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The Cleveland Browns have never reached the Super Bowl, but they’ll pop up on television this Sunday during the commercial teaser for Draft Day, the Kevin Costner movie that hopes to be football’s version of Moneyball. Draft Day takes inspiration from the baseball front office drama of Moneyball with Brad Pitt. 1 pick in Ivan Reitman’s Draft Day, beleaguered Browns fans (of which there are no other kind) know where the bull’s eye lands – squarely on the back of Browns General Manager Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner). I suggest Phil Jackson get Kevin Costner on the phone right now and pressure him into some method acting to bring Karl to New York.

By contrast, Draft Day makes you think Weaver and the Browns’ scouts spent all offseason throwing paper airplanes at each other.
When Reitman splits the screens on telephone calls among GMs, Costner shows the breezy essence of Rock Hudson and the presumable football smarts of Doris Day.
Plus, there’s the chance to play with Kevin Garnett, who Karl said last night could be a great mentor.
To make matters worse, the planet must be on an asteroid collision course for Draft Night, because none of these people can put off these distractions until the next day.

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