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Shortly after the Loma Prieta Earthquake hit California in 1989, I remember the Philippine Daily Inquirer running a lower-right column headline about a stronger earthquake that would hit the Philippines in the near future. Fine, the Philippine government might be a shitty cesspool filled to the brim with money-grubbing fat-encrusted blowhards, but that doesn’t excuse the private citizens of Manila (or any Filipino, for that matter) from physically preparing for its own Big One.
Thank god, because of this article I dont and wont need to send any money because now you can all help yourself. But I am afraid that when that quake will hit that the Philippines is in need of a lot of foreign aid. In the near future, Manny Pacquiao will become a god for the Filipinos and many stupid people will worship him and our country will still be in misery. As Filipinos would rather turn to delusion than face reality, this is going to bite the country hard, big time.
That’s the problem they only think for some invisible deity to spare them, why won’t they act? 6 You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. 9 Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through him!
Luzon has a way to high population density anyway – better emphasize growth in regional centers like Cebu and Davao, even Tuguegarao, Legazpi or Subic if it has to be Luzon, unclog Manila before it is too late. God helps those who help themselves – MORE than he helps those who just always need him, at least that is what I prefer to believe.
The said great earthquake waiting to happen in manila was already opened up by JICA to the philippine government long time ago, they just ignore their warnings. They (government) just opened the topic to create a scare tactics for the filipino people to turn their focus on other topics and foget about the passing of the BBL, and it worked. An indian friend of mine once said that he had read a book (i forgot the title) regarding government strategies on deceiving the population and this is part of it (scare tactics). Neither right nor wrong – the fact that the writer is trying to convince people not to be convinced by the beliefs of others is a way of showing bias for what he believes in and showing disrespect for the people who want to believe what they want to believe in.
In other words: only you and you alone are responsible and accountable for your future, your well being, and your wellfare.
I am sure you were not born yesterday (literally) so you know that your country is laying in a location that is prone to natural disaster Its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire and close to the equator makes the Philippines prone to earthquakes and typhoons.
More than 1,000 people are killed when a 7.7-magnitude earthquake strikes Luzon Island in the Philippines on this day in 1990.
At Christian College, a six-story building completely collapsed, trapping approximately 250 students and teachers inside. All types of buildings, including several resort hotels in Baguio, known as the Philippines’ Summer Capital, suffered tremendous damage. Baguio, sitting on at least seven fault lines, is now listed as one of the most risk-prone cities in Asia. American military personnel stationed in the Philippine archipelago took part in the relief effort. Hyatt Hotel BaguioHYATT HOTEL BAGUIOReviews up resort saw by: candid in hotel, sceans city, now the hotel hotels.
The earthquake caused damage in an area of about 20,000 square kilometers, from northwest of Manila through Central Luzon and into the mountains of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Baguio City, a popular tourist destination, was one of the hardest hit areas with the number of deaths estimated at around 1,000.
For the first 48 hours after the earthquake, the city was isolated from the rest of the country.
Five municipalities in La Union were affected: Agoo, Aringay, Caba, Santo Tomas, and Tubao with a combined population of 132,208. It’s Halloween again, and the much awaited annual spooky celebration, where children goes house to house for their Trick-or-Treat. While in other countries, it is the beginning of celebrating Feast of the Dead, or All Saints Day (All Hallows Day) which is celebrated on November 1, and November 2 is the All Souls Day. There are places that are called haunted where ghosts are seen or heard crying, moaning or screaming all year round.
1) The eerie haunted Crybaby Bridge is a bridge named after an urban legend that occurred where screaming or crying babies are heard, not only on night time but also on daytime. The spooky, eerie haunted Rogue’s Hollow Bridge is located near Doylestown, Ohio on Galehouse Road and Rogue Hollow Road and Hometown Road. The Screaming bridge of Maud Hughes Road found in Liberty Township, Ohio is haunted and scary stories of ghosts apparitions, mists or lights, black-hooded figure or a phantom train, coming from nowhere, is claimed to have seen by travelers and experienced eerie phenomena.
The Egypt Valley and Egypt Road bridge in Ohio, is known as the most haunted and scary place in Ohio. One version is that a couple parked near the Egypt Road bridge, the boyfriend got out from the car to look for a restroom. The eerie, haunted grave of the 13 year-old girl, Louisa Catherine Fox, murdered by Thomas Carr in January 21, 1869. The 18th century Seventh Day Baptist cemetery also known as the Green Lady cemetery located in Burlington, Connecticut was known to be haunted where Seventh Day Baptist members are buried. The old haunted and scary cemetery of the Gregory’s Four Corners Burial Ground, located in Springhill Road near the town of Monroe with a famous urban legend about the wicked witch, named Hannah Hovey, wife of Captain Joseph Hovey, but she was most famously known as Hannah Cranna, the wicked witch of Monroe. The old  scary cemetery located in Seymour, Connecticut and still in use by the local residence here, is said to be haunted. The haunted Bachelor’s Grove cemetery, located near Midlothian and Oak Forest, Illinois in the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, an abandoned old cemetery, but very famous for its haunting and paranormal activities by ghost hunters. The haunted Winchester Mystery House located in California, the famous residential home of Sarah and William Wirt Manchester, the gun magnate. The haunted house of Amityville located in Long Island, New York, was noted for its haunting and restless souls believed to be the DeFeo’s family. The spooky Bachorza Manor, located in central Eastern Poland, was well known as a haunted house. The Attmore Oliver House located in New Bern, North Carolina, was built in 1790 and was known as haunted house. The haunted Harper house owned by John and Amy Harper, was once a peaceful and happy home, until the war broke out, and the Harper’s home turned into a temporary hospital, where wounded soldiers are treated.
The High Hampton Inn, South Cashiers, High Hampton, South Carolina known for its haunted paranormal activities.
Julie Korner, was an interior designer of the Korner’s Folly house, built in 1880 by her grandfather. The Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel , a haunted hotel , was a former military execution grounds and a cemetery. The once beautiful hotel in Baguio City, Philippines, was damaged by the killer 7.7 earthquake in July 16, 1990. The Loakan Road, mysterious and haunted road going to Loakan Airport and Philippine Military Academy, was known haunted because of a ghost of white lady hitchhiker, waving and gesture of a hitch; whether you stopped to offer her a ride or not still you will see her at your rear mirror, sitting at the back of your car. The haunted and eerie Hotel Cismigiu located in Bucharest, was used as dormitory for students in the 50?s. The haunted road in New Jersey, haunted by a ghost in blue, claimed to be Annie’s ghost or white lady of Annie’s Road. True enough, the great Luzon Earthquake of 16 July 1990 struck with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter Scale. A moderate earthquake hit the City in 1998, but this caused only the most minimal of damage. Clearly a lot of Filipino internet users would rather turn their backs on the scientific reality of things and resort to blind religious faith.
Religion and triumphalism couldn’t save it then, religion and triumphalism would not save it when the West Valley Fault gives way. From a purely economic perspective, even if those places weren’t in an earthquake zone, the Philippines is already entering a housing bubble dilemma. You cannot stop natural calamities from happening…we are destroying this Planet Earth, our Home.

God already gave us a brain to think independently and that gift of His to us will be a total waste for failipinos if they just always ask God to solve their problems while all they do is nothing but hayahay. The Fault hasn’t moved in so long so it’s only prudent to expect more intensity than what is being forecast! 7 Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die.
10 For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life! There are fundamental infrastructure issues that need to be developed in the Philippines to serve as robust foundation for higher-level disaster response capability development. The filipino people just turn their heads on another topic for a second about great earthquake and then BOOM the congress approves the BBL. If you cannot convince them scare them with another topic and follow up with your agenda and if the public is still focus on the previous agenda open a new or bombard them with controversies to coverup the previous topic so that the public will forget about the real agenda. Hahaha this is something people should not be arguing about cause, really, let’s focus on the real problem here. Make sure your house is quake proof so you dont have to cry me a river when your house is gone to rumble.
The massive tremor wreaked havoc across a sizeable portion of Luzon, the country’s largest island, with Baguio City suffering the most devastating effects.
Heroic rescue efforts saved many, but some victims who did not die in the collapse were found dead later from dehydration because they were not pulled out in time. Most of the city’s 100,000 residents slept outdoors that evening and during the following week, afraid to return to their homes amid the frequent aftershocks. In addition to the risk of earthquakes, the area’s high annual rainfall increases the likelihood of deadly landslides.
The densely populated island of Luzon was struck by an earthquake with a 7.8 Ms (surface-wave magnitude). Several private and public buildings were severely damaged or destroyed, many of which were hotels. The only building that collapsed during the earthquake was Philippine Christian College, the tallest building in the city with six floors, trapping 274 students inside. Some structures sustained damage because liquefaction caused buildings to sink as much as 1 meter (39 inches). With their colorful spooky costumes, and lighted jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts haunting and eerie, haunted scary story telling– Halloween is definitely one of the much awaited celebration among kids. There are many version regarding this eerie, haunted bridge, some tales said, a couple were stuck in this area, so the man got out of his car to look for some help, while the woman was left in the car. According to tales, if you stop your car in this eerie place, undead person will surround your car, and these undead people are called zombies. It took several hours, then the girl heard a noise on top of the car’s roof, she went out to check and found out her boyfriend hanging, with a slit on his throat, and since then they hear scream and moaning in these area or see ghostly image of an eerie and spooky man hanging from tree.
Between 1810 and 1820, according to tales, death among members fall caused by mysterious accidents like one member, he was repairing his house and fell from a ladder and died, another member was digging a deep-well, suddenly the ground collapsed on him that caused his death, or a woman was repairing her lamp and died from electrocution and many more tales. According to tales, her husband Joseph died mysteriously claiming that her husband woke up early in the morning to have a walk, but the husband was said to be in trance and walked direct to the ravine and meet his tragic death. The Great Hill cemetery or named as Hookman’s Cemetery, because of its urban legend and strange phenomenon occur in this place.
Many claimed seeing glowing balls of fire, black-dog ghost, and hear eerie unexplained noises like groans, squeaking sounds, and ghosts sightings, as taken by ghosts hunters images. Since William’s death, it was known that the house was mysterious and cursed, and one medium advised Sarah to leave the house so she will live longer, or she must continue building the house but not to finish. Tenants, lords and servants of the house claimed seeing ghostly figures, moving of things and eerie sound coming from the empty rooms, and ghost with old fashioned dresses. Some tales revealed that the ghost of father and daughter appeared whom they claimed died in the attic of the house. Tales of spooky and eerie ghost on a wheelchair image and hearing weird noises, and opening of doors stories are narrated by night duty managers and staffs.
The property was first owned by surgeon, Dr William Halstead, and since it was opened for the public, he had to expand and build more extension rooms, thus he purchased the nearby properties owned by Louisa Emmeline Zachary. The Korner’s Folly house was named, the Strangest house, located in an are called the Triad. Many staffs and guests claimed seeing ghostly images, hearing odd noises from the empty rooms, lobby and hallways.
According to urban legend, Annie was killed on the road, but another version is that of a girl was killed on her wedding night, was dragged into this area .And another version of a girl, who was murdered on her prom night and was beheaded and was dumped into this area, and her ghosts is wandering looking for her head. Twenty-five years after 1990, however, I have doubts if Manila and its environs would quickly recover from something that is inevitable. If your house is within at least 50 feet of the West Valley Fault, then you need to get the hell out of there.
8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. The earthquake produced a 125 km-long ground rupture that stretched from Dingalan, Aurora to Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya as a result of strike-slip movements along the Philippine Fault Zone and the Digdig Fault. One of the buildings destroyed was a five-star Hyatt Hotel; one 12-story section collapsed over the lobby area killing about 50 people. The city was inaccessible by land because of landslides and inaccessible by air, except to helicopters, because of damage at the airport.
The earthquake caused a decrease in the elevation of the city and several areas were flooded. But the most famous story was that of Elizabeth Palmiter, thus the cemetery was named Green Lady cemetery. Some tales said if you don’t believed on Hannah’s “powerful abilities“, she will cast you a spell and a curse, but if you believed in her, she will cast good spell upon you.
One version claimed that the cemetery was haunted by the soul named Hookman (his other arm was installed with hook), and was the cemetery’s caretaker. Some tales claimed that tragedy was seen in this house, and in the year 1980, the house was moved across the nearby town. So in 38 years, the eerie and spooky haunted house was in renovation, building stairs and doors, but leading to nowhere.
He first killed his father, Ronald,Sr (43) and his mother Louise (42), and his siblings Dawn (18), Allison (13), Marc (12) and John Matthew (9), shot them with .35 caliber lever action Marlin 336C rifle, while they were on their bed.
Some tales are based from the former owner of the house claiming seeing ghostly figures and hearing odd noise. Blood stained the floors and wall, amputated arms or legs are piled outside the house and corpse of soldiers outside the house are lined up waiting to be picked up by officer in charge or relatives.
According to legend, Zachary married Hannibal Heaton, and transferred the title to her new husband. At the entrance and rooms, Chinese Calligraphy are hung on the walls to ward off evil spirits and restless souls. The area now is haunted, and many claimed hearing giggling, talking or screaming and eerie cry at the site especially on a foggy night. According to tales, a nurse was raped and murdered in that area, was dumped or maybe buried in an undisclosed place.
The worst hit major city was Baguio, which was virtually isolated from the rest of the world for day after the quake, and with aid coming mainly from the US Armed Forces that had bases in the country at that time. Recent headlines have emphasized the long overdue future shifting of the West Valley Fault, and that a quake as strong (or perhaps even stronger) than that of 1990 would strike Central-Southern Luzon at any time. If you plan to buy real estate, make sure that your property can withstand any kind of sudden natural disaster (such as an earthquake or tsunami), and try your best to buy insurance as well. Why don’t you give that awesome advice to the geologists(specially the foreign ones). Yet in preparing, we must prepare not just in physical things but more important in our spiritual life.
Yes, we must be aware and prepare for the worst but that shouldn’t be something to replace prayer or lessen the amount of the way we manage our faith.

The fact that each belief is different and we’re trying to bash on what others believe in is useless.
Getting out of a multi-story building was a good safety precaution that afternoon, although many people were injured and a few even died in stampedes of others doing the same thing. The five-star Nevada Hotel was also damaged beyond repair when the lower level collapsed, killing about 40 people. Rescue efforts were hampered by the lack of heavy equipment to cut through the steel reinforcement of fallen concrete. The ghosts or spirits, are the lost, restless souls who may died in a tragic accident or murdered, and now they are seeking for justice and the person whom have done wrong to them.
One version tale, that a woman throw her baby off the bridge and commit suicide by hanging on the bridge tracks. And another spooky tale of a severed walking hand is seen roaming around the graveyard, the story claimed that it belong to a truck driver who fell asleep while driving, and crashed onto the graveyard, and lost his arm. According to tales, Benjamin Palmiter, Elizabeth’s husband, went to town to pick some stuffs for their supplies; but there was a bad snowstorm, and Benjamin decided to stay in town until the weather calms down. She had a pet named, Old Boreals, a rooster, and everybody believes that the rooster is an evil spirit formed into an animal. And according to legend he murdered a young boy, when the boy stayed at the graveyard, and the following day the boy was found dead pierced and hanging from a large hook on a tree.
Some reports said the “angry ghost” tenant of the house went with it as it was moved from the original location. After the war, John and Amy Harper abandoned their house and became haunted because of scary and weird noises and various sound coming from the house.
Learning that Heaton is selling the property to Dr Halstead, she warned her husband that if he disposed the property she would commit suicide.
The area of triad, covered three cities, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Highpoint, 90 minutes drive northeast of Charlotte.
People old enough to remember the quake still perhaps have memories of the giant hotel buildings collapsing into heaps of rubble all over Baguio, especially the grand Hyatt Terraces. The Philippine Institute of Vulcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) and the Department of National Defense (DND) have projected that when a major earthquake strikes the capital, deaths can run into the tens of thousands, and the economic losses can potentially run into the trillions of pesos.
Filipinos should be quick to be reminded that Nepal, one of the most religious nations on Earth, was recently hit by TWO major earthquakes, one striking a week after the first. A better way to address this issue is to strengthen our awareness and to take action in preparation for the predicted calamity alone and not bash on what other people pray for. With 27 in from hotel hotels compare taken baguio infiniti g35 slammed check the miles payatas.
Many affected residents who lost their homes ended up setting up tents in public parks such as in Burnham Park, or in the streets.
Because hospital buildings were damaged, patients were relocated under tents set up in open spaces in front of the hospitals. Agencies reported how some of the victims died not from collapsing infrastructure but from dehydration.
According to some report, they hear a man and a woman’s voice and afterward,they heard the girl screaming followed by the man’s scream. On the other hand Elizabeth became upset and decided to go out to look for her husband, but she fell in a creek causing her to drown and froze. When Old Boreals died, Hannah claims that death will claim her one day, and her wish is that her coffin will be carried on foot not in any hearse wagon or car. The former location was called Gatekeeper’s College, and the former caretaker named Buck, was murdered, but his loyalty to the owner was kept, and since then, his apparent ghost is seen roaming around the Gatekeeper’s cemetery and the spooky Gatekeeper’s building now known as the Riddle House. It was later reported that Ronald, Jr was under the heavy influence of substance when he committed the crime.
As a world-class international tourist destination, Baguio never really recovered after the 1990 quake. Participate in disaster drills, and be aware at all times where to go when disaster does strike. We all have that one thing we can do and that is to help each other out and, again, prepare and take action. Rescue efforts were hampered severely because the three main roads into the city were blocked by landslides. Kennon Road, one of the major routes from Manila to Baguio City, was shut down due to severe landslides.
Damage to homes and the occurrence of many aftershocks caused most residents to set up camps in open spaces in the city. When Benjamin returned home, he found out Elizabeth missing and looked for her, only to find out she is dead. Soon Hannah died, but bad snowstorm affected the town and they decided to put her coffin into a hearse, but the coffin kept on rolling and was restless, so they decided to carry the coffin on foot towards cemetery as Hannah’s last wish. And another version of couples, who parked near the cemetery, and heard some noise, so the boyfriend got out of the car to check.
One guest with his family, revealed that a woman guide, assisted and tour them around the house, and show them a “reenactment” show of wounded soldiers being treated by a civilian appearing to be John Harper.
Since then it was claimed by visitors and staffs of the haunted Inn that a big eerie and spooky white owl, is seen flying over and around the haunted inn. It was renovated and remodeled for almost 130 years, unending additional and restoration of the eerie haunted house, a stairway that will lead from level to level of the house like a maze, until his death in 1924. Though I was still only in elementary school at that time, I can still remember much of what I as a Baguio native had to go through when a major cataclysmic event would strike. This blog might help, for those with questions about locations in and around the West Valley Fault.
I am not for any sides here because too much dependance on religion is not a good thing and bashing on what others think is also not a good thing. Three days after the earthquake, a main road leading to the city was cleared to enable delivery of supplies.
That time of her death she was wearing a green dress, and people around Burlington claims they saw a mist and a green lady roaming around the road and cemetery. It took several hours and the girl got out of the car to look for her boyfriend, only to find out her boyfriend was hanging from a big hook, on a tree, dead. The staffs of the Harper’s house told the guests, that there are no such reenactment show in the house, and probably the ghosts of the house played on them.
Sine then reports of spooky activities happened in this house such as a ghost of a girl saying peek-a-boo, strange lights and orbs and odd noises are being heard.
We all have our sides to this so it is not proper to address and bash on to each opposing sides but instead, it is more proper to focus on where everyone meets in the middle – the actions we can and may do for a better handling of the situations bound to happen in the future.
All im saying is, can not we end the argument on what to believe in and what not to believe in since we all have different takes on this?
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Can not we focus on where we all meet in the middle and that is to keep safe everyone as much as possible?
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If I want to believe that God can keep me safe, why can’t you leave that be and respect my belief as much as I respect your belief that you do not expect God to keep your house intact? Get saipan for video makati, and and 3gp 26 during and seen city our famous five-star videos baguio the ill-fated 3gp hyatt and site and 3 baguio a had 2011. We all have different beliefs so why do others expect others to believe what they want to believe in?
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