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One of the things about options trading that immediately baffle new options traders is the range of strike prices, or also known as Exercise Price, that are available.
This tutorial shall explore what strike prices are in options trading, the implications of these different strike prices and why strike price intervals are different for different stocks.
Find Out How My Students Make Over 45% Per Trade, Confidently, Trading Options In The US Market Even In A Recession! When you read about an option being April$46Call, that $46 in the quote refers to the strike price, not the price of the call option. First of all, most of the options strategies, both basic and advanced ones, are made possible only because there are multiple strike prices. Secondly, multiple strike prices also allows the options trader to trade according to the expected volatility of the underlying stock, buying more out of the money strike prices if the stock is expected to move strongly or buying more in the money strike prices if the stock is expected to move only very slightly. It is only by having multiple strike prices that options traders would always be able to find an option to trade that fulfills their investment, trading or hedging purpose.
The main implication of strike prices in options trading is that it governs the "Moneyness" of each options contract. Notice that the price difference between the strike prices of AAPL's call options is larger than the price difference between the strike prices of QQQQ's call options.
Yes, options exchanges decide on things like strike price interval based on market demand (trader's needs) more than any strict mathematical formula.
Listed stock options have standardized rules so that you can only buy or sell the underlying stock at certain predetermined prices.
Your particular investment strategy will determine if you pick an ITM, ATM, or an OTM option.ITM options are the most expensive of the three. The Ugly Truth About Options Success Sep 23, 15 06:15 PMThe ugly truth about options success. A List of the Best Free and Paid Options Trading Courses Sep 23, 15 05:31 PMThe option profit formula options trading course is not for everyone so here is a list of other option courses.
Options Trading Course - How I Was Scammed and What I Did About It Nov 26, 14 05:54 PMI've bought several options trading courses and was scammed several times. All stock options trading and technical analysis information on this website is for educational purposes only. Strike price = Price at which holder of the options contract can buy (for call option) or sell (for put option) the underlying asset. It is the fixed price that you will pay or receive for 100 shares of the stock that is specified in the option contract.

From the above example, you will notice that options strike prices are not a rigid set of numbers.
Take the popular Bull Call Spread strategy as an example, you can profit from a moderate bullish market by buying lower strike call and selling a higher strike call with the same expiration date.
Choose the strike price of your options contract carefully and apply the appropriate option strategies to maximize your probability of profit in your trading career.
Fast forward a year and assume the actual spot price of Yahoo on the expiry day is $20 per share. Everyone new to options trading know that buying call options on stocks going up and buying put options on stocks going down returns a leveraged profit. Well, the strike price system in options trading is exactly what makes options trading much more versatile than futures trading.
Even if there is just one strike price for call options and put options for each month, that one strike price would eventually go so much out of the money that it is no longer worth owning in the first place or that it would go so much in the money that eventually, it would lose its leverage and hedging purpose as it would have become far too expensive.
Moneyness is the strike price of an option in relation to the price of the underlying stock.
When the option is exercised the owner of the option will "buy" (Call option) 100 shares of IBM stock for $50 a share. They have more value, and because of this they move up in price at a quicker rate then any other option. It is the transaction price per share of the stock when the option contract is exercised, regardless of the current market value of the stock.
A $200 stock might have the options price at $190, $200 and $210.Some stocks may be price at 2 ? points apart. The Exchange officials may alter the interval to improve the depth and liquidity of the options.
However, almost all of them are surprised to see that there isn't one call option or put option to buy but a whole range of them listed across many strike prices. The strike price of an options contract is the price that the underlying asset is agreed to be traded at.
A Bull Call Spread requires buying call options at a lower strike price and writing call options at a higher strike price in order to reduce capital outlay on a moderately bullish outlook. This alone governs the nature of how each option is priced and what trading purpose they fulfill.
Indeed, the variability of risk exposure in options trading is one of its main characteristics and made possible only because of multiple strike prices.

The strike price interval for each optionable stock is decided by the exchange and options traders can only choose between the available strike prices offered. There are currently no strict standard and the exchange reviews and decides on the strike price interval of each optionable stock from time to time in order to adjust policies to better cater to trading needs. They have more horsepower so to speak.OTM options are the cheapest of the three and move in value, dollar wise, slower than the other two kinds of options. For example, a call option with a strike price of $50 allows you to buy the underlying stock at $50 anytime prior to expiration no matter what price that stock is then while a put option with a strike price of $50 allows you to SELL that underlying stock at $50. Call options with strike prices above the current stock price are regarded as out of the money and would have no current value when exercised because the stock price is lower than the price the call options allow you to buy it at. In general, the more expensive the underlying stock is, the larger their expected daily move in terms of dollars and cents (absolute move), the larger their strike interval would be. As such, each strike price should reflect a significant short term price achievement in the underlying stock so that each strike price caters to a different investment or trading outlook. However, these call options are excellent speculative positions if you expect a stock to move strongly as they are extremely cheap. This will make sure options that are offered receive significant demand instead of having lots of options floating around with no demand on them.
Options are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses.
The main reason is that most options trading strategies, basic or advance, is only make possible due to the different combination of exercise price. This directly increases liquidity for each options contract in the options trading market while maintaining or enhancing the tactical advantage of options at each strike price.
They are more expensive due to the fact that part of the stock price is already built into the option price, known as the intrinsic value, but they also respond better to small moves in the underlying stock due to a higher delta. As you can see, options with different moneyness due to different strike prices have different trading and pricing characteristics.

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