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The InteliCharger 60’s two-stage charge process and intelligent control system ensure that batteries can be left on constant charge with no danger of damage or over-charging. The InteliCharger 60’s innovative design means it can be mounted onto a DIN rail or attached using screws or bolts.
The two AF models in the range include a fail alarm which sends an alert signal to the generator’s control system if it detects a problem.
Power Pack 2500 provides a solution to off-grid, high power AC needs in a compact, semi-portable package.
Designed and manufactured in the UK, the unit delivers high reliability and is very robust.
The Poskcom Vet-20BT battery powered X-ray generator is ideal for use with a wireless DR system.
However, we believe the biggest advantage is the fact that we no longer have any wires around horses whilst working.

They support a number of options that make the series flexible enough to support most environments. As well as standard lead-acid batteries they are also compatible with VRLA, AGM, gel, flooded lead-acid and NiCad batteries. They do not need to be disconnected when the generator is started because their short-circuit protection prevents any damage being caused to the battery or the charger. It is fully protected against overload, reverse battery connection, over-voltage and over temperature. This allows appropriate maintenance to be carried out and avoids the disaster of an uncharged battery failing to start an emergency generator.
With a high capacity high performance battery on board, Power Pack 2500 is a viable alternative to the traditional 5kWe (8 horsepower) diesel genset in our key markets. Replacing a 5kW diesel genset means weight drops from 120kg to less than 40kg, allowing easy transport to remote locations.

Horses are invariably fractious at times, which often results in damaged cables and expensive replacement costs - this is all a thing of the past. The XRS-4 provides the greatest penetrating ability of all the Golden Pulsed X-ray units, but utilises the same controls and battery operation as the XR200 and XRS-3. In addition, our earlier concerns were whether we would be able to image proximal limbs and necks.
The small compact generator still provides enough energy to obtain stifles, head, necks and even back images in the field.

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