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Today’s security camera system equipment is smaller, less expensive, more sophisticated, and is packed full of features.
You’re going to come across a lot of terms, types of products, and information that you might have never heard of before, but that’s okay! Security cameras come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types with each kind of camera having different sets of features for different environments. This section will help you understand basic camera specifications and their effect on the performance of the camera. Analog camera resolution or picture quality is measured by the number of horizontal lines the sensor chip in the camera provides and is called "TV lines of resolution" or TVL. Infrared LEDs allow security cameras to see in dark areas by flooding the area with infrared light.
Vandal resistance is in reference to whether or not a camera is reinforced with a hardened plastic or metal housing so that it is more ruggedly built. If you are installing a camera outside and it is not in a weatherproof camera housing, you will definitely want to double check the camera specs to make sure that it is weather resistance rated.
There are many different levels of weather resistance that range from minimal protection all the way to airtight, waterproof enclosures and all of our outdoor cameras are fully weather resistant. Infrared (IR) security cameras switch to black and white mode during low light conditions to improve their night vision and return to color in good light conditions. IR cameras have gained popularity because of their flexibility and become the standard type of camera installed in systems today. Analog security cameras have long been the standard type of camera used in surveillance systems, but IP cameras have surged in popularity over the last five years. However, as the technology has become more readily available and more surveillance companies have invested in developing this technology, IP cameras have dramatically increased in quality and decreased in price which has made them more affordable than ever!
IP Camera popularity is on the rise and it is estimated that over 60% of all security camera systems sold over the next few years will be IP based.
Megapixel IP cameras can capture High Definition Video (HD Video) and provide greater detail improving identification. When monitoring an area, a megapixel camera provides superior image quality compared to analog cameras.
When you need a clear shot of what a person looks like, a megapixel camera image can provide a level of detail that can't be matched by an analog camera.
Zoom has always been available with analog cameras, but is often slow and can only be used on live video as events occur and you can't zoom in for more details with a PTZ camera. With megapixel IP cameras, you can zoom, pan, and tilt on live footage and your previously recorded video! One of the factors that has contributed to the explosive popularity of megapixel IP cameras is their ability to provide wider coverage and more detail on a per camera basis.
This is especially true for fisheye IP cameras that come with a special fisheye camera lens.
The light sensitivity of a camera is measured in Lux and this is the standard specification you will see that defines how well a camera can see in poor lighting conditions. If a candle is one foot away from an object, it throws one foot candle of light illumination onto the object.
Installing a simple two or four camera home security system around your house will make thieves and burglars think twice before coming near your property. We have a wide range of complete home security packages that were specifically designed with everything you need to keep your home secure without breaking the bank!
If you own your own business, then you know all about the tiny little details that come with running a successful company.
Keeping a solid grasp on all of these issues while managing your company can be too much for one person to handle. License plate recognition cameras, also known as LPR cameras, are an advanced type of security camera that is built specifically to give you the clearest image of license plates as they enter or leave your property.
These cameras can do more than just capture a license plate and store it to an easy to use database. Video analytics is an industry term for software features and it covers a wide variety of useful functions from missing object detection to tampering alarms.
The biggest benefit from using video analytics is that you don't have to sit a person in front of your security monitors all day watching video feeds in case something goes wrong.
There are 3 basic types of video recording equipment: PC-based Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Standalone DVRs, and network video recorders (NVRs).
PC based DVRs are easier to use, more flexible, and come with software that provides live view, remote access, and other administrative features that make your DVR more than just a recorder. PC DVRs are essentially a standard PC with a DVR capture card installed to convert the video feed from your security cameras into a file to be stored on the hard drive. Our PC-based DVR systems use name brand components and are hand-built by veteran CCTV technicians in our state-of-the-art lab. The surveillance system you get from ApexCCTV is preconfigured and plug and play ready so the only thing you need to do is connect the cameras to your DVR!
Standalone DVRs use Linux based operating systems that are designed to run just the DVR software.
Our extensive line of standalone DVRs are versatile enough to cover most homes & small businesses with ease and come with software that provides live view, remote access, camera control and other administrative functions.
Network video recorders, or NVRs, are video recorders designed to function specifically with IP cameras.
For the most part, a NVR is very similar to a DVR except that an it does not need a pricey DVR capture card to record video. Like our DVRs, every one of our PC based network video recorders uses name brand components and are hand-built by veteran CCTV technicians in our state-of-the-art lab. Wired security cameras are the best choice since they provide the highest video quality, no interference, and are less expensive than wireless networks. You do not have to power the camera locally with wired security cameras since Siamese cable provides video and power in the same cable.
Accessories often go overlooked because of how much focus is placed on the cameras and recording servers used in a security system.
Every camera requires a power supply whether it's 12v DC, 24v AC, or Power over Ethernet (PoE).
Individual power adapters are a solid, inexpensive choice for 1-2 camera projects, but if you have 3+ cameras, a multi-port power supply is recommended.
We also carry a wide selection of pre-cut, plug and play Siamese cables that are available from 25' up to 150'.

Video baluns are a type of cable accessory that is an excellent choice for long cable runs. A video balun has two connection ports to translate the coaxial video signal into a Cat5e signal. There are dozens of types of BNC connectors that are dependent on the cable run, but, fundamentally, there are three main types of BNC connectors; crimp-on, twist-on, and compression. BNC connectors form a terminal and junction point for the end of your coaxial cable runs so that the cable may be hooked up to either your security camera or security DVR. Overall, there's no difference between the connectors in terms of video quality produced, but the crimp-on and compression connectors are more reliable than the twist-ons since twist connectors are more prone to gradual loosening over time which will in turn reduce the quality of your video feeds as well. Motion detection is often thought to be a camera function, but it is actually built into the DVR's software. When configured properly, this will dramatically increase the amount of storage on your DVR's hard drive. The more sophisticated DVRs allow the user to define areas where motion can be ignored, like the movement of a ceiling fan or a tree branch swaying in the breeze. Depending on the type of DVR, video from cameras can be displayed on a regular TV monitor or PC monitor. Naturally, lenses are on every security camera and have a dramatic affect on the area that the camera can monitor. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when shopping for cameras is the smaller the lens' focal length, the mm spec, the wider your field of view will be. For example, a camera with a 50mm lens will have a very narrow field of view (FOV) and be able to focus on objects far away while a 3mm lens will have a wide FOV and be more suited for short range monitoring. A varifocal lens is a lens that has an adjustable focal length which you will see as an 'x-y'mm spec. Each type of lens will aid in the capture of video regardless, but the varifocal lenses allow much more flexibility in the installation of a security camera system and allows you must more control over the quality of your video feeds.
There are many security cameras available and it would be impossible to cover them all in this guide.
Most cameras have the industry standard 3.6mm lens that provides roughly a 72 degree field of view. International Shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on international trade. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.
This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. I am often called to connect an audio system to a new TV and I’ve found that consumers are confused about “optical cables”. It’s called optical cable because it uses fibre optics rather than copper wire to transmit data. For a few years now Homebuttons has been offering a variety of medical alert solutions along with other electronic products to help with independent living. This is great for you as the consumer as you have more high quality options at your fingertips than ever before!
This light reflects off surfaces in the area and is picked up by the camera's sensor chip which allows the camera to see as if the area was lit by visible light. If a thief or burglar wants to get on your property bad enough, they will try to damage or break your cameras so they are not seen. If water or dust gets inside of your camera, the quality of your video feeds will suffer and your camera may even stop working. However, black and white cameras are slightly cheaper, more sensitive to light, and can see better in darkness.
When IP cameras were introduced, they were prohibitively expensive and didn't produce noticeably greater quality videos than analog cameras did. A 2 megapixel camera is an excellent choice for capturing license plates and can cover a 24 foot wide point of entry or exit. This type of camera records everything in a 360° view and comes in models up to 5 megapixels for high definition video resolution. If a thief or burglar breaks into our home, they don’t just take our things, they take our peace of mind and that can't be returned to you.
You have to worry about your employee’s showing up on time and doing their job while they’re there, theft by customers and employees alike, inventory shrinkage, and providing a shopping experience where your customers feel safe and confident.
Adding one of our affordable and easy-to-use security camera systems to your business is the first step in the right direction.
These cameras come with special infrared (IR) cut filters that cancel out ambient lighting and poor weather so it gets the clearest image possible! LPR cameras are ideal for border patrol, parking garages, perimeter security, shipping hubs, government buildings, and public transportation.
Using a digital video recorder or network video recorder with analytics is like driving a fully loaded car, you may not need all of the features, but they sure are nice to have! By putting in a little bit of time configuring your settings, your DVR or NVR can do all the work for you while you spend your time doing things that are more important to you! Each of these video recorders has their own strengths and the proper selection will help you get the most out of your system.
One thing that makes PCs stand out over standalones is that you can add more cameras to this type of digital video recorder by using a different DVR card setup. However, some people are under the misconception that any personal computer with a DVR card will do the job, but it isn’t a simple "plug and play" situation. After a PC is built, a second technician performs a 72 point inspection of the system to ensure that every setting is correct before it is cleared to ship. Our PC DVR parts and labor are covered by a 2 Year Warranty and free lifetime technical support!
Standalone DVRs are not as feature-rich as their PC counterpart, but are a solid alternative for those less comfortable with PCs or for locations where a the use of a PC is inconvenient. These systems feature high performance components that capable of processing video from numerous multi-megapixel cameras simultaneously.

Because of that you will find that the PC based NVRs are a good deal less expensive than their DVR counterparts. After the PC is built, a second technician performs a 72 point inspection of the system to ensure that all the settings are correct before it is cleared to ship.
They can be installed hundreds of feet away from the security DVR system without a tiny drop in performance.
Most wireless systems are Line of Sight (LOS) so if any object , be it a swaying tree or a flock of birds, passes between the transmitter and the receiver, the wireless signal will be interrupted and your video quality will be affected. If you can make thieves, vandals, burglars, or invading Mongolians think twice about whether or not it's worth entering your property, you've already won. If someone is foolish enough to break in, then you've got them on camera and are ahead of the curve. Maximizing the use of the categories below will help you squeeze out the best quality system possible.
The two types of power supplies are DC and AC as PoE is mainly used on higher end IP cameras and will be discussed in a later section. One thing to keep in mind when you're building your system is that if you cross voltages, power a DC camera with an AC power supply or vice versa, you will overload the camera and cause it to short-circuit. The most popular cable is Siamese cable which is a combination of RG59 coaxial for video transmission and a pair of 22-gauge wires for supplying power to the camera.
Your BNC coaxial cable is hooked up to the "in" connection port and the cat5 cable is connected via the RJ45 "out" port. As you may have already deduced from the names, each type is determined by the method in which it is attached to the coaxial cable. If you're installing the connectors yourself you'll want to make sure that they are snugly installed so they produce the highest quality video possible. Crimp and compression connectors, when installed properly, are set rigidly in place on the end of the cable and are far less likely to degrade over time.
The DVR software analyzes the video frame by frame as it comes in from the camera and when it detects movement in the frame, it will cue the DVR to start recording. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our knowledgeable staff at 800-997-8460 for expert advice. Installing a security camera with the wrong type of lens can make that camera's video feed of little use. Security cameras produce images using CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) or CCD (Charge Couple Device) sensor chips. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location.
Not surprisingly, since optical cables have nothing to do with optics and instead are about sound.
While this might make a difference on a long run, it doesn’t improve the sound in any way when used in a home system; its real advantage is that it will fit the available connectors.
However, there are a ton of options and it can be very confusing telling the difference between two particular products if this is your first time dealing with the security industry.
If you have any questions while you read this guide, give us a call at 800-997-8460 and we’ll help however we can! With a 2-megapixel camera potentially taking the place of 6 Analog cameras, the installation costs can be significantly reduced.
The luminescent value of Lux tries to relate the energy per unit area falling on a surface to what the human eye perceives. Knowing which one is more suited for your location will not only help you save money, but help you get the absolute most out of your system!
However, one thing to keep in mind is that these units usually cost more than standalone DVRs because of the high performance components. Many crashes, system lock-ups, and instabilities can be blamed on computers that do not have enough processing power for handling multi-camera video processing. The surveillance system you get from ApexCCTV is preconfigured and plug and play ready so the only thing you need to do is connect the cameras to the NVR! We have a large inventory of wired security cameras and Siamese cable pre-cut to commonly used lengths as well as on a spool. Remember that wireless security cameras still require power to operate so they will have to be powered locally. Using RG6, you can achieve runs longer than 600', however most CCTV professionals use CAT5e and video balun connectors for long distance runs as they produce clearer and more reliable video feeds. If you want to run cable any further than that, you'll have to switch over to Cat5 cable and that's where a video balun comes into play. The video is translated in-between and transmitted via Cat 5 cable which allows the signal to travel over the Ethernet cable for thousands of feet.
When you deal with this feature, be sure to set the sensitivity function to the appropriate level so it eliminates false triggers. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. We have a wide selection of complete security camera packages that are plug and play straight out of the box! As a rule of thumb, the larger the chip size, the higher the quality of the image produced and the higher the price. If you run an optical cable from your TV to your sound system, it will transmit audio information, including surround sound, and will follow whatever source your TV is tuned to. It was originally called a Toslink cable (short for Toshiba link), so you may still see it referred to by that name.
We had also bought new TVs and components to be wall mounted and Bill was able to do both the physical and technical portions of the job with ease!
That means you can plug various sources into the inputs on your TV and can switch between them without changing your audio system input. Soundbars, which are becoming popular as an alternative to the TV speakers or a full blown surround system, usually work with optical cables and in most cases include them in the box. Because there is no copper, there is no electromagnetic interference, which may be why it has become the cable of choice for audio transmission among TV manufacturers.

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