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SSE customers will see an average 8.2% rise in gas and electricity prices from 15 November, the company has announced. The energy firm said the rise reflected higher costs of buying wholesaleenergy and paying to deliver it to customers’ homes, plus government levies.
It’s only a small percentage of what you pay but the government, or at least the Tory side of it, is looking at exempting some smaller firms to encourage them to compete.
While the parties disagree on how to tackle rising bills, the decision by SSE to put their prices up by 8% means the political stakes have just been raised. SSE, made up of Southern Electric, Swalec and Scottish Hydro, said that for a typical dual-fuel customer, wholesale energy prices had gone up 4%, paying to use delivery networks was 10% more expensive, and government levies were 13% higher.
About two-thirds of a household fuel bill goes on the cost of wholesale energy, the cost of running an energy sales business, and on the companies’ profits.
Up to 11% goes on government programmes to save energy, reduce emissions and tackle climate change, according to regulator Ofgem. The latest calculations from the regulator found that the average profit margin made by an energy supplier on an average ?1,315 bill is ?65. Profit levels prompted Labour leader Ed Miliband to declare that gas and electricity bills would not go up for 20 months if Labour won the 2015 election.
It said its profit margin was 4.2% in the 2012-13 financial year and was expected to fall short of the 5% target again this year.

At that time, the companies blamed rising wholesale prices, the cost of transporting energy to homes, and the increasing cost of government social schemes for the increases. Advice line National Debtline said it had received a record 15,502 calls from people seeking help with energy debts in the first six months of this year.
With his experience in media and marketing Gavin is constantly thinking of innovative new ways of getting our ideas out into the mass market. If it is a press release or a promotional campaign, Gav will help find the best way to convey the message of energy saving to the market. For this option you have to go to your bank and make arrangements that will deduct an amount from either your checking or savings account on a monthly basis. He’s blamed the big six energy firms for failing to pass on any fall in the wholesale price of gas.
He thinks the best way to help prevent more price rises is to increase competition, by encouraging people to switch supplier more. David Cameron wants to shift the focus of restricting price rises on to green taxes, which make up part of your bill. Customers in the North of England and central Scotland would see the smallest increase, of 7%, in their dual fuel price. The snapshot profit margin has risen above ?100, but has also fallen to a negative figure at certain points in recent years.

His job is to devise and execute marketing strategies to increase online sales across the global network of online stores in UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australasia.
Sure we can use energy saving products featured by Efergy to help reduce our energy expenditure but even with those savings the cost of energy is too high. This is convenient as you won’t have to worry whether you have paid your bill or not.
My bedroom is directly above the lounge and has the chimney going through it so is nice and toasty at bedtime.
I was working at a pensioners house and she is refusing to turn the gas boiler on until she really has to! It has been in existence for more than 100 years providing clean and reliable gas to its customers.

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