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A while back, we ran a piece by Major Pandemic extolling the virtues of the Zippo as a long-term SHTF fire-starting option. One of the first ideas I ran across was a hack for the Zippo that supposedly fixes the fuel leakage issue. I’ve also seen people recommend putting petroleum jelly on the bottom felt pad in order to seal it up and cut down on leakage. The Peanut lighter is a popular Zippo alternative, and it’s designed as a real survival tool. Some people swear by the Maratec, but I’ve also seen a lot of complaints about quality control. User reviews of the Numyth Tohil lighter claim that it’s everything the Peanut should be.
I feel like there must be other quality long-term SHTF lighter options that I’m missing, but right now the above four are my top picks. Shockproof LighterBy adding a tough elastomer armor, the Delta Shockproof series has all the stormproof qualities you expect plus incredible impact resistance. Piezo-Electric Ignition System eliminates need for batteries or flints, which fail when wet. A lighter should always be the primary choice of fire starter as it is generally the most efficient and effective fire starting tool there is.
In addition to your primary fire starting tool (a lighter) you should also have a backup fire starter.

Lighters can be used for for camping, emergency preparedness, or everyday use for home or on the road. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Floating butane lighter with piezo-electric ignition performs without fail in the most adverse conditions.
Breaking Surviving a Venomous Snake Bite – What You Need to Know When is it safe to start your garden?
After reading the piece, I was convinced and promptly ordered a chrome Zippo just like the one in the article.
For short- and medium-term wilderness survival, there is no debate as to the single best fire-starting tool available: a cheap Bic.
It features an o-ring and a screw-on lid to prevent leakage, and it comes in brass, steel, and titanium versions. People are praising the fit and finish on this thing, so I’m definitely going to pick it up.
Their fire piston is quote popular on Amazon, and I’m thinking of adding it to my list of SHTF fire starting options. I understand the appeal of having it be super tiny and EDCable, but I’d like a bigger version that I could throw into a possibles pouch or wear on a belt, and that would last longer. It has the same wicks, fuel, and flints, but it’s supposedly much better about keeping fuel from leaking out.

The Delta lighter features a stainless steel wire closure to stay watertight even if dropped. This gas lighter is resistant to environmental conditions that would affect most other gas lighters.
Their products make a great addition to our selection of survival gear due to the high quality and unique design of their gear. The only thing possibly better than a Bic is a windproof butane lighter, but those eat up fuel, so if you’re relying on one of those then plan on being rescued eventually. And like I said, I’m looking for something that I can still use with scavenged fuel, wick material, and flints a decade or two after Bics and butane refills stop being available. Why would anyone go through the hassle of using matches, flints or other fire starting tools? Major mentioned sealing the lighter with wax to get around this issue, but that seems too cumbersome to me.
This supposedly leak-proofs and waterproofs the thing, and makes it a much better option as a survival tool.
So this is a good, long-term SHTF option in that it has all of the flexibility of the Zippo with none of the leakage.

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