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Michael Wohlfrom, Transportation Service Representative, pushes for cargo release so you don't have to. What gets me is when CBP performs a tailgate exam they interupt my chain of custody by not recording the seal that they broke and by not reporting to me (or the ship-line or the port system) the seal that they installed afterward. Thank you so much for your feedback and we hope you subscribe to our many informative publications under Shapiro Says and Shapiro U. If you find that you are receiving examinations often, you should consult with your broker and potentially ask for a compliance review to make sure all of your information is being filed correctly. Hi I am importing one pallet of personal effects, the container it was in was flagged to CET exam, my charge is $319 for one pallet is this a normal ammount, the cargo was shipped from the UK to US, thru New York onto LA. In your position, I would be active in contacting DHL to make sure that they have all the documentation needed from your end, asking for the specific status of the shipment and the type of examination it is receiving.
The Container Examination Stations (CES) are pre-designated depending on their capabilities, for cold storage, they must have the equipment necessary to keep your goods fresh. Thank you for reaching and please feel free to contact us should you require any assistance. Firstly, examinations for personal freight shipments are not uncommon and should not be pinned down to an employee being on maternity leave. You should be calling this broker daily if they are not giving you answers and elevating the situation to the managers.
You should reach out to your broker and request detailed information about the particular labeling requirement feedback and enforce it for future shipments. I would ask your broker for an invoice detailing all examination related charges associated with your container. To explain a few of these terms, demurrage are charges for not picking up your shipment at the final port within the typical 3-4 days upon arrival and discharge, while detention is a charge is for not returning the container within the carriers’ time limit, most times 10-days. Be sure to ask your broker for all entry release notes and records to double check that freight was being moved along through the inspection in a timely manner.

Yes, it is common for customs to allow the manual removal of a label before releasing to make it compliant within US labeling requirements. According to Incoterms 2010, if terms of sale are Free on Board (FOB), the seller is responsible for everything up to and including loading onto the main carrier for shipping. Our suggestion is to get in contact with your customer’s freight forwarder as soon as possible to assist with the HS code discrepancy. We would advise checking with your freight forwarder to see how your cargo is truly being routed. All this information is very abstract, i think this charge of $481 per container for pop and tap exam is abusive, and should be paid by the government, not by the importer.
The final client does not care if we importers are paying more or less , they want the product delivered at price agreed, I think who should pay for this charge is the government or tax payers , why charge only the importer if the entire nation is the beneficiary. Although these answers may not be what you were looking for, we hope they were able to provide some small form of strategy to assist you. Hi thanks for the info, i have a export container in hold in lax port, for how long can be take by customs, its been 3 weeks and no answer. If there is an intensive exam, then Customs waits for the container to be stripped and just examines the cargo designated. Customs states “The importer shall bear any expense involved in preparing the merchandise for CBP examination and in the closing of packages” (19 CFR 151.6)” Because the examination of your cargo was A-TCET Exam (Anti Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team), it falls into the CBP exams territory. If your shipment was consolidated in a container with other freight, depending on the type of examination, it would not be released until Customs received the information they are looking for and are satisfied with the safety of the entire shipment. My 20 year old furniture and clothes (which is the same I shipped to Hong Kong in 2005) was held for Vacis, CET and USDA hold.
When customs finally finished there exam a couple weeks later and it was ready for release, I was told my bill was $6800! Today my import coordinator told me that the container is going to be scanned by customs and then inspected and to expect to pay about $700+ for this along with other fees.

Unfortunately, there is not much else we can recommend as we are not the forwarder, know more details as to what your commodity is, or reason of detention. My freight forwarder sayed there is nothing we can do, i ask for remove the container from the port for air shipping, but he sayed this is a red flag for custom including a lot of charges.
You state “After the exam is completed, the importer must pay any charges associated with the exam as well as those due to the steamship line. You may find that they are waiting for information or payment from you before proceeding with the final delivery.
We have experienced three sequential (CBP) exams this spring (1 every week for 3 weeks) on our LTL shipments and similar patterns last year – three in a row during spring, and autumn. The cubic foot was originally listed as 1027 and now I am being asked to pay my portion of the inspection fees at $902. In our case, we export a container and had to undergo an A-TCET exam for which we were charged $2000 in total costs and fees.
I am looking for help, what should I do and how can I find out why I am being targeted, is it someone is reporting me etc.
It is fairly typical for personal affects cargo to be inspected because of the many varied contents. The USA clearance company are saying the above calculation, which doesn’t seem to include any additional cu footage over and above what they THOUGHT my car was. However our warehouse assure me it is the correct code for goods as they have been using it for the past years on all shipments of same content.

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