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This Emergency Survival Kit backpack Deluxe 72 Hour package is designed to help you survive the aftermath of an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, winter storm, home fire, or other emergency where survival depends on staying hydrated, warm, and informed. Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit Information Today, more than ever, a home survial kit is a necessity. Tough, yet light weight Mini Daypack.-small form factor backpack with over 900 Cubic Inch capacity. This bag is the container for our premade 72 hour complete kit (just add water) sold in the sidebar. Many of our customers have been using these to create a small, yet well equipped survival bags.
It is easy to load it up with survival tools, food, emergency Shelter (see sidebar), and be ready.

4-person deluxe emergency survival kit - sos products : Contains the necessary items to sustain 4 people for 3 days.
If this kit is a bit too large for your tastes, Army Ranger Rick has assembled a few smaller kits that contain a safety whistle (really loud), folding knife, 550 cord (parachute cord with a strength of 550 lbs.), saw, signal mirror, LED light, and sparker.
These are great for staying dry, and can be used as a potential shelter.  Pair this with a poncho liner (cleverly disguised as my backdrop), which is a military type blanket.
There are a million great flashlights out there, but for practicality I’m all about the Tikka XP headlamp. The Gear You MissedThis Week in Gear: August 15-19A look back at an entire week's worth of gear.
Army Ranger Rick additionally offers a water purification kit with Aquatab tablets and a condom… for holding water (a surprisingly innovative and space conscious water container).

Be sure to use it outside (denatured alcohol can have a bit of an odor) and couple with a wind break (DIY plans are available here). A survival blanket, compass, whistle, cable ties, mini headlamp, flash mirror, and Tinder Quik (a fire starter) are just some of the items that make up these kits.

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