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Onan brush type alternator used on this model are manufactured to exacting specifications using the latest mass production methods. This model features a premium Onan model EH65V, 2 cylinder, 14 HP, gasoline fueled, air cooled engine with electric start. Please see our extensive educational area on the left side blue column of this screen under the Information sign. Included Equipment: Generator engine and alternator on a platform with cabinet cover, power and remote control connection points, oil drain cock, mechanical governor, 1-20, 1-30 circuit breaker, residential muffler (enclosed models), industrial muffler (open models), rubber isolators, 12 volt electric starter, air filter, owners manual and warranty.

When you need the dependability of an industrial grade generator, with all the features you need, the Marquis Platinum Series is for you. Onan generators are manufactured to commercial specifications using the latest manufacturing technologies. Onan generators use technology to control the voltage with a voltage variation less than 3% throughout the entire power range.
Available in several models, these models are competitively priced to deliver the performance and value found only on more expensive competitors models.

That means you can use this generator with computers and sensitive electronics, safely, with no sacrifice in performance.

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