose rant-laden sarcastic tirades occasionally include budget travel tips and other international nonsense. I really wish they sold the Lifesaver in camping stores, because it’s just objectively superior to anything they sell. Word to the wise: Water To Go has a 500ml one now (two thirds the size of the one you showed), for 13 GBP (or $20 USD).
I do like the Lifestraw, but it doesn’t filter viruses or minerals, and you have to bend down into a river to drink. It will not filter out viruses though (neither will most of the filters above) so take some purification tablets or a SterPen for post-Sawyer treatment if you feel the water may contain viruses (almost non-existant in the developed world but could be a problem in Africa or rural Asia). Yeah, I was looking into their inline filter, which you just stick into the hose of a hydration bladder and never worry about it ever again.
The Lifesaver Bottle purifies everything completely, so there’s no need for a UV light. So 18 months is about 550 days, and, depending on how much activity is on the agenda, you could easily go through a liter of water per day, or maybe two. Check out the technical details on the Lifesaver for extra info, but I think a single bottle plus a pack of each type of filter will take care of things.
For carrying the GRAYL you can just pick up something like this, if you’re not planning on carrying a backpack or small bag around during the day.
My answer is that such an activated carbon water filter may be good enough or may be not good enough, depending on what types of contaminants are really in your water. However, not all the water treatment companies remove all the threats in our water and some traces of impurities (like lead, viruses, bacteria etc.) are also in our tap water.
If you just want to improve the taste of your tap water, such an activate carbon water is really an affordable option used to treat tap water.
If you find that there is a large amount of lead, bacteria and other pollutants in your drink water, carbon filtration is not the suitable filtration choice for you.
During the process of collecting your water for testing, you should not avoid contaminating the sample. Although most water treatment plants are required and monitored to meet water quality standards, distribution systems may be old and bacteria can easily enter into our water. If your testing results show there are many bacteria and pollutants in your water, you may need at least a secondary water filtration system to remove them and only a carbon filter cannot solve your problem.

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About JaroHello, I'm Jaro and I basically created this website to help you with your decision. There are other microorganisms out there that can cause illnesses (such as protozoan cysts, like giardia and cryptosporidium), but they’re similarly sized, so if a filter can handle bacteria, they can handle the other ones too. Viruses are pretty rare, and generally only found in rural environments in developing countries. To the best of my knowledge, these are the best portable water purifiers on the market today.
These will remove all harmful biological contaminants, and certain chemicals, making tap water or river water taste great, and safe to drink. The bottle has a watertight cap, a carrying strap, has completely replaceable parts, and can even handle viruses.
The 6000 liter version and carbon filter value packs can reduce the long-term costs listed below by about half. It also means you can pour out purified water into a cup for a friend, or fill up spare bottles for a long trip, and you’ll be hauling clean water around with you, instead of dirty water.
The manufacturer will replace the bulb for $60, so the combined cost is still fairly cost-effective over long periods, but again, you’d need a separate filter if you wanted to remove metals, chemicals, and other stuff. With the exception of specialized devices like the Sawyer Bottle and SteriPEN, all the options on this list can handle chemicals, bacteria and bacterially-sized things, and even those pesky little viruses (though with varying removal rates), though I would recommend using the ones with the highest removal rates if you’re going somewhere seriously questionable. The guy invented it for the third world, so I guess he just hasn’t been marketing to them, but he really should.
I’ve also recently discovered the Sawyer 3-way filter which attaches right into the hose of a hydration bladder, or can be used as a sink adapter. I have had a frustrating experience with those things being shipped with defects and they clog VERY easily. All mechanical filtration and purification, low risk of cross-contamination AND just to top it off.. After having used the Grayl for a while now (including a recent trip), I’m quite happy with it. This is why it was such a hassle trying to find a backpack that had side pockets big enough to fit a water bottle. Very compact and lightweight, it has a million gallon use life, its easy to maintain, and it screws onto any standard water bottle. This will depend on the climate and the altitude (you go through water faster at higher altitude, until you get used to it). I am going to India for 2 weeks and I am having a hard time deciding what is the best product for me. If you lose it halfway and have to buy bottled water for a week, that’ll be cheaper than buying multiple filters and having an unused spare when you get home. It’s just a water bottle strap, so you can carry it easily, and I think that setup would work quite nicely. This question is really practical and there is something valuable to discuss, like its effectiveness, abilities, prices, etc. Like I wrote in another post, there is not a water purifier which can remove all the contaminants in our water. In this situation, such an activated carbon filter is not good enough to deal with these contaminants.
But such a filter only can remove some chemical residue and certain particles and its abilities to remove different contaminants depend on its initial goals of its design.
Bacteria can easily entry our water systems because it easily mixes with flood water and ground water.

The best solution is a more than 2-stage water filter that combines an activated carbon filter with reverse osmosis, water distiller or UV filtration unit for purifying our drinking water. This unit comes with a 24-hour programmable timer, allowing you to present an on and an off time. Equipped with electronic controls with remote and LED display, this unit ensures optimal performance. This unit uses R-410A refrigerant, runs on 115V power supply, ensuring enhanced efficiency and reliability. The GE Cafe™ Series CYE23TSDSS is the perfect example of why this company continues to be a leader when it comes to refrigerators.
With this model, you’re not getting an ordinary kitchen appliance that comes with features that’ll go to waste – you’re getting an efficient refrigerator with great features that’ll make your kitchen tasks easier and more enjoyable.
When I was searching this type of refrigerator for my new kitchen I struggled to find a good source of information so I decided to create it. Dirt and dust are important to remove as well, but pretty much every filter on the market will do that. The squishy straw is the type of thing that might need to be cleaned out every once in a while, but that’s true of most bottles anyway. This used to be the standard method for hikers everywhere, but some of the newer models, such as those listed above, manage the same level of safety without any added chemicals, which is likely to be a preferable solution for most people. You don’t want to use any filter with muddy water, but the other filters will actually clean it, which will damage the lifespan of the filter, but drinking muddy water with a SteriPEN might damage the lifespan of you.
Other pros and cons include some with great long-term cost-effectiveness, while others might offer swappable filters for low-grade filtration in less risky areas, and others might just fit better in your cup holder. And by the way, Camelbak now makes a water bottle that has basically has a Steripen inside it. The Grayl has a single plastic component on the inside (the filter itself), but it’s BPA-free. I was on a trip and used some pretty sketchy water and the thing clogged, rendering my bladder useless (I did the in-line). It’s good to clean things with a bit of alcohol once in a while, and be careful not to touch anything after you get your hands in the unclean water.
It’s fine for certain things, but they could just put it inside a water bottle and it would work a lot better for most people. There are actually three components that need replacing after a while, and their lifespan will depend on how dirty the water is that you’re trying to purify.
But even so, if you’re planning on drinking 1000 liters over this period of time, which seems about right, then you would need 1 Lifesaver Bottle, and a few carbon filters, which come in packs of 4. You can ask your local water testing facility or health authorities for helping you and you also can buy a water testing kit to have your water tested yourself. From the water treatment company to our faucet, there is a long distance and anything can happen.
More stages of filtration mean more effective to remove those contaminants in our water, ensuring the safety of our water. For added convenience, this unit also comes with Auto Restart feature, Up to 24 hours timer setting, remote control and window installation kit. It also features the Energy Saver Switch that cycles the fan on and off after the compressor shuts off. The digital thermostat, with 4 fan speed options and 4 way directional louvers are also used to optimize performance. It comes with high temperature protection, evaporator freeze protection, easy to clean filter and LED indicators & buttons to optimize performance.
All in all, this model offers a great performance and advanced features, which makes it a perfect refrigerator for a modern kitchen. A lot of this comes down to personal preference and ease of use, but performance is worth taking into consideration as well. And you can use a carbon filter to improve the taste and smell of your water by removing smell-causing or odor-causing pollutants. Additionally, this unit is ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means it keeps you cool without consuming too much energy.
In addition, this window air conditioner is Energy Star qualified to save energy and money. But for reasons related to performance and ease of use, I’m sticking with the Grayl for now.
But I’d still get the Lifesaver if I were you, because most water that needs purification also needs filration. Although we were very careful with separating dirty water from clean water, i suspect the plastic thread of the filter letting some dirty water to the clean water. Additionally, this air conditioner is not only Energy Star rated, but also uses R410A refrigerant, making it environmentally friendly.

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