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Nancy King and Ken Huff bring to life the joys and challenges of hosting an exchange student. Nancy King and Ken Huff have many years of experience in the fields of intercultural training and international youth exchange and have worked in private practice as counselors and consultants.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Host Family Survival Kit provides an overview of hosting, beginning with the role of the exchange student in the home.

The authors include a discussion of the skills needed for host parenting and an expanded examination of intercultural relations. The book also focuses on the stages of the hosting experience: Arrival, Settling In, Deepening the Relationship, Culture Shock, Culture Learning, Predeparture and Readjustment. The authors discuss what to expect when welcoming an exchange student into your home and advise you on how to handle day-to-day situations. In this revised edition, three new sections add valuable information on identifying and handling cross-cultural misunderstandings and common concerns that arise when hosting an exchange student.

Both veteran host families and those contemplating the undertaking for the first time will welcome The Host Family Survival Kit as an aid and companion while housing students from abroad.

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