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Intentionally defending yourself in a life or death scenario with anything less than a firearm, is foolish, so we’ll focus on your choice of firearms to defend your home.
Each choice has its pros and cons, and an ideal home defense plan will include a multiple choices. A semi-automatic rifle, like an AR-15 or AK-47 delivers significantly more power than a handgun projectile, and a standard capacity magazine holds 20-30 rounds. Only as a last resort should you use traditional hunting weapons in a home defense scenario.
If you have a choice, I recommend a 12 gauge pump shotgun because it provides massive stopping power and has a reasonable ammunition capacity, while limiting the issue of over penetration, but you’ll need to train often to ensure you can handle it effectively during a high-stress situation.
Whatever weapon(s) you chose, make sure to train regularly in a variety of situations until it becomes second nature. Sorry, but you are dead wrong on this--which weapon, when and how to use it and training are subjects that absolutely go together when any discussion on the possible use deadly force comes up.
A good discrete camera system placed about the house, inside or outside, to keep a watch on things while you are home or not.

Some breeds actually seek out intruders and are quite happy to engage them, like a Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepard, Pit Bull.
Most dogs can sense when a stranger is approaching the house and will give you plenty of advance warning.
For some people, that may mean nothing more than grabbing a 7 iron when someone kicks in their door, while more prepared people have ready access to firearm. I prefer a magazine-fed weapon over a revolver because of the increased capacity and ability to quickly reload. Between the efficacy of the projectile, and the magazine capacity, you could easily defend against all but a full-on raid from a drug cartel. A single round, whether a slug or buckshot, will nearly always neutralize an attacker immediately and over penetration is hardly ever an issue. Personally, I home carry, which means my sidearm is holstered on my body anytime I have pants on. My SOPs include handguns in home defense for two purposes; first, in the event of an attack, they leave me a free hand while I gather my family and guide them to our safe room.

The biggest downside is that a shotgun can be a beast to handle for some people; it has  massive recoil, report, and muzzle flash, plus racking the slide of a pump-action can be difficult under the effects of adrenaline.
The drawbacks to these weapons is their rate of fire and reduced ammunition capacity—in some cases, as little as a single round.
Second, they enable me to effectively defend my family while I work towards a more powerful weapon. Soft points or hollow points are far more effective for self-defense and will reduce over penetration. And in the case of traditional hunting rifles, you face the added downside of over penetration.

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