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This zombie flick stars Luke Hobson, Nicky Paul Barton, Roger Fowler, Samuel Hogarth, David Wayman, James Harrison, and others. My love affair with horror began the night I saw my first horror film, Friday the 13th, at the age of 9.
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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team Proposed By Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin And Summer Glau To Join? In a related report by the Inquisitr, a zombie apocalypse survival cabin has a 10 year anti-zombie guarantee — but only in the event of real zombies.
In the event of a real life zombie apocalypse, Nathan Fillion revealed that he would put together a zombie preparedness team based upon looking at a specific set of skills. Nathan Fillion would of course make a leader if you go by his acting roles, and his sharpshooting skills would come in handy as long as he gets hold of a handgun.
Of course, for backup they will need Jane, aka Adam Baldwin, who continues to take on roles where he reminds the world that he really, really loves guns, the second amendment, and killing the bad guys. Atop one large foothill deep in the Carolina woods lies a most unlikely site: a castle, replete with a drawbridge, portcullis — and an underground bunker. Dawn-Marie and Michael are actually twins, and both very enthusiastic about helping their father, Brent, with preparations for the end times.

Douglas has written for the New York Times Green Blog, Popular Mechanics and Discover Magazine. The group finds shelter in an empty school, but as supplies dwindle and frustrations build members of the group begin to turn on each other. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Perhaps it is just nerd fever speaking, but wouldn’t this team be awesome if Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin were to join?
Unfortunately, it’s possible that real life zombie virus based upon rabies and Ebola may soon become possible based upon recent scientific advances in creating artificial viruses. If Fillion were to choose members of his zombie apocalypse team from his past, then Summer Glau would seem to be a given.
Unfortunately, while he may be great in the zombie apocalypse for fighting the undead, if the situation develops at all like The Walking Dead then conflicts between living humans will be the real problem. The castle is the handiwork of a family aiming to protect itself from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which they think could take out electricity grids.
Those who survive the inner turmoil must find a way to escape the horde zombies and determine if the are the only remaining uninfected people left on earth.
Not only did she take on some very zombie-like Reavers in the Serenity movie, Summer has continued to show off her action chops in various movies and TV shows, which means she should be sharp enough to take on the walking dead.
This means that if Baldwin teams up with other Hollywood types, then his very conservative views may lead to a group conflict.

The family is pictured here (from left to right): Brent II, Lindsey, Brent, Michael, Ashley, Dawn-Marie.
They estimate that if the economy collapses, fighting could spread to the countryside within months, as desperate people go looking for food.
The family stayed there for four months while filming the show, during which time they made many improvements to the structure. They've built this as a precaution in case the premises are stormed and they need to escape.
That's because in 1975 cars began being outfitted with microchips, which can be disabled by an EMP or enormous solar flare.
They are the focus of a new show on the National Geographic Channel called "Doomsday Castle," which premiers at 10 p.m. Although they assume that the castle's location will eventually get out, they said it's worth it if it spreads the impression that "prepping can be cool," Brent II said. He has changed it to run on propane so that it could still work if gas stations can't be refilled in the event of an emergency. They also caught a snake, whose skin hangs next to the castle's enormous fire place in the main hall.

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