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Hi friends, from last few days I am using and testing one binary trading system named The Profit Prophecy. Well, after that conversation, I decided to share my thoughts on the good and bad of paying for forex trading courses and stuff like that that you see online. This was a similar path I almost took when I was a newbie forex trader and almost paid $6,000 for a forex trading course (or homestudy course that comes with a think bundle of folder with printed A4 papers inside with hundreds of pages and comes with DVD’s etc). The good thing for me though was that I attended one of their free online webinars(just by sitting in the comforts of my home) and understood what little bits and pieces of the trading system they were using.
You see, many of these expensive forex trading courses and seminars are pretty much using what is freely available on the internet and charging you insane prices to reveal these methods to you.
But the problem I have is the insane and mental  prices for  that trading course he charges.

Man, that kind of amount of money is good for opening a trading account and if you can use the price action trading strategies in here, with proper risk management, you can increase it to $30,000 or so in 6months!
Don’t be sucked into buying expensive forex trading courses, almost all of the information you need can be found freely online.
Fund your trading account with sufficient trading capital and trade it with your trading system and you  must have good risk management practice in place because you can blow your account if you do not do that. The internet is a massive library of trading systems and forex trading course where you can research for free. There’s no holy grail trading software or trading strategy out there, believe me when I say this. He said he just attended a paid seminar with Greg Secker who is the founder of Knowlege To Action-a forex trading education firm.

In the end he simply gave up and started trading using price action which he found were are lot more reliable than what was taught by Greg Secker’s Knowledge To Action Trading Firm.
There are many forex trading strategies that work listed on this website, do your research, try them out and use what you like. But I know a trading system or trading course or a trading software  is  ridiculously expensive when I see one.
Learn about price action trading, there’s lots of price action trading strategies here as well.

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