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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We’re sure you know this already, but a spare tyre is vital, along with a tyre jack and tyre iron.
Small and lightweight, this cheap addition to your emergency pack are invaluable when you need to change a car tyre by preventing the vehicle from rolling.
When a spare tyre isn’t to hand, a tyre inflator and sealer should be able to plug your puncture and pump up the tyre just enough to get you either home or to the nearest garage. You’ll go through an awful lot of washer fluid on those long, summer journeys to the seaside, so make sure that you always have a spare bottle in the boot. Flat batteries happen to the best of us, so load your boot with either jumper cables or an emergency battery booster. Include a small tool kit with essentials such as screwdrivers, a shifting spanner and a hammer. If you’re looking for a mechanical problem in the dark, or changing a wheel or tyre, you’ll be thankful for some light. For the sake of your own roadside safety and the convenience of other motorists, make sure that you have a warning triangle. Although this won’t be effective if you suffer a major RTA, first aid kits can prove invaluable if you’re involved in a minor accident.

Make sure that you have a spare pen and paper handy to note down details in the event of an accident. Auto news: breaking car news drive reports , Indepth coverage of the automotive industry vehicle recalls concept car releases spy shots auto show news celebrity car crashes first drive reports and more. Automotive news, Automotive news is the leading source of news about the global automotive industry.. Autoweek car news car reviews racing auto show stories, Get the latest car news car reviews auto show updates and racing news from autoweek.
Invaluable for everything from bringing home the weekly shop to helping you to move house, they can be piled high with a range of goods to make transportation a breeze. Without these bits of essential kit, the spare tyre is useless if you find yourself stranded alone at the roadside. We have a huge selection of trolley jacks for purchase, available with a 2 year warranty and next day delivery. It only takes a door left ajar or an interior light left switched on to leave you stranded after hours. There are some great third party manuals that enable you to really get into the mechanics of your vehicle, for all repairs and maintenance- they help you to familiarize yourself with your vehicles components.
Although this is not required by law in the UK, those travelling abroad will be obliged to carry one in most European countries.

St John Ambulance has compact car kits available, complete with all of the basics, like bandages and antiseptic, available to buy online. No files are cached or stored on the our servers, all data comes from various different sources on the internet. Luckily, all you need to get moving again is another healthy vehicle to sponge off, a red lead and a black one. Duct tape would melt in such a scenario, but it can be employed for pretty much everything else, from holding down damaged bumpers to sticking wires in place. Carrying a spare tyre is essential, and there are a few other choice items that you shouldn’t be without. If your wheels require a special security key (locking wheel nuts), make sure that it’s always to hand. The Supervisor’s Onboarding Guide does just that—it guides you through the first months of Download Free Download Manager Checklists for Hiring New EmployeesManager Checklists for Hiring New Employees .

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