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If you’re in the market for a Honda generator, the chances are you’ve been eyeing up the Honda eu20i or Honda Generator eu2000i. The problem is, you may also have noticed the price…it’s a lot to pay out for a generator. The Cromtech Outback 2400 sits at under AU$1000, and it comes with a free cover to keep dust out while it’s in storage.
The numbers speak for themselves – and so do your research and consider some alternatives before you pay too much.
Hi Ben, if you require the unit to be inspected under warranty then it will need to be looked at in Lectron’s servicing facility in Sydney. I’m interested as to why these are so much cheaper than the Honda or Yamahas if they basically have the same specs and power output? Essentially, we recommend the Lectrons as a good value for money option for infrequent use and for back up if required. My husband and I are interested in the 3500 watt generator and we wanted to ask you what is the difference between these Lectron Chinese made generators and the many other Chinese brands out there? Hi, am off grid with a 12v solar system that runs my fridge, lights, mobile charger, water pump etc. Last word of advice would be to just check the starting wattages of your vacuum, microwave and toaster – anything with an electric motor or heating element can draw 3 to 4 times the running wattage, so just be sure to double check these exact starting wattage numbers to ensure you get the right sized generator. In terms of a cheaper Chinese made option versus a Premium Brand option (like Yamaha or Honda), I would caution against most of them. Hi Greig, the Cromtech Outback 2400w inverter generator is very popular for charging batteries (via a battery charger) and for small household appliances like you have in mind – just check your microwave doesn’t peak at more than 2400 watts as the 1000 watt rating is its running power, not start up peak power. For your level of intended use, the Cromtech is perfect – designed for recreational, infrequent use and you can use it knowing you have the backing of a national service support network, so if it needs servicing, spare parts or work under warranty then you are covered. The Yamaha inverter generator range is also extremely popular – yes, they are more expensive, but you get a longer warranty (4 years), slightly better specs and they are built for more intensive use if you need your generator more regularly. One last thing – just remember that all of these portable inverter generators are not marinised.
The Tecna Cobra Evolution Inverter is a 3 phase, high performance spot welder with motor industry approval from several leading car manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Honda, Subaru and many others. The Tecna Cobra Evolution provides an analog welding control unit with potentiometer, with two independent programs, welding time adjustment in cycles, pulses, welding current adjustment and a compensation function.

Allow simultaneous connection of two tools with automatic recall of the relevant memorized welding program, enabling to save time, avoid errors so to have a simple and safe working process. About TBWS Welding SuppliesBest Prices for Leading Welding Supplies, from a Company with Over 30 years in the Industry. For good reason, too; after all, these generators are highly regarded as two of the best quality generators in the Australian market.
Chinese manufacturing has come a long way in many cases – in fact that even some premium brands are using parts manufactured in China and Taiwan nowadays.
If you plan to use the generator fairly often and for longer periods, then go for a premium brand like Yamaha. The price for the Chinese brands are appealing, but we are unsure which brand to trust, as most of them are not known to us. Chinese manufacturing has come a long way in many cases – in fact even some premium brands are using parts manufactured in China and Taiwan nowadays. They are great for running fridges, lights, laptops etc, as well as recharging your battery packs.
As mentioned, there are some budget brand generators that serve the purpose of occasional use such as your application. I need to run things like power table saw, drill press, bandsaw, router, hand power tools etc, dust extractor but usually one thing at a time plus fluro or LED lighting. The intended use is as a backup to charging the house batteries, alternative to the generator attached to the diesel, by plugging into the shore power system. This Cromtech unit has quickly become a camping favourite and produces a maximum of 2400 watts and 2100 watts continuous, including quiet operation producing a mere 52dB at a distance of seven metres.
However, if you just want the Lectron serviced (not inspected under warranty), then you can take it to your local mower or small engines shop and pay for a service like any other piece of power equipment. However, not all Chinese Generators are made equal – there are some reliable brands and some not so reliable. Honda have the EU20i and Yamaha has the EF2000iS: both come with a four year warranty and national networks of accredited service agents. However just to be sure 2000 watts is enough to run everything you want to when camping, it is best to first determine the exact wattage amounts your appliances will draw. Would be used every 2nd weekend, vacuuming would take say 90 mins, microwave and toast would be 30 mins per weekend maximum.

Given you will be using it somewhat regularly going forward, then it makes sense to go with a brand that will a) withstand your fortnightly demands for many years to come, and b) have a national service network in case you need to get the generator serviced or inspected under warranty by an accredited service agent – for example I know Yamaha have agents in Cessnock, Newcastle and Maitland which are close to your location. For your intended application, it is better to outlay a bit more money from the outset to get a premium brand that will run your appliances every 2 weeks for a long time coming. Maximum draw is less than 2000W ( usually 2 x 750w)for short periods, few minutes on then off.
Here is another article which looks at the pros and cons of used generators in more detail: Don’t buy a used generator until you read this. But, when it comes to comparing the details of the specifications between the two, the Yamaha just wins.
Premium brand generators are built to a higher standard and come with comprehensive service and warranty support, which the budget brands do not have. One of the few exceptions is a brand called Cromtech – it has a newly released 2400w inverter generator which is supported by a national service agent network with hundreds of accredited agents backing the product. We use the boat every 2-3 weeks over the weekend, but I only expect to use the generator 2-3 times a year max. Like the Honda EU series and the Yamaha 2kVA, the Cromtech Outback inverter generator produces clean sine-wave current without surges. It is slightly lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient, and also includes a few extra features which the Honda doesn’t.
We have a simple step by step guide to take you through what size generator you need right here: Generator Buyers Guide Take a look at the guide just to be certain that 2000 watts will be enough to run all your camping appliances. What are the pros and cons of buying a used Or demo Honda or Yamaha to save a few dollars on a more reliable unit. It also houses a 5 litre tank for 6 hours running time (75% load) on normal unleaded petrol for complete convenience in the great outdoors.
To find out more and see a comparison of the two models, check out this article: Yamaha vs Honda 2000w generator.

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