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In my college Intro to Political Science class, my professor used a simple explanation for this: "Communism is an extreme form of Socialism".
You call it what you will but I never mentioned greed once, I understand the concept of capitalism requires one objective to be met, that is perpetual growth.
Communism is an utopian ideal that ignores human nature, because there is no material incentive, private enterprise, or private property.
Well that explains the current desire for state taxes on yard sales, and the mileage distance we drive! Socialism and communism are alike in that both are systems of production for use based on public ownership of the means of production and centralized planning.
Communism in the sense Marx spoke of was some vague future social system where religion, class, government, etc.

Even western capitalists are flocking to China in search of the holy grail of perpetual growth (good luck with that!) I don't think socialism is a road anywhere, but rather a destination from two different departure points: communism and capitalism. My multiple skillsets were shipped to China in search of higher profits through reduced wages, but the ultimate joke is on the capitalists, because now I can't even afford to buy their cheap junk. And when the 'candy store' run dry, Communism say "thanks for your services, you are no longer needed", and takes over the reigns. Communism is a further development or "higher stage" of socialism.From each according to his ability, to each according to his deeds (socialism). It's quite clear that both extremes have their inherent flaws, and the only sustainable system is one that is socialist in nature.
This is why I prefer Capitalism, were one has the freedom to be either rich or poor, or even in between.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs (communism).The socialist principle of distribution according to deeds— that is, for quality and quantity of work performed, is immediately possible and practical. On the other hand, the communist principle of distribution according to needs is not immediately possible and practical—it is an ultimate goal. It's an unsustainable system, and capitalists are too short-sighted to see it.Give this twenty years and China will be in the same boat as the US is today, with THEIR capitalists jumping ship to Africa in search of cheaper wages and higher profits. The only way the masses will retain or regain any sense of value, or personal freedom is through socialism.

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