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Pour resoudre le probleme que Tracy Staedter, journaliste de Discovery News, lui avait soumis, Randy Olson a fait appel a l’informatique.
Randy Olson a mis a disposition son algorithme et son code python qui permet de minimiser le plus possible le temps de trajet entre chaque etape. Fondateur du site Un Monde d'Aventures, membre de la #TeamAventuriers, je suis un passionne des grands espaces sauvages et des mondes polaires. Bienvenue sur mon site specialise dans le monde de l'aventure et des voyages hors des sentiers battus.
MG Motor UK has today announced that MG ZERO Concept car which will star at the ‘MPH featuring Top Gear Live’ shows in November has safely arrived at MG Birmingham.
However, the ‘MPH featuring Top Gear Live’ shows will mark the ZERO Concept’s European debut and MG expect the car to be a real crowd puller.
Interestingly, another new MG of, perhaps, more immediate significance was shown to the Chinese public for the first time today – the MG6 Saloon was unveiled in the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. Clive claims that his interest in the BMC>MG story dates back to his childhood in the 1960s when the family’s garage premises were leased to a tenant with an Austin agency. A brave effort on MG`s part, but what worries me is the distinct lack a REAL impetus to tell the world MG is back.

Would you buy a car built and shipped from overseas when it was supposed to be reborn and be built at Longbridge as part of MG’s new future? I fully support the initiatives which SAIC Motor have already annouced about the future of MG but when are these coming to fruition? SAIC Motor say that there are over 300 employees based at Longbridge but there are, at most, 20 Car Assemblers and they have built no cars for nearly 7 months – the wage bill and other costs must be costing SAIC Motor millions. The word from the workforce is that they are having many problems with the MG6 back in China.
I have just heard from an MG employee that the entry-level MG6 model will start at around the ?17,000 mark while the level 2 and level 3 models will be about ?19,000. Pour cela, il a imagine un algorithme afin de minimiser au maximum le temps de trajet entre chaque etape.
De son cote, Randy Olson estime plutot de deux a trois mois le temps pour realiser ce magnifique voyage. Chaque jour, j'essaie de vous faire decouvrir des globe-trotteurs, des aventuriers, des voyages au bout du monde, des festivals, des experiences alternatives, des trips ecolos, des aventures locales. L’objectif ? The ZERO was first shown at the Beijing Automotive Show and caused a sensation, receiving rave reviews from the world’s automotive media and visitors alike.

However, back in the 1920s and 1930s, his grandmother was one of the country’s first female Garage Proprietors so cars probably run in his genes!
The Dealer Network is very sketchy and, from what I saw at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show, the PR people are quite vague and almost totally lacking in excitement. However, remember this folks, we are NEVER going to see any real mass production or blinding sales figure but I’m dying to be proved wrong!
MG will not be MG unless the cars are built in their entirety where they belong – the Longbridge home, where it all began.
Good luck to them at that price – especially with the stories from within MG about problems with the MG6 model in China.

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