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Halloween (October 28, 1958) - Sandy the witch, upset at not being invited to Howdy's Halloween party, turns Howdy and Buffalo Bob into donkeys. You have to look at your light switches every day, but usually they're not very noteworthy. It's our pleasure to offer our best service for your grace.-Does your cell phone get beaten up?
No matter how many times he is knocked over this fun-loving inflatable clown will keep bouncing back.

Just like the original, this fun little version of Bozo comes with bright red hair, red nose (without the squeak), bop zone and weighted base and is ready for action. Designed to cover up the potentially dangerous live electrical wires snaking around inside your walls, but really just there to cover the big ugly hole the electrician cut in the wall. Buffalo Bob, angered at the swindle, attempts to find a way to make Cy buy back the useless articles. Turn your light switches into whatever you want with the Build-On Brick Light Switch Plate.

Designed for a single toggle switch, these grey plates come in a set of two and give you over 18 square inches of brick-building base plate each to customize to your heart's desire.

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