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My friend and colleague Dan Henderson decided to build his own personal-defense AR-15, from buttplate to flash suppressor.
For fun, Dan nicknamed his rifle the “Prepper’s AR-15.” Building an AR-15 like this has certain advantages when it comes to using it in different environments. Just an old 1993 vintage stock bushmaster with a surefire handguard light. Collapsible stock, 16" barrel, 28 rds XM193 in Pmag, No round in the chamber I like things simple and this old AR works every time I take it out. 16in M4gery with A2 flash hider, M4 6 position stock, carry handle in place, Surefire 2 piece non free float hand guards, Surefire 6P mounted with a 1inch ring. Standard A2 grip, Blackhawk single point sling with a blackhawk sling attachment. Before we delve into the hardware aspect, we need to engage in a very simple question and answer exercise. First and foremost, when you consider protecting your home, what is the anticipated threat?
One, two, three or more armed vermin force their way into an occupied home intent on robbery, rape, and potentially murder. Having spend my entire adult life dealing with vermin and criminals as a police officer and professional bodyguard, I long ago classified felons into three categories: Level 1, 2, and 3. The Level 2 felon will not cease or desist in their behavior until they experience some type of physical damage. Unfortunately, the conundrum facing the home owner or citizen is that you will have no idea what type or level of felon you are facing until after the fight is over.
Given the previous information regarding potential attackers, we must consider the following. Also, it cannot be denied that a long gun (rifle or shotgun) as a tool is much easier to aim and index on a target than a handgun. As a practical matter, during the panic and adrenaline dump of a life threatening attack, the rifle will be inherently easier to index on target and as an added benefit transition to additional targets more quickly than will any pistol, regardless of make, model, or caliber. The United States Military, primarily the US Army and Marine Corps, have learned a great deal during the last ten years about the effectiveness of 5.56mm ammunition on genuine human targets. While the two previous loads have military designations, equivalent civilian loads are available from all the big ammo makers such as Black Hills, CorBon, Federal, and Hornady. When you consider your potential threat, the benefits of a rifle over a handgun in both handling characteristics and power delivered onto target; there really is little argument to be had.
Paul Markel has been carrying a gun professionally his entire adult life, first as a United States Marine, then as a police officer, and also as an executive protection agent.
Getting Ready for Shooting School The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Signs Laura Burgess Marketing Sportsmen Calls Needed to Protect Hunting on Public Land Missouri Self-Defense Bill & Right-to-Carry Reform Delivered to Governor Off-Season Prep!
Pistols have saved a lot of lives because of convenience, and yesssss of course it’s not a rifle much like a car is to a truck even though more people drive cars.
Don't forget the possibility of getting one of those "Plum-Crazy" polymer lowers and then buying an upper separately!! I looked hard at those, when I'd see them advertised for under $700, but I cannot bring myself to do the research on them. I have heard good things regarding Spikes Tactical products and Palmetto State Armory AR-15s.
I do have first hand experience with the Smith and Wesson AR's, and they are quality rifles.
All the AR guys I know act bored when I ask about them, and switch the topic to buying the individual components and assembling a 'better' one for the same price.

Unfortunately for me, the shops here require that I pay sales tax as well as the transfer fee; tax rate is 10%, and the lowest transfer fee I've found is $60 at Cabela's. For the budget amount you've mentioned, you could buy TWO Mossberg 500's, one set up for buckshot, and the other for slugs, and have better home defense firepower than any EBR I can think of. If this rifle is going to only be for home defense then I am going to agree with Jerry and go buy a shotgun.
The all-new Premier Stalker Rifle from Bergara USA features the company's premier action, along with the legendary Bergara barrel. The reengineered R51 pistol from Remington features all-new enhancements like a precision-engineered extractor and locking snag-free sights. From suppressors to holsters to incredible illumination, these firearms accessories are sure to have you shooting straighter in 2016. Our round table of military, law enforcement and other industry experts answers the age-old debate between .45 ACP and 9mm ammo. Less recoil, cheaper ammo, higher capacity — read on to learn why LEOs are going back to the 9mm! An evolving need for pocket pistols has left the market full of incredible choices for concealed carry enthusiasts everywhere. Rounding up some of the most advanced fighting carbines and combat rifles for the 21st century!
The adjustable CTR stock, pistol grip, sling attachment, sling, vertical grip, rail covers, oversized triggerguard and magazines are all manufactured by Magpul. Building a fast-handling, lightweight 5.56mm AR that’s primed for home-defense and long-range precision at the range! The AR-15 design has long been recognized for its light weight, overall reliability and accuracy in field conditions, offering a wide range of options for customization. Compared with the original, Vietnam-era, battlefield M16, Dan’s AR-15 is much shorter, meaning it’s easier to deploy in confined spaces such as inside residential buildings and cars. That is, what is our legitimately anticipated problem and what is the most practical and effective solution. A level 1 felon when confronted with an armed and determined defender will surrender or seek to escape.
Their injuries may or may not be life threatening, but the fact that they have been injured causes them to flee or surrender.
These attackers will not stop until they have sustained enough physical damage that their body will no longer obey their braina€™s commands to keep going.
Make an intelligent decision based upon fact and experience, not emotion and gun shop gossip. His teaching career began in 1990 while a member of the Sixth Marine Regiment and has continued throughout having taught thousands of military, law enforcement and citizen students. My HD setup is a $140 Maverick 88 (economy version of the Mossberg 500) with 5 shots of 7.5 birdshot. The flattop upper and M15SA lower receiver were manufactured by LRB of Long Island, New York, to mil-spec from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum forgings (the same used in U.S. But for those who put the time into its research and design, it offers a chance to own that special one-off rifle, the one that comes through when the world looks like it’s about to end. Dan is a former DOE SWAT team member, so he had a pretty good idea what he wanted in terms of features, accuracy and reliability.

Short carbines are also easier to transport in unconventional carry cases, thus drawing less attention to the owner in public places. While level 3 is the smallest percentage of bad guys they are obviously the most dangerous to the citizen.
Many years ago an instructor friend of mine offered that a€?a handgun is simply a rifle waiting to grow upa€?.
The Hornady .44 Magnum 180grain FTX load generates 610 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle.
Despite being maligned due to the growing pains it experienced during Vietnam and the a€?green-tipa€™ armor-piercing ammo zipping straight through thin-bodied enemies, the current configuration of the 5.56x45mm is indeed a man-stopping cartridge.
I would deliberately stay away from varmint or prairie dog loads with light-weight projectiles in the 30-40 grain range.
Also, keep in mind ita€™s not just about you, ita€™s about your family and the ones you love.
One thing that makes Dan’s build interesting is that, with the exception of the AR-15 lower receiver (which from a legal point of view is considered a firearm and requires the usual background check and purchase through a firearms dealer), all the parts were purchased on the Internet or at local dealers. But perhaps one of the best qualities of a shorter carbine is its center of gravity: It is closer to the shooter, making the weapon a bit easier to hold on target in standing and non-braced kneeling positions.
These criminals do not fear guns or gunfire and only after theya€™ve received sufficient physical damage will they stop.
No handgun, regardless of caliber or configuration, can produce the same effect as a centerfire rifle. By comparison, a handgun has only two points of contact, the left and right hand, and a short sight radius. Rifles are infinitely more forgiving of slight errors in sight alignment and body movement than are handguns. Our goal is to penetrate the attackera€™s body all the way through to the vital parts and shut them down. Seriously though I bought one of the DPMS sportical last spring and really enjoy shooting it. Just remember though, you will have just as much danger if you shoot at someone with a pistol and you miss. The medium-contour, 16-inch stainless barrel is manufactured by CMMG and has a 1-in-7-inch twist. Iron Ridge Arms cut the barrel to 11.5 inches, re-crowned it and then gave the complete rifle a dark-earth-green Cerakote finish. Let us know in the comments what you think of the video.If you are new to firearms, get this gun cleaning DVD for free. One thing that was good to know for the novice was not to fill the mag, my AR I thought had a problem with Tula ammo but a marine sniper told me the problem of filling the mags. From a total strip down of the firearm, a person should be able to reassemble the AR-15 in 2 minutes or less and know that it works.

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