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Shotguns have long been considered the king of the home defense realm, and only recently have the carbine and pistol stepped up to challenge this. Let’s look at the three loads that make up the majority of shotgun ammunition: buckshot, birdshot and slugs. Birdshot for self-defense seems awesome, with little to no penetration of walls, and you’re protected from the dreaded over-penetration right?
At the distance where you’re poking them with your shotgun I’m sure it’s plenty fatal, but further than that and I just find it to be less and less likely that’ll you’ll stop a threat effectively. Now, of course, you have slugs, and slugs can be used to reach out a little further than standard buckshot — roughly about 100 yards with a bead sight. There are loads like Winchester PDX that combine slugs and buckshot, which is supposed to be designed for fighting, so that could be a choice. So you’re not wrong with 00; you are just less right, but you’re way better off than people who use birdshot. Get a piece of meat with a bone in it like a pork shoulder, not a gel block, hit it at 30 feet with # 2 bird shot or even # 6.
Now if we go outside (very Unlikely) with the fight after the first 3 shots I will have the hollow point magnum slugs as the final 2 back ups and some in my pocket. I grew up with shot guns I have shot through junk car fenders when car fenders had some real steal in them, and hit the engine block with slugs cracked a few even after the fender. And if your response to this is to say that you wouldn’t stop with just a heart stop, then you are not being consistent with your message.
It is not known if the projectile did strike the heart…until open-chest surgery or autopsy. The notion that whether you kill or injure someoen is going to have any bearing on whether you can get sued or not is absurd. The best stopping shots are also pretty lethal, so it really isn’t a matter of effect, as much as intent. If you think that’s trivial, wait until they use your online comments in court to establish intent. If your wolfdogs are dangerous is people like you who give them a bad name and why many states make them illegal.
I also keep some 00 buck , #1 buck and some slugs on a belt next my weapon in case it’s needed. I agree with your choice of No.1 Here in South Africa it is graded in the English fashion, and we call it SSG. Discounting that shotguns are loud, bulky thunder-styx that usually require two hands to operate, lets assume that they also have a capacity of at least six rounds.
In my misguided youth, I saw a home-invader get a leg blown off at the knee by a load of bird shot.
At home defense distances, the pattern spread is minimal, especially if you’re depending on your hunting gun to also defend inside the home. The biggest advantage of buckshot is that in the modern world any punk can buy body armor – and spreading buckshot will more easily find cracks between plates (or whatever) and you stand a greater chance of actually putting a few into the guy than you would with a handgun. Offer thugs a false sense of security by putting couch or cloth chair between you and them. There are gangs such as Latin Kings and MS13 that have members that have been in the military. You seldom hear of guns that fire underwater but here’s one that fires underwater and on land. However, the Russian Defense Ministry has to commission it before the combat divers of Special Forces can lay their hands on the weapon.
Used like a normal gun, it chambers 5.45х39 mm rounds, which is the current standard round in Russian assault rifles, and shoots 1600+ feet.
Michael Cooney, the founder of EngNet, worked as a project engineer for many years sourcing equipment. Massive, 20 Foot Great White is the Biggest Shark Ever Caught on CameraNagoya’s Hydraulic Flash Flood Prevention BarriersIt’s Here! Originally Posted By Lennyo3034: My AR-15 is not my first choice for HD seeing as how I live in a subdivision.
Well, not a single birdshot load penetrates the required 12 inches to produce a reliable killing shot. Slugs can be devastating and are an option if the fight moves its way outside the home, or if you keep a shotgun for your trunk gun. Buckshot consistently penetrates to 12 inches and is capable of producing devastating wounds. Well, per-shot the shotgun provides multiple projectiles, creating multiple wound paths, and therefore increasing the likelihood of placing an effective shot.

While I have personally seen a very few thugs take center-of-mass hits with 00 buck, then run off like a scalded rabbit, only to bleed out a block or two away, they were on PCP and other controlled substances at the time; the point is, there are no absolutes in life. There have been cases where home defenders have been successfully SUED by surviving invaders with some bullshit pretzel logic lawyer and have been financially ruined while giving a criminal a wad of money. If you shoot a person in the heart, they have about 7 seconds of life left in them during which they are still fully capable of taking your life.
No, just no…I forgot about the magical seven second timer that starts when piping hot lead rips through your left ventricle. You’ll get sued just as often by the family of the criminal as you kill as the criminal you injure. I hope your wolf dogs are not aggressive unless they can distinguish between a real threat and non threat. Home defense is going to be a shot of 30 feet or less in most cases, and if you pattern your shotgun at that distance there is very little spread of the shot. While that may not have been the author’s actual intent, real life and my Murphy cousins have a way of showing up rather unexpectedly and WITHOUT NOTICE or any indication of their arrival time. Most of our houses are built with plastered brick, so we are not as worried as Americans about penetration.
I have cut back my shotgun barrel to 18″, with a Lyman compensator, so that you can turn, with the shotgun tucked against your hip in a passage, for close work.
First rethink options and realize we in reality are talking surviving a combat situation and it will be cq or close quarters. JHP with a steel ball bearing covered with JB weld if loaded hot will defeat lvl 3 body armor. But remember in a shtf situation laws are a thing of the past and surviving and protecting your family are you main priorities. And an experienced combat vet will tell you that in a fire fight head shot is not guaranteed.
Ammo needs normally vary between individuals, but the information mentioned should help to steer those deciding in the right directions. It sports a light rail under the muzzle for expanding its capabilities and a unique magazine release that really takes some getting used to. I’ve taken it apart and reassembled it more times that I can remember and never once have I used a special tool to do so. The special tool is a little rod that keeps the spring from popping out when you put the gun together. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The TULA Instrument Design Bureau out of Russia has put up its ADS assault rifle as a participant in Interpolitex 2013, the XVII International Arms exhibition in Moscow. However, I do a large amount of dry firing with it when I'm home in front of the TV, usually practicing for a match. The shotgun can be adapted to your situation and your environment, with specific loads tailored for your situation. Three inch magnum loads are capable for hunting rounds, but not necessary for self-defense.
Let’s also remember that Dick Cheney accidentally shot his friend, a man well into the middle of his life, in the face with birdshot and the man made a full recovery.
Slugs are always good to have, but I personally don’t like them as an inside-the-home defense load. Even if nothing vital is hit and a fatal wound isn’t inflicted, you’ll have an attacker full of pieces of lead, creating multiple wound channels throughout his torso – not only a very painful series of wounds but a debilitating effect on the body. In fact, if you go out of your way to put a shot in his head after a couple to the torso have stopped him (think if its caught on surveillance video) youre far more likely to face a lawsuit and criminal charges for killing him than if you let him bleed out after the torso shots. There are vids of medical examiners talking about this on youtube but beware, it is graphic. And will hide behind what your bullet will go through like a hot knife through melted butter. Compared to its predecessor APS from the 1970s, it lasts more than 180 shots on land, sports a rifled barrel and doesn’t flop before covering even 50 meters. The chamber behind trigger assembly, AKA bullpup configuration, maintains the long barrel length while cutting down on overall gun length. Being that it is oftentimes the nearest weapon within reach (since it's already in hand), I usually keep a loaded mag nearby.
At longer range 25yards+ like across the street and across the lawn distance I don’t want a scatter shot of any kind Not a big believer in buckshot. Two things came out of the test, first is to take time to aim or you might miss the intruder, second the limited spread at less distance means a concentrated impact leaving a massive injury to the body cavity.

It’s up to each individual to decide which self defense shotgun load will work best for them and, we MUST pattern our selected loads, so we can see how they actually work from the shotguns we are using, rather than relying on the myths perpetuated by Hollywood screen writers that shotguns work all the time, every time. In fact, try it at your favorite forest shooting spot; snap the gun to your hip and shoot from the hip at 15 meters. In the event you need to defend yourself try to take a shot that won't hit your neighbors place. It is capable of killing birds to bears — and everything in between – and is especially useful against two-legged vermin. The police and military used double ought so it has to have merit, but is it the best load?
No matter how you are dressed in the house at night, a shoulder holster is quick to put on, even if you sleep in the raw, or bare chested.
Smaller calibers have less blow-back and can interfere with the proper functioning of a semi-auto pistol. There’s also a 40mm grenade launcher on the ADS but it seems we’re going to have to wait a while longer for underwater grenades. Not only are they members of the family, they WILL protect their family and their turf without hesitation. Therefore, based on your advise, I know that I can stop because my objective has been fulfilled – Kill the attacker.
This gun is a very good size for concealed carry, although I would not recommend it for daily carry due to its limited caliber. I've read the article listed above, however it does not say a lot about overpenetration or walls.
I’m not trying to assume that a load of buckshot is going to be the equivalent of a 640 grain solid projectile. Not my only gun but the one I will chose first in 100% of home defense situations.situations.
In a few coroner reports 7 shot has actually bored a hole through a mans chest cavity at close range. To have only one gun, I would recommend a 12 gauge or a 20 gauge, as may suit one’s preferences. A lot of people have mentioned jamming problems with the P22 and others say no problem. Another negative is that this gun requires a special tool to reassemble once it is taken apart to clean. This is one thing I would like to keep to a minimum as there are other houses in close proximity. My shotgun at 30 feet is not going to place 80% of the bird shot in about 3 inch diameter, that is one heck of a shock and it may not penetrate a full 12 inches but it will chew hell out of the first 6 and put one lot of shock on the next 6. This person then proceeds to shoot myself and my wife before running out the front door and falling dead on the sidewalk.
A shotgun shell can also be loaded with flechettes or other items, and, in extreme circumstances, can be loaded with very little equipment: It is basically a miniature muzzle-loader. Does anyone have suggestions as to the best ammo (or bullet) that has a combination of maximum close range stopping power, but minimum overpenetration? Replace the primer, dump in some powder, put in some wadding, put in some shot, then another wad to hold it in place. Something that fragments if it hits a wall would also be ideal in case of a miss. I prefer loaded ammo, but I do reload so if its just a bullet, I can make loads for it.
Many believe that pistols calibers would automatically penetrate less than rifle bullets, or that light fragmenting bullets will allow you to not be concerned with overpenetration. By the time you recover from that shock I assure you my pump will have another round coming your way. It is a pre-fragmented bullet with very shallow and completely penetration in bare gelatin.
Another example would be using a lightweight varmint bullet in an AR, thinking that the shallow penetration in tissue would be sufficient to not worry about persons in adjacent rooms in case of a miss. The reason pistol calibers penetrate quite deeply is, as has been mentioned before, the fact that momentum is the key factor here. The slower, heavier bullets retain more momentum and can thus penetrate as much as a bullet launched at much higher velocity. That would lead me to believe that the bullets chosen for that test didn't expand and thus further highlights the need to choose ammunition which passes the FBI test protocols.

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