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Exodus The Trading Card Game is the first fantasy-based trading card game made by young people for all ages!  An average game only takes 5 minutes!First Edition and Second Edition decks were released and are now sold out.
Marvel™ Trading Card Game is a card based-strategy video game featuring the Marvel™ Universe for the Nintendo DS™, PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system and PC. Marvel™ Trading Card Game lets players assemble their own decks and take on different challenges to gain more cards based on legendary Marvel™ characters such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, the X-Men, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and more. Shadow Era is influenced by several other trading card games, but strives to provide a unique blend that is both easy to learn and fun to play. Because a lot of people are excited about the potential of Shadow Era and it's shaping up to be a great game, there is a natural tendency to compare it to the top existing trading card games. Whether you choose to play on the web right in your browser, or with your iPhone on the go, your game progress will carry over. We personally thank all of the dedicated stores and players, as well as each person who purchased the game early on.
Get the game now at your local game store--please ask them to get it from their distributor if they are not yet stocking the game.

Based on the best selling trading card game from Upper Deck, Marvel™ Trading Card Game allows players to collect over 1,000 cards based on their favorite Marvel™ characters and compete in cross-platform online play. The game offers an adventure that players can follow from either a hero or villain perspective.
System," a flexible game engine that represents massive Super Hero battles in trading card game format. The basis of the game design behind Shadow Era was to provide a system that avoids mid-turn interrupts that can greatly slow down multiplayer games when played online, while still allowing for deep strategy and surprises.
We are constantly adding new cards and new features, and we rely on our active community to provide feedback and great suggestions. The digital version was released for PC, PSP, and DS and is essentially a direct translation of the physical game (that is to say the rules are the same and all the cards are based on their real life counterparts) but with the addition of a single player campaign and AI opponents. Each player begins the game with their own team of Marvel™ characters, and tries to defeat the cards of their opponent. The Exodus Trading Card Game is an extremely fast-paced new trading card game where 2 or more players battle by summoning massive creatures using decks of cards forged from stardust!

Attacking with a character exhausts that character (exhaust = turn the card sideways) meaning you cannot attack with that character again that turn. Even better is the fact that plot twists can be played from the resource row (by turning the card face up) meaning you're essentially getting a 2-for-1 deal.
Equipment also comes with a rather obvious drawback- If the character the equipment is attached to gets KO'ed, the equipment is lost as well.PSP VersionAvailabilityMarvel Trading Card Game has not been released for Playstation Network.
It has only been released on UMD disc and thus cannot yet be played on a Playstation Vita or PSP Go.OverviewPSP versionIn Marvel Trading Card Game for PSP, the player chooses whether to play through the Hero or Villain campaign.

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