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When the shtf are you going to rely on the same car you use to get to work and  home everyday to take you through what could be the most tretorous and dangerous terain of your life?
This one might look complicated, but all it is is an extended bed added to an old school double cab truck.
If the price isn't much of a barrier to your bug out vehicle then you might want to look at something like this. There's no telling if you're going to be home when the shtf, so you need to have contingencies in place.
An FJ Cruiser is basically a box that's meant to handle some nasty terrain better than anyother stock vehicle out there. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username!
Asking for opinions on the internet and then getting upset for getting them is like stirring up a hornets' nest and then getting pissed because you got stung.
I see us collectively as a country bumpkin, sitting on a log with a rifle, having no understanding what's going on beyond a few trees away, about to be enslaved with no interest by whom or what.
What I can't figger out is how both brand new bearings failed about the same time and in a way I haven't seen before.
The hazards of a fire are deadly and may even prove fatal if proper precautions are not taken.
A sensible family would make it a point to keep their family members aware and educated about the possibilities of an accidental fire and the logical steps to follow. Having you and your family learn certain skills such as those of handling, first aid kits and basic medical knowledge can save a life. Devise an escape plan in advance and clearly identify the escape routes known to all family members, which they can opt for, in times of emergency.
Allocate responsibilities to individual adults, so that the situation can be easily taken control of, in case of any such mishap, and safety of all the kids should be the top most priority.
Just like schools carry out safety-drills to educate the children about the plan-of-action in case of emergency, you can train your children to act quickly and get out of the building without a second thought. The minute your smoke detector or fire alarm goes off and your senses detect fire try to exit the building. In such situations, wooden doors offer great protection from heat and smoke and stop the fire from spreading.
If you detect or suspect fire or smoke on the other side, then your next option is to escape through windows. Try to keep yourself safe from breathing in smoke, if you can’t keep it off completely you can at least try to limit the exposure.
If you don’t live on the upper floors of a building and you feel you have enough stamina to escape through the window, go ahead and give it a try. Do not panic if you feel encompassed by smoke from all four sides and are unable to escape the vicinity of your home or your room for that matter. If you manage to escape the fire successfully, as soon as you come out contact emergency services.
Always remember, a house on fire is a combination of other hazardous factors posing a potential threat- the intoxicating fumes and smoke, the sweltering flames and a possible eerie blackout. Filed Under: Featured Posts, Prepping Techniques, Why You Shoud Be Prepping About DaleSurvival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email. Originally Posted By ar154all: When SHTF and your rolling, it does not matter what it is, You are announcing "I have fuel and maybe supplies". Subaru Forester, 1st Gen 4Runner or Jeep Cherokee with 4.0 I am on my 2nd Forester, the 1st gen has 208k and will go just about anywhere. Though the cost is high, like you said, a 4x4 Toyota is probably the best bet, an older scratched and beat up one will stand out even less. One of the older Chevy Suburbans would be nice, find a 4x4 one and put some decent sized tires on it, an absolutely massive vehicle to carry all your stuff, and they tend to not stand out because they're older vehicles. If a woman wants to hold my cock while i piss i wont object if i got to drop a duce and the mens is full I'm sure management would appreciate me using the womens room instead of a plant or trash can.
Is there any one of us who doesna€™t drool a little whenever you see an exotic sports car tooling down the road? One problem I have with a lot of the Best bug out vehicle lists is that they are full of really exotic (expensive) vehicles that the average prepper simply couldna€™t afford. A bug out vehicle by definition is what you would hop in if you needed to get out of dodge. It must hold 4 people a€“ But I am a single girl you say, why would I need something to hold 4 people? It must be able to carry your supplies a€“ Back to the 2 seat vehicle and even a lot of mid-sized cars these days.
It must be fairly nimble and able to negotiate obstacles quickly a€“ Back to motorcycles again. So taking all of those criteria into consideration and this assumes the market is the US, what are the best bug out vehicles that meet that criteria and wona€™t break the bank? Jeep a€“ There are several models of Jeep that boast both 4 wheel drive and have a decent amount of cargo capacity to get you where you need to go. Jeepa€™s are tried and tested off road vehicles that could make excellent bug out vehicles. Humvee a€“ The average prepper knows all about these vehicles and new ones are out of the realm of possibility, but you can get surplus military Humvee right now for less than $10,000 on the GOV Planet website. 4 Wheel drive Truck with crew cab a€“ There are too many four-wheel drive trucks to list here, but a crew cab make this a natural fit for a Bug out vehicle.
Trucks are one of the most common bug out vehicles for their capacity and off-road ability. 4 Wheel or all wheel drive SUV a€“ Just like with trucks, SUVa€™s are everywhere but they arena€™t all created equally.
These vehicles listed above will make great, affordable bug out vehicle options for most people but if you want to extend their capabilities, you can add some fairly simple aftermarket additions to make them even better.
Roof top cargo racks a€“ This will extend the amount of gear you can carry by a considerable bit.
Improved front and rear bumpers a€“ This is not an upgrade for everyone because they arena€™t cheap but if you want some more protection (a lot more) for your bug out vehicle, there are several manufacturers. Winch kits a€“ Sometimes you get stuck and if the end of the world as we know it happens and you are riding into the wilderness in your bug out vehicle, you wona€™t be able to call AAA. Enhanced lighting a€“ Regular headlights are only meant to show the road immediately ahead of you at a normal distance that wona€™t blind traffic coming towards you.
Communication options a€“ CB Radio and Ham Radio make excellent upgrades to your bug out vehicle. Additional fuel storage tanks a€“ Increase the range of your bug out vehicle by adding a larger or secondary fuel tank.
Hopefully, this gives you some ideas if you are looking for a bug out vehicle that you can afford. The post Best Bug out Vehicles You Can Actually Afford appeared first on Patriot Net Daily.

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Have some PPE clothing you can wear, and some magnetic stickers that made up for some fake safety or utility company. Been a couple decades since the article came out in one of the old survival mags or something.
The vehicles can generally handle some decent bumping and rubbing, serious wreck will kill it but pushing stuff around at low speeds and what not will generally just scratch the bumper and not really hurt anything. The size as mentioned lets you sit more than a few people and gear still has room, the old station wagons are about like a 2wd suburban in my opinion. Lots of them had a limited slip differential in the rear axle so while not able to really compete with a serious off road vehicle they had some room for decent tires, reasonable traction, and power. I had a brake line rust out on me and it was a modern enough vehicle it took out just one front wheel and one rear wheel.
Mine was a three speed automatic as well so I used the transmission to slow things down as well. My brake line blew on the highway coming home from school and I limped it home at slow speeds on the back roads because I was poor and did not want to pay for a tow bill. I rank the old 60s and 70s v8 body on frame vehicles with a lot of the 2wd pickups from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Or are you going to have an ace in the hole with your custom bug out ride??While the concept of a bug out vehicle is great for those that have the time an money to put a custom job together, but that's just not possible for everyone. The speed and handling this bug could offer are priceless in wooded or rocky terrain, the juice seems to be well worth the squeeze! Go get you a used military humvee and with about $4,000 in extras you can have yourself an amazing bug out vehicle in no time!And since you're buying from the military you know that this thing has been battle tested and approved. The modern appeal of comfort and style, fused with the grungy armour of an impending apocalyptic nightmare!From front to back and top to bottom, this 4 runner will run over anything in it's path thanks to the custom wheel guards, grill, and extended back bumper.
The old school Land Rovers are known for being solid metal and basically unstoppable once they get rolling. Yesterday replaced rear shocks, today replacing the right rear axle bearing [I replaced both rear axle bears in Nov, looking for a noise and because they had 125k miles].
I replaced the leaf spring and sway bar bushings on the 'burban with new poly's this summer, new stabilizer and shocks in front, did the brakes, handles better really than it would have from the factory in 89.
Yet there was vertical play with the vehicle on a hoist and with a tall jack stand under the tire, you could pry with a 2x4 and visibly see the vertical movement as well as feel it.
I love my old 91 dodge but my 09 nissan is probably more reliable in terms of day in day out lack of needing mechanical intervention to be at 100% operating capability. Thousands of Americans lost their lives to such life-haunting misfortunes that can strike your house anytime due to minor malfunctioning, taking you by surprise and robbing you of your most prized possessions. The key to surviving in such situations is not to panic and think of practical solutions rather than creating havoc. Furthermore, every child should know their home address and the way to complain in case there is a fire in the house. Remember, you may have just a few seconds to escape the clutches of the blazing fire, so without further ado escape and call out loud for help. It is best to hide behind doors when escaping from room to room, closing each door behind you. If you feel heat or smoke exuding through the cracks, or if the knob or door feels hot to touch, then do not open the door. For that too, ensure that the door is shut otherwise the draft from the windows can aggravate the fire in the blink of an eye.
You can achieve this by getting low to the floor and crouching on your hands and knees while escaping.
Usually you can escape from a two-storey building without much hassle as it is safe and if it makes you escape a fire, then it’s worth the risk.
Keep your calm and ensure your safety by keeping off the smoke from all possible miniature holes, cracks or vents.
It is an absolute necessity to be prepared before hand and act on quick impulse if a fire occurs.
The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. Being AWD it does well in sand, snow, quite a bit of mud and will handle dirt roads and light trails with ease. Of course, it also depends on your area, for instance, in the south, an older truck doesn't stand out, vs in a more affluent area, a beater might draw more attention to you. That being said, with the mall crawler trend these days, I honestly don't think a mildly modified 4x4 will stand out NEARLY as much as you said, as long as you don't have it coated in gun company stickers, or something that stands out a ton like a rooftop tent or bright red gas tanks hanging off the side of your vehicle, you shouldn't really beg attention.
Something that would blend in anywhere, not draw attention from law enforcement, hood rats, desperate FSA types and where you could leave a small cashe of SHTF supplies in it year around (rotated as necessary). I dona€™t mean a Mustang GT either; I am talking about Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLauren a€“ something in that range. If we could, then I guess we would all have that Knight XV Fully Armored SUV that goes for around $800,000 if my source is right.
If you were going to pack your family and all your survival supplies in a vehicle and race out-of-town to avoid danger that was coming for you, the bug out vehicle would be the best option for you do accomplish this task.
I believe it is short-sighted to plan on a bug out vehicle that only carries one or two people. Most have so little cargo room that you would be lucky to get your bug out bag and a pillow in the trunk but you could forget about all of your prepping supplies, ammo and food and water you have stored. I have read other forums where some will complain about the fuel you would need and how a larger vehicle could actually be worse. Most all of these are vehicles that unlike the Knight XV are driven by millions every day and can get you to safety, all things being equal. For serious off-road enthusiasts there is a huge market of parts and accessories to make this vehicle highly customizable.
If you have always dreamed of outfitting your own mini-fiefdom after the world ends, now is your chance. You can improve the suspension, add a cargo top and have a great vehicle that you can drive every day or when the grid goes down. If you are out in the wilderness or a power outage or storm has rendered your world as black as night, additional lights can help you see or be seen. Of course, there are cheaper options where you can just purchase additional fuel cans and mount them on your roof rack or bumper.
Press Release Regarding Ireland Vote Stand By Me I never went to college, because I was too busy learning stuff.
So basically they took the top off of a military surplus vehicle and mounted Bubba Jays Ford in it's place.As for the grill of the truck it's just two grills from what looks like Ford Rangers.
Making it an incredible toy!The upgrades will set you back about what it would cost to buy a new car off the lot now. The heavy-duty 4x4s journeyed nearly 30,000 km across North Asia, the Arctic Tundra, and uncharted terrain.
Rear axle had been replaced before I bought it with an old 12 bolt, which had calved off a chunk of the pinion gear, so replaced that with a 95 axle with new bearings and seals, had to torch off the old perches and shock hangers and weld on new ones but that's cool because that made it to where we could set the pinion angle perfectly, and optimize the shock mount point a bit too. This may even include fire-extinguishers near the kitchen and furnaces to put off small fires and not letting them aggravate into bigger ones.

Furthermore, placing a shirt or wet rag over your face while escaping through a fume-filled room can filter out the intoxicating products of combustion and help you escape with minimum injuries. Cover them with cloth or tape to ward off the smoke and do not let it reach you for as long as you can. The 2004-2005 Forester XT has an STi block and heads with WRX turbo and intercooler, and another 1" of ground clearnace.
I started thinking about this subject a little more as I was shopping for my own personal Bug Out Vehicle.
All bug out scenarios arena€™t created equally though and each person has their own needs and preferences. That might be what you are forced to live with if something happened right now, but it shouldna€™t be the goal.
I am not saying that your bug out vehicle should be able to carry everything in your house or else it is worthless, but you do want the ability to pack a good portion of your supplies or gear. Some have even recommended a hybrid as a better solution to save gas and I simply disagree. Also, a trailer on the back of your vehicle would give you the ability to carry a lot of gear but seriously reduce your mobility.
Of course if you just want a great vehicle that can get you and your family to your secluded retreat, this makes a compelling option at this price. The current LED technology has really increased the amount of available light you can have for your BOV.
Replaced both U-joints on the rear driveshaft and had it balanced, the old girl just sings down the road now, it's a real joy to drive on long trips.
After much saving, searching and research I finally found what I think is a great option for me, but I wanted to talk about bug out vehicles and create a different kind of list. Fortunately for us, there are almost as many bug out vehicle options as there are situations. Of course and before ita€™s all over that might be what you are forced to finally resort to, but in my mind a bug out vehicle has to be able to accomplish a few tasks to even make the running.
If this is a real bug out scenario you want to be with some friends or family because there is strength and support in numbers.
In almost every horrible scenario I can imagine, even something as mundane as a hurricane evacuation, the ability to go off-road is an important advantage. Obviously, the old Ford Expeditions and Chevy Tahoe can work in this capacity too and there will always be easy access to parts for each. No, I aint skimming back through to see what I posted, but I will say that my thoughts right now are leaning toward the basic white work van.
The expeditionary trip was exactly 28,000 km or about 17,398 miles round trip (there and back collectively). Toss some supplies on the roof, lash it down and roll. 1st gen 4Runners, 4cyl 5 speed straight axle. I am not saying they are not a good choice, but aside from them, what is another choice? Chevrolet Duramax gets 620 miles to a tank of fuel.
The list below should account for most of what I can foresee the average person needing in a vehicle.
Ideally we have a vehicle that you can use daily that can also hold its own if forced to be put into action to get you out of a hairy situation. The best bug out vehicles wona€™t leave the possibility of taking a few more people with you out of the equation. Most people have problems backing up a trailer when they arena€™t panicked, getting shot at or worse.
The planned route resulted in the SUVs primarily traveling on permafrost and herded the Ford Expeditions across the Arctic Circle twice. It is a rule of thumb to always face the building structure when trying to escape from a window on an upper floor. Because I can think of so many other things I need to spend money on besides the most expensive sports car I can find. So if you are in the market for a vehicle that may help you get out of or survive the next disaster, zombie apocalypse or the common summer or winter storm, read on.
You could wait for Forda€™s Pro Trailer Backup Assist coming in their 2016 line, but is it worth it? Rigid Industries is probably the best known (and most expensive) but there are cheaper options out there if you look around. The expeditionary team visited landmarks such as the spot where American aviator Carl Ben Eielson was lost, and the birthplace of Russian explorer Semyon Dezhnev. Motorcycles dona€™t pass the test for me on this point although if outfitted correctly, they can go through a lot of rugged terrain.
Powerful for hauling and towing. Mount a receiver hitch both front and rear, and carry a winch mounted to a 2" square tube. Slap this rig into a receiver in either end of the vehicle and you can pull yourself out of some serious trouble. It negates the need for true 4WD for most of the states and most weather conditions, with some obvious exceptions. The Ford Expeditions endured unforgiving terrain, constant frigid temperatures below -36 A°C (-32 A°F), whiteouts and a violent polar cyclone that engulfed the expeditionary team toward the end of the expedition, resulting in the team stopping the vehicles.
I'd probably add a locker to the rear diff. I've had this fantasy about building one of these vans.
They remained inside the SUVs for protection during the storma€™s nighttime onslaught as temperatures dropped and winds wailed against the vehicle windows. 200 kg (440 lbs) of snow were removed from each of the Ford Expeditions after the tail end of the storm swept across them again the following day.[26] The Ford Expeditions were off-the-shelf production versions equipped with the automatic full-time ControlTrac four-wheel drive system.
The SUVs were lightly modified with front end guards along with front and rear utility bumpers, winches, safari roof racks, high-powered off road lights and extra underbody plating for the engines. Because the trip would venture far from civilization, the vehicles were also equipped with gas stoves (to prepare food) and high-capacity auxiliary fuel tanks (mounted in the rear cargo bay) as filling stations would become nonexistent. The SUVs still retained their factory stock engines, transmissions, four-wheel drive systems, suspensions, even their factory 17x7 alloy five-spoke wheels. Two of the Ford Expeditions were equipped with caterpillar track systems supplied by Mattracks.
You could add 4-wheel disc, better handling mods, electronics, etc, but in my opinion, keeping a stock appearance is paramount to not be detected or singled-out. The rubber track systems were used when off road conditions became too demanding for conventional tires. Whether directly or non directly related, the rear stabilizer bar failed on the two Expeditions fitted with the Mattracks system. The problem was ruled most likely to be a combination of both overloading and extreme off-road conditions.
While the issue was fixed and the SUVs continued on with the expedition, the Mattracks however, continued to be problematic.

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